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A Giant Pyramid Scheme

“These ancients were so advance, I mean look at how many pyramids they built!” — Sir Arthur Brumsby, Xenoarcheologist

Art by, SirBlizz98

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Emblem by Anon

Dominant Residents: Didaskaloi
Other Residents: Huss, Kaikians, Pagepoh

Fauna: Scorpions, Scarabs, Sand Serpents, Vultures
Weather: Dusty, Dry, Frequently Sandstorms.

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Xenoarcheology, Pyramids

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A medium sized desert planet consisting mostly of yellow sand, but otherwise covered in sand and stone and sand stone in a variety of pastel colors. The majority of places not covered in sand are places covered in sand-stone, which is typically a similar color to the surrounding sand, or an attractive contrast. Evidence suggests, that while not the case today, the planet was once covered by vast oceans, and a veritable spider-web of rivers and streams. Nowadays, not so much, and all that remains are sandy basins, and sandstone canyons.

The most notable feature of the planet are the thousands of ruins located under the dunes. Vast ruined cities, tombs, palaces, and most notably of all, pyramids. Whoever it was that inhabited this planet in the past evidently really loved pyramids. Small pyramids, large pyramids, upside down pyramids, all kinds to be found in various states of decay and degrees of burial within the sands. The purpose of these pyramids varies, some are tombs, some are vaults, some are trap filled death-courses with seemingly no other purposes.

Hozirus has two moons, one of which half of it has been carved into a massive pyramid, the other which is merely covered in hundreds more pyramids. The moons are red and gold respectively, and both have substantial enough atmosphere to be trod upon with relative safety.


Hozirus first attracted the attention of the xenoarcheological community, when one Horus A. Bamblethrope, a noted huss member of the xenoarcheological society, had crash landed on the planet while on an unrelated trip. He left a log of his perilous days spent on the planet, evading horrible desert monsters, and marveling at the architectural wonder of the pyramids. Horus, alas, did not survive, He was found approximately two weeks later when a rescue team finally found his ship, but his journal was intact, and his flamboyant and elaborate descriptions of the pyramids lit a fire in the hearts of xenoarcheologists the universe over.


The Great Pyramid of Zira: The largest pyramid on the planet, towering at a height of over 4000 feet, with a 8000 square foot base. The pyramid is surrounded by a veritable metropolis of xenoarcheological camps, which plumb the pyramid day and night in search for new discoveries and/or treasure.

The Tomb City of Kween Zephra: A Necropolis centered around, what else, a large pyramid, dedicated to a "Kween" Zephra, which due to the general impenetrability of the Horziran language, barely anyone knows is a clever title for a female king, or the actual regular title of their monarch, regardless of gender. Oddly enough, the pyramid is not a tomb, at least not as far as has been determined. It's also very big, towering 3999 Feet High, with a 3500 square foot base.

The small pyramid of Kwom the Imperishable: A name that stuck because Horus, who discovered it, was too busy trying to not be pecked to death by vultures to look more closely into it. What appeared to be a hilariously tiny pyramid, upon later digging proved to simply be the tip of a hilariously massive pyramid. It's still being dug up, but will quickly eclipse the Great Pyramid of Zira if it keeps going. Current estimates put it in the tens of thousands of feet high.




• Some xenoarcheologists hypothesize that the pyramids are part of some sort of energy collection matrix. These xenoarcheologists never get invited to follow up parties.

• At least some of the pyramids appear to have massive thrusters attached to them. Xenoarcheology is still boggling at the implications.

• There used to be a massive dome, that according to sources held invaluable knowledge on the pyramids. It was destroyed by a whackjob cultist who couldn't handle a dome sullying the pyramid planet.

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