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Sand. Sand everywhere.

“HHHUUOEUAHUAHEE AAAEEEUUEHH.” — A mandgi referring to its homeplanet in its native tongue.

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Dominant Residents: Mandgi

Fauna: Insects
Weather: Always dry

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Homeworld of the mandgi

Original Creator: Zomoroko

Physical Description

Huoaaueh is a desert planet, with no structures and sand as far as the eye can see. The only things living on the surface are the insects. Underground however, there are numerous tunnels and caves made by the mandgi. The mandgi live entirely undergound, traveling through burrowing. The planet is classified as a high danger level. There is not anything imminently dangerous, as the mandgi are peaceful and the insects will only attack if provoked. However, it is a dry planet with absolutely no resources to come across, as the mandgi have not built a society. There is no fuel or water, and the only food you could get is the insects. If low on fuel, your only hope would be to talk to a mandgi and hope they can help somehow. That is, if you are able to communicate with them.


Not important / Unknown.


Stretch of sand: A flat stretch of sandy desert that goes on as far as the eye can see.

Sandy hill: A hill of sand.

Insect nest: A nest swarming with insects. Very dangerous, but madgis likely congregate here often.


Insects: Aside from the mandgi, the only other species that lives on Huoaaueh are the insects, which are prey to the mandgi. The mandgi word for this fauna literally translates to "Insect", so they are simply referred to as such, as they are native only to Huoaaueh. They are bright purple, about two feet in length, and resemble scarabs. The insects are easy prey for the mandgi, but can prove deadly to alien species. Their sharp mandibles are easily capable of cutting through soft flesh, and they aim for the neck, decapitating those who may provoke them. While they prefer to avoid combat, they will attack if their territory is encroached upon. The insects survive on only sand and rocks, but are eager to eat fresh meat if they end up with it. Many times an insect will challenge another for its territory, with the loser killed and eaten.


• Yes, there was such a lack of features on this planet we had to put a hill as a location.

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