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“Look, bro! The sky is making pretty lights. Just for us!” — Fynn

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Dominant Residents: Messenger
Other Residents: Some notails are stationed here

Fauna: Blood Mantis, Fluffywumbler, Motx
Weather: Intense snow with temperatures far below zero. It sometimes hails during the day.

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Mainly seen as a vacation planet, its a beautiful snowy paradise with a lovely holiday to boot.

Original Creator: CorncobThe45Th

Physical Description

Votum is a frigid planet covered in rainforests. Snow covers most of this icy tundra, and ice covered all major water sources. The jungles are mostly unremarkable, besides the fact they are able to survive below zero temperatures.

It is almost always night on this planet which relates to its position in the solar system. It never gets close enough to the sun to melt the snow, let alone, allow it to be day for a prolonged period of time.

The jungles are incredibly thick, and are a death sentence to any unknowing traveler. A lot of the flora is quite basic in structure, and do what plants should do. This jungle covers most of the planet, but spires of ice can replace it in some cases.

Messenger cities are surround by massive metal walls which are placed around many frozen lakes, with auto-cannons which are tasked at eliminating any aggressive fauna. Bright beacons are set up around cities to help people stranded in the jungle to find their way back, and to lure motx there instead of the cities themselves.


The history of Votum is soaked with bloodshed. The crusade against the heretics, or the extermination of many nulls, it has since calmed. Soul, a messenger holiday remembers these tragic times and commemorates the victories and hardships along the way, being held in all messenger cities.

Some say Votum used to be a jungle planet that was blown out of orbit by an asteroid. However it recovered, albeit very far away from its original position. Votum residents claim the planet was always this far away from the sun.

Some locations were ruined by the cruel enslavement the occupants were subjected to. One of these species attempted to assimilate Votum into a conglomerate, but the current high priest drew the line and fought back their attackers. The planet is still undergoing terraforming procedures in an attempt to restore the ruined grounds.

On mountains, many temples where important much of Votum's history is drawn. The rest is stored in books. Many of these relate to how the planet has changed over the years, and what messenger occupation has done to it.


The Heart: The capitol of Votum. The main high priest or priestess often resides here in a massive towering castle-like structure, a tower almost reaching the clouds. A large village surrounds it, and is seen as the safest place on Votum. It is called the heart due to the crude power system in the very center of the city. A strange fuel is fed to a massive furnace device which powers the city.

Sorrow's Way: Discovered by an explorer named Sorrow, it is the home to most hallowed messengers who are known to be very flirtatious. It's deep in the heart of the jungle, so there is a decent amount of risk in travelling here. Known to have the best trade deals on Votum, there is also rumor of a black market being run by the Aces, a gang of ex-heretics.

The Caverns: Not much is known about the subterranean part of the planet, other than the intelligent hairless hermit messengers live down here. There are some parts of the cave being blocked off by heavy military resistance that contain something even their allies know nothing about. It is rumored that immoral and unlawful genetic tampering facility reside down here, but all rumors were debunked and proven false. But it is a conspiracy that continues to drive investigators and theorists to the area.


The Beautiful Night: Night on this planet gives a massive sanity boost to anyone that looks at the stellar lights that appear every night in the sky. It is believed that these lights give good luck.


• Several deaths have occurred in the caves, where someone attempted to travel through the restricted area to see what was beyond the checkpoints. They were shot by the security.

• The rainforest is home to numerous deadly creatures. Going into it without any knowledge or a frequent resident is extremely dangerous. Scraps of clothes, claw marks, or blood can sometimes be found on the ground or trees.

• It is unknown how many creatures survive the horrible temperatures. It is believed some parts of Votum have hot springs that many of these creatures flock to. It is a common place for hunters to hunt big game targets.

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