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“They're like "sharing is caring" as a species! Kinda pushy about it though.” — Review on a visitor's trip to the Koulev homeworld

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  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-3
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-4

Common Jobs: Animal Control, Security, Ninja, Performer
Likes: Community, Trophies, Teamwork, Snuggles
Dislikes: Gluttony, Greed, Deep water, Wet regions

Attack Method: Koulev use mainly melee in combat. They are quick and often preferring blunt or nonlethal weapons to disable their enemy before they decide what to do with it. If they are not equipped with a weapon, koulev will aim to find an opportunity to strike with their fangs and inject paralytic venom.

Homeplanet: Basquet
Lifespan: 75 years
Size: 5'2 ft tall, 7 ft long
Diet: Meat

Bodytype: Serpentine
Type: Psychic Reptile
Social Class: Middle Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Affectionate] Neutral trait
This character cares nothing more then to watch out for and take care of other characters. They commonly end up the "parent" of most group and do their best to keep everyone in high spirits. Sadly some characters may not enjoy this at all or this character might mismanage their own personal time due to caring for others.
[Acrobat] Positive trait
Gravity isn't much of an obstacle for this character. They are capable of performing acrobatic maneuvers with ease, and can reach places that most others cannot. This is also good for avoiding foes, and showing off of course.
[Intrusive] Negative trait
This character has no sense of personal space and might do rude things like going through people's belongings, touching people and asking personal questions. This can be tiring for their fellow crew and could get them into deep trouble.

Some koulevs celebrate the Sleeper or the Creator, though this isn't terribly common, and have never formed a unique religion.

Gods: Sleeper, Creator

Original Creator: Pixel

Physical Description

Koulev (pronounced 'koo-lev') are a snakelike race, characterized by their long, coiling bodies and the unique psychic organ on their foreheads. Their bodies are almost wholly covered in scales of varying sizes, and they possess thick 'ears' with two small slits within them, which come in many varying shapes. These 'ears' actually serve no hearing function, and serve to help stabilize the strong psychic signal. Their actual sense of hearing comes from a receptor behind their neck- a koulev with their hand on their neck is not nervous, but annoyed or distressed. They do not possess nostrils, instead their sense of smell comes from a forked tongue and a scent receptor under their chin.

A common koulev face has two vertical, pupilless eyes and two visible fangs, which assist in showing expression- koulev have no lips to speak of, do not possess dimples, and a closed mouth nearly blends in with the rest of their face. Their mouth holds an additional inward-curving set of fangs. Both sets of fangs hold a potent paralytic venom which koulev have historically used to collect prey.

Modern koulev are only capable of using their psychic power for two things- the control of their detached hands, and their movement. Most koulev prefer to stay about four inches off the ground, though they can't go much higher, and can move very quickly regardless. Some koulev may still be able to harness this to slither on walls or use telekinesis, but this is now very rare.

Koulev are hatched without limbs, and within one year of life go through a three-week-long period of developing small arms, their psychic connection, and eventually allowing them to fall off. Koulev have been known to go into hibernation if exposed to the cold for long enough, and will become sleepy in cold areas.


Most koulev leave their planet for two reasons. They want to see worlds that aren't in recovery, they're sick of not being allowed more than they need, or both. Young koulev which haven't been exposed to much of the universe are commonly shocked by the lack of generosity and cooperation in other species. Their planet didn't develop true currency until another species brought it to them, so they somewhat often misjudge how much something should be worth.

Koulev in general are highly physically affectionate with one another and with anyone else, given their outer layers are dry, and have a tendency to idly coil their lower halves around anyone nearby. They may come across as entitled to other species for expecting to be given things freely, but this goes both ways around- many koulev do not want much more than they need to survive to be happy, and view greed in excess as disgusting, so will give their excess away once they're satisfied.


Koulev, during their early eras, made the basis of their social interaction off pride and displays. The bigger your kill, the more respectable you were. There were many occasions where a particularly strong koulev would sink their teeth into something, drag it back still alive for the sole purpose of attracting a mate, kill it as a display, and fail to even eat most of or even any of the the creature before it would cease to be palatable any longer. Koulev venom is fairly potent but not fatal; paralysis acts fast, but how quickly it wears off depends on the creature itself, so keeping prey alive was a show of confidence.

This, as many might expect, quickly drained the resources of their planet as they wasted so much of its wealth. Koulev first became nomadic to acquire more food and then, eventually, faced famine. The species began to near extinction, but before hope was lost, they managed to discard their old traditions. Sharing became a necessity, an obligation, rather than something reserved for children and mates. Hibernation- and fewer eggs laid- became a necessity for survival, and the generations of koulev that followed this famine still inherit it.

Koulev learned to capture and breed their planet's fauna and understand how to keep them healthy via a long process of experimentation. Today, a modern koulev city is not a city without at least one farm, and the population of any town or city is still carefully monitored based on how many resources are available- koulev are more than happy to break bread, but they remain wary of overpopulation causing sickness and famine once more.

Having only recently reached the stars, many planet-bound koulev are wary of spacefaring, as it becomes much harder to monitor how much is going in and out of their planet.

Home Planet

Basquet is a very dry planet, hot enough that even desert nights rarely get cold. Many creatures rely on underground pools for water, as lakes are rare and swamps unheard of. Koulev historians theorize the reason for the overall lack of natural plant life found on other planets may have been a result of their planet once being more flourishing, but growing overpopulated by competitors both the sentient and the rest.


None / Unknown.


Snakebite: If bitten by a koulev, any organic being without sufficient antitoxic blood such as a kuppa for example, will most likely succumb to paralysis. The weaker the creature, the longer this paralysis lasts- however, the maximum recorded period is 24 hours.


• Koulevs will get ill if they go over 30 days without injecting some of their venom into something. Since they stopped needing to hunt as violently, they invented a small bottle with a top opened by pressing fangs into it with enough force to let venom out. Koulev venom can be sanitized and distilled into a kind of syrup, considered a delicacy by some.

• Much of the race prefers to sleep in groups rather than alone, so occupied koulev respiteblocks often look like big piles of sleepy snake. For this reason koulev who are not able to find others will opt for gondii or other species that sleep in similar formations.

• While most koulevs develop to have 2-4 psychic hands by toddlerhood, some mutations elongate past the wrist: growing something like this is called "retrieving arms."

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