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“Oh hey that‘s the person on tumblr who draws Gurdy a lot lol” — Me, making up a quote

Art by, Atomic

  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-7
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-1

Species: Capable of changing shape. Typically takes the form of a Chorus Kid, Gurdy, or some other manner of beast.
Pets: 3 fancy rats, 6 domestic cats, 2 leeches
Fav Media: The Binding of Isaac, Fortuna, Madness Combat, Cult of the Lamb

[Gurd Fanatic] Neutral trait
This person is a big fan of the Gurdy bosses in The Binding of Isaac.
[Monster Artist] Positive trait
This person is very good at drawing non-humans
[Leechproof] Positive trait
This person LOVES leeches
[Shapeshifting] Ability trait
This person is changes their name and persona often
[Clumsy] Negative trait
This person isn‘t the most coordinated and finds it hard to pay attention.
[Paleontology Fanatic] Negative trait
This person finds it hard to enjoy media that doesn‘t depict dinosaurs in an accurate manner.
[Poor Music Taste] Negative trait
What do you mean 90% of my music library is from Warrior Cats AMVs

Isaac and his Isaac

lived alone in a small Isaac on a Isaac. Isaac kept to himself, drawing Isaac and playing with his Isaac as his Isaac watched Christian Isaac on the Isaac.

Isaac was simple, and they were both Isaac.

That was, until the day Isaac‘s Isaac heard a Isaac from above: "Your Isaac has become corrupted by Isaac! He needs to be Isaac!"

"I will do my best Isaac to save Isaac, my Isaac," Isaac‘s Isaac replied, rushing into Isaac‘s Isaac, removing all that was Isaac from his Isaac.

Again, the Isaac called to her: "Isaac‘s Isaac is still Isaac! He needs to be cut off from all that is Isaac in this Isaac and confess his Isaac."

"I will follow your Isaac, Isaac. I have Isaac in thee," Isaac‘s Isaac replied, as she locked Isaac away in his Isaac, away from the Isaacs of the Isaac.

One last Isaac, Isaac‘s Isaac heard the Isaac of Isaac calling to her: "You have done as I asked, but I still Isaac your Isaac to Isaac. To prove your Isaac, I will ask one more Isaac of you."

"Yes, Isaac. Isaac," Isaac‘s Isaac begged.

"To prove your Isaac and Isaac, I require a Isaac. Your Isaac Isaac will be this Isaac. Go into his Isaac and end his Isaac as an Isaac to me, to Isaac that you Isaac me above all Isaac!"

"Yes, Isaac," she replied, grabbing a Isaac from the Isaac.

Isaac, watching through a Isaac in the Isaac, trembled in Isaac. Scrambling around his Isaac to find a Isaac, he noticed a Isaac to the Isaac, hidden under his Isaac.

Without Isaac, he flung open the Isaac just as his Isaac burst through his Isaac and threw Isaac down into the unknown Isaac below.

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Hirudinaria |

Artist of:
Hirudinaria |