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“If you hear the alarms go off don't panic too much, everything is safe here.... Then again last week we almost set a whole sector on fire. Eeeeh I'm sure it'll be ok. Kind of.” — Kaikian talking to visiting tourists

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Dominant Residents: Kaikians

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: None

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Kaikian Capital and central command hub.

Original Creator: CmdrCade

Physical Description

KCC-6-A is an artificial satellite of the Kaikian home-world, Inteliga. Its outermost hull is painted a deep blue to match the color of the planet it orbits, and is dotted with turrets, exhaust vents, and docking ports. The interior of the station has most of its structures placed on the hull, and uses the force of the station spinning to create artificial gravity. It uses a special EMP turret to disable hostile ships without damaging them, allowing Kaikian scientists to investigate and find weaknesses in the ships. In the center of the station, there is a smaller globe, which more buildings sit on. Most of the buildings on this center globe are dedicated to government and command. Inside the small globe are air recyclers and power generators.


KCC-6-A was constructed almost immediately after the First War to replace the now useless Inteliga as kaikian central command. It has a long history, however most of it is simple politics and a few scientific breakthroughs that occurred on the station. The station was attacked during the Muikian Revolt, and many thought that the station was going to fall, however the prowess of its many EMP turrets were vastly underestimated. The entire attack force suffocated, and their ships reclaimed by the kaikian forces. It has never been directly attacked since. It was, however, nearly destroyed five times due to various research projects gone wrong.

The first was an attempt to make a better military transport shuttle, however it was subject to sabotage by an angry muikian, and one of its fuel tanks exploded. All of the events that resulted in near destruction of the station caused the kaikian government to invest in better security and hull plating, so said events are far less likely. The station is currently in it's sixth generation, and is nearly impenetrable.

Nowadays, it is primarily used to coordinate defensive patrols and for government purposes, along with top level research projects.


Residential Shell: The Residential shell is the largest shell, located directly on the interior of the outermost hull. It is home to most of the recreational centers, shops, houses, and others amenities on the station. It is open to the public, unlike most of the other parts of the station.

Government Shell: The Government Shell is home to most of the official business that occurs on the station. It is located on the exterior of the small globe in the center of the station, and is home to the executives of the kaikian government, and is also where said executives go to work. Along with government, top secret and high priority research occurs on this shell. Unlike the residential shell, access to the government shell is restricted.

Maintence Shell: The maintenance shell is located on the interior of the small globe in the center of the station, and is home to air recyclers and power generators. Due to the fact that if this section of the station were to malfunction or fail in almost any way, the rest of the station would fail as well, it is restricted to maintenance crews and VIPs ONLY.


New Home: While the kaikian's true homeworld was lost to the wilderness on it, this new station has effectively replaced it. It is home to kaikian central command, and is always going to be heavily protected because of it. Any visitors are likely to be very safe on the station, while attackers will be quickly subdued.


• Unless approved, weapons must be declared and left onboard ships and are not allowed to be taken out.

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