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Aliens / Bob

“Bob. That's not how things work around here. Everyone in this building has 1 job they have to do and 1 job only. Bob over there makes coffee, even if no one needs coffee. Bob over there waits till a letter shows up on a screen and then she presses it, and you, Bob, do the fetch quests.” — Bob

Art by, Spacedorf / Dorf

  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-5
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-5

Common Jobs: Jobs
Likes: Things that are nice
Dislikes: Things that aren't nice

Attack Method: Review section 5 on what to do if attacked.

Homeplanet: Planet
Lifespan: Indefinitely
Size: 3 ft tall
Diet: Generic rations, Highly processed foods

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Other
Social Class: Middle Class
Rarity: Extremely Common
Common Traits
[Ok at things] Neutral trait
Is ok at some things.
[Good at things] Positive trait
Is good at some things.
[Bad at things] Negative trait
Is bad at some things.

Generics worship sometimes.

Gods: Helper

Original Creator: Kieros

Physical Description

Generics have a very generic form. They are green, have two antenna on top of their heads which end in orbs, and are about 3 feet tall without counting their antennas. All generics are a mix of female and male sex but when speaking to any non-generics, all generics will say they are of the same sex as the person talking to them as this is the most generic choice of action. This also applies to gender.

Generics who are "not generic" will stick with their own gender.


Generic. They live their life as generically as possible. What this equals depends on what planet they're on. Some generics do break this mold. These generics are generically known as specifics.


Very generic history.


Specifics: Generics who are not generics. These non-generics are not a true subspecies but they're also not generics. They look exactly like generics but they are not generics.


Abobmination: An a"bob"mination is a generic who is different but is still a generic. They are different from non-generics who are not generics. Generics love abobminations, expect for the ones who are not generics.


• They exist.

• Generics live forever until they get sick or are killed. Most generics do not keep track of their age and when asked how old they are they almost always say "middle-aged" or "14".

• Generics do not see any item that hasn't been processed as food. Generics survive solely on processed food items - it does not matter what the food item is. Generics do not seem to need any sort of nutritional value from their food, as such a generic can survive on bags of potato chips and hand lotion.

• Every planet that the generics own is called their homeworld, making it extremely hard to find out which one is their actual homeworld.

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