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Tornado Alley

“Is that an F5 tornado coming straight towards us?" "Yeah, tiny one, ain't it? I've seen at least a dozen more impressive this morning alone.” — Common conversation topic between visitors and residents of Kalohmia

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Dominant Residents: None
Other Residents: Kaikian, Gigne, Notail, Cereustractus

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Extreme and variable

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Research on storms, as well as tourism to see them.

Original Creator: Kieros

Physical Description

Kalohmia appears as a very boring planet from afar, with flat, brown plains of grass punctuated by the occasional sprawling cities. Once on the planet, however, the most notable thing is the extreme weather surrounding the entire place. Temperatures can go from below 0 one day to over 100 the next, rains in feet seem more apt than usual, and of course, hurricanes and tornadoes out the wazoo.


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Kalohmia City: A large sprawling city that acts as the main hub for the planet; both for commerce and its oddball weather.

Errom: Built on an old trailer park burial ground, Errom is an outlier of tornado frequency. While most places seem to get hit by tornadoes around yearly, Errom gets slammed by one every couple of days. Rather than moving, most residents keep building shittier and shittier living spaces because why spend effort and resources if it's just going to get destroyed again.

Eloren: Eloren is notable for being surrounded by a near-permanent tornado the size of the town. Thankfully, the tornado is usually super weak and able to be traveled through with ease, but on occasion the storm strengthens and the worst happens.




• Kalohmia is the headquarters for a large number of weather prediction centers.

• For some reason, the weather patterns of Kalohmia seem drawn towards cities, a fact that the residents seem to relish in and enjoy watching. Attempts to get away from them would be met with strong disdain.

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