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“OH GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD WHO THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO TICK THESE OFF?” — The last recorded words of many a person unfortunate enough to be on the wrong end of an attack by a pack of lucigres

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  • Strength-9
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-8
  • Agility-9
  • Luck-0

Danger Level: High
Likes: Other lucigres, Hunting, Destruction, Cuteness
Dislikes: Technology, Other species

Attack Method: Stun enemies with electrical discharges, then disembowel with claws and teeth.

Environment: Grasslands
Lifespan: 25 years
Size: 5'5 ft tall
Diet: Meat

Bodytype: Quadruped
Type: Mammal
Rarity: Uncommon

Original Creator: Kieros

Physical Description

Lucigres are large cats, normally around four to five feet at the shoulder when fully grown, with the females normally slightly larger than the males. They are normally a dull, yellowy color to blend in with their natural environment, most any grasslands. However, Lucigres can be found anywhere someone rich and snobby enough to want to flaunt a semi-dangerous animal is, which is how they expanded from their home planet to now being found in many places around the universe, especially around cities.


Lucigres are very anti-technology, and will actively hunt out any nearby sources of electricity. From this, they can discharge some stored electricity from their fur to damage the technology. Ships are advised to land far away from known lucigris grounds, as the shocks to the electrical systems could render it unoperable in times where having a working ship would really be helpful. Other than that, they enjoy lying around, bathing in the sun, sleeping, and disembowling smaller creatures that bother them like an asshole. You know, like how cats act.


Feral: The most common version of lucigres, the feral lucigris is well worth its nickname of "murderkitty". They are a pack animal, commonly found in groups of up to thirty or so adults at a time. One lucigris is a tough challenge for most individuals, two or three might be difficult to beat for an entire crew. Full-sized packs of lucigres should be avoided at all costs.

Domestic: As is the case, people with too much money and not enough to spend it on will find ways to show off their wealth. One such way is to flaunt it with a dangerous wild animal. Over thousands of years, the danger has been lessened, but not the cost, with a domesticated version of the lucigris. They normally are smaller than the feral version. This size reduction comes with a reduction in their traits, but a longer lifespan and a slightly more friendly attitude. They are also sometimes used as for theft protection, as they still have the ability to stun, albeit weaker than the feral lucigres.


Charged: Lucigres have long fur, allowing the build-up of static charge. Over time, they have developed an ability to have some control over this charge, and can use it to stun or harm opponents, and overload electrical objects, with more damage the more technologically advanced it is.


• Please do not place a hand near their mouth.

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