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“So like, where's the chamomeleon?” — A tourist

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  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: Low
Likes: Leaves and green, Fruits, Drinks, Hiding
Dislikes: Being spotted, Bland food, Drinks

Attack Method: Blends into surroundings, climbs away, but rather poorly.

Environment: Kallidcaeb, As pets
Lifespan: 6 years
Size: 1 ft tall
Diet: Plants

Bodytype: Quadruped
Type: Reptile
Rarity: Rare

Original Creator: Eerr

Physical Description

Chamomeleons are native to the sparse green areas found on the kuppa homeworld. Over their entire body, they take on the colors and patterns of the environment around them. This Mimicry happens rather quickly. They are small, often green, with a broad belly. Their arms and legs resemble the end of a tree branch, or a bent tube. They have flat bent feet ending in tiny claws. Their eyes are mostly covered in rough skin, so they are easy to camouflage. The pupils are black and tiny. Their head sports a large protrusion, also covered in their natural camouflage. Their tails are long and naturally curl around.


Chamomeleons naturally hide in dense foliage. Commonly found taking on a dirty green appearance. They can however, change to nearly any other color, in various camouflage patterns. They eat the fruits and foliage of plants around them. To hide from the vicious plants found on Kallidcaeb the chamomeleon changes the colors on it's skin to blend in with the foliage. Chamomeleons enjoy eating foliage, fruits, and drinks.

Off of the kuppa homeworld chamomeleons have been taken as delightful pets by some collectors, and are fairly pricey to obtain.


None / Unknown.


Mimicry: Chamomeleons are natural mimics, hard to spot as they blend in with environment around them.


• The first alien to eat a chamomeleon, a tourist, tasted the exotic flavor of chamomile tea. Chamomeleons are thusly named.

• Some kuppa industries buy them to use in products, however, the market for coffee-flavored meat isn't particularly large on Kallidcaeb.

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