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Radiant Garden

Botanical Wasteland/ Worse Eukaryote

Radiant Garden
“Wear a hazmat suit! Two in fact! Three even! Just wear as many as will fit, honestly.” — The other usual advice Vedrigam give about their homeworld.

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Dominant Species: Vedrigam

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Nuclear Storms

Danger Level: 5
Purpose: Homeworld of the Vedrigam

Original Creator: Technobaab/interdimensionaltechnobabble

Physical Description

The Radiant Garden is a deeply toxic planet. Radiation, poison, nuclear waste, mutagens, pollutants- All of it that you can think of, this place has in abundance. But it is no mere grey or beige wasteland- It is nearly completely choked in plant life. They have evolved to feast on the waste and radiation, converting all but the entire planet to one gigantic mass of plants.


The Radiant Garden used to be known as Myloxxius. The planet was a bastion of technological and biological progress before the era of space travel, but was struck by an anomaly that replaced its entire civilization with a single person, repeated ad infinitum, and their servants. The servants, collectively known as the vedrigam, nuked the planet into its present state to destroy the anomaly, and then re-nuked it to suppress a hostile species of plant life that feeds on radiation. For obvious reasons this just made the problem worse.


New Neo-New Virnes: The fourth iteration of the capital city of the Vedrigam. Several regions have been biostabilized- the natural poisons, toxins, and radiation scrubbed away- for tourism purposes, and as well there are a wide variety of mutation clinics scattered about.

Virnes City Ruins: The ruins of the original capital of the Vedrigam. Destroyed after an incident with the Vine Core, the ruins are dangerous even to the Vedrigam. For cultural reasons expeditions are still made to it to recover artifacts, however in terms of technology there is little to see.

The Vine Core: The vine network between the crust of the world and the core. The single most lethal place on the planet, although due to its planetwide spread underground calling it one place is an understatement. Its composed of vines stretching around, forming caverns, walls, tumorous masses, as masses of hyperevolved bacteria consume tunnels and chambers into it all. A constantly everchanging place, where only the foolish go for more than an hour at a time.


Hypertoxic: The entirety of the Radiant Garden is incredibly toxic, irradiated, polluted, mutagenic, and generally should not be habitable. This does not bother the vedrigam, who indeed even take steps to keep the world as toxic as it is, due to them being mostly immune to the ambient toxins, and it acting to keep visitors away. If you can brave the toxins, whether by safety equipment or robust biology, incredibly valuable mutagens and nuclear material are abundant on the planet, ripe for harvest, however the toxins of the planet are so abundant and potent that only a closed air system is able to ENSURE no contamination.


• While the first Virnes City was destroyed due to the vine core, all others were abandoned primarily due to a lack of food- Crops suddenly mutating to be inedible, wild game melting into sludge from the radiation, so on and so forth.

• Most of the planets animal life is artificially engineered by the Vedrigam. The methods used are incredibly crude, essentially force evolving the plants into something like an animal, but it has solved their food shortages for the time being.

• The vast majority of mutagens on the radiant garden are not sold as such, but instead used in mutation clinics where you can pay for doctors to monitor the mutation and ensure that it progresses properly. This is far slower, and more expensive, than regular mutation while also requiring you to effectively live at the facility for the duration, however it also allows for a far greater degree of control over the result, and is far safer than regular mutation by virtue of constant monitoring for risks.

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