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Robed Witches / Fluffy Cultists

“Thoughts become belief, which in turn become lifestyle.” — High Priestess Riceal

Art by, Lulu

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-0

Common Jobs: Priests, Therapists, Ambassadors
Likes: Lucidity, Chilled Environments, Intellect
Dislikes: Forced Beliefs, Heretics

Attack Method: Messengers are often difficult opponents due to their prowess in psychic ability. A messenger would throw objects at their assailant at high speeds and may resort to using blades or other edged weapons.

Homeplanet: Votum
Lifespan: 70 Years
Size: 5' 2" ft tall
Diet: Meat

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Psychic Arthropod
Social Class: Lower Middle Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Cultist] Neutral trait
This character believes in the strange, the arcane, the other. They are naturally drawn to fringe cults and strange beliefs, and may already be a member of several of these groups.
[Psychic Powers] Positive trait
This character has a general psychic power trait which means they may have one or more psychic powers. Due to this being a general trait, most characters with it have not mastered any powers but know more than one. If they have mastered any powers, they use that as their trait. Restrictions: This trait is restricted to species who are allowed to have psychic powers.
[Can't Lie] Negative trait
This character just cannot tell a lie, even if it's a white lie, or would be detrimental to tell the truth. If they are ever forced to lie against their will, they will take a large sanity hit, and may continue to worry about it until the truth comes out.

Messenger never once cared for the Limbo Gods, and instead worship the First and Second born gods of messenger myth. They have their own tome relating to them, which is their holy text. Messengers have built their life around this belief.

Gods: The First and Second Born

Original Creator: CorncobThe45Th

Physical Description

Messengers are incredibly fluffy, having fur that stretches to about several inches in all directions off their body. They evolved this due to the freezing conditions on Votum. Some are born with increased fluff, such as cloud messengers, or even none at all, such as hermit messengers. Their fur is softer than silk, and is often sold in large quantities for a substantial amount of points.

On the face of a messenger, sits six eyes. The bottom-most eyes are their most important and give them excellent eyesight and vision in low light condition. The other eyes are believed to be for different ranges of vision, as the top most eyes are very small and near sighted.

The only way to tell a female and male messenger apart is by fur length and mane. Males have no mane and a smaller amount of fur. Females have a large mane around their necks which can be a different color from the rest of their fur. The extra fur is for nursing their hairless young on Votum, as too long without their mothers, newborn messengers would freeze to death in the sub zero climate.

Fangs stand between cuteness and intimidation for a messenger. These needle-like teeth can be fairly horrific upon first glance due to their size. Although fear is not needed as messengers only use their highly poisonous fangs when backed into a corner or fighting for their life. Even when bitten, there is a chance of a dry bite and anti-venom is sold at most stores on Votum.

Clothes are a big part of messenger society. Most of Votum's population, messenger or otherwise, have a deep love for heavy clothing like sweaters, trench coats, and winter jackets. Messengers that have a higher position wear large capes, robes, and drapes to signify their importance. Most wear large boots to help walk in snowy climates.

Messengers have abdomens and have holes in their clothes to let it poke through. Its size varies but is still covered in fur. When happy or excited a messenger's abdomen may wag, as well as droop when saddened. They use this abdomen to spin webbing for traps, rooms, or just as a strong adhesive.

A furless messenger's skin is often smooth. Messengers are incredibly skinny without their fur, and is usually a death sentence on Votum. Luckily, their fur starts to grow back within several hours, and takes only days for it to reach its original size. When exposed to extreme heat, a messenger will shed all of their fur to not overheat.

Some messengers find pleasure in styling the fur on the top of their heads, making their own semi hairstyles. Knights for example are forced to give themselves mohawks.


Messengers take time out of their day to pray to their gods. This praying session mostly takes up to an hour and is usually very silent. They may not stop unless ordered to by a higher up or something of utmost importance is happening around them.

Several messenger only jobs are present on Votum. Librarians are messengers who save as much knowledge as they can in books. Knights are those who fight for the messengers. Priests are the most notable job available to only messengers.

Sacrifice is a huge part in messenger culture, in which a priest will give a prisoner of war to the gods. The priest will bring the unlucky soul to an altar and slay them with their sacrificial blade, letting their blood fill a reservoir. Visitors to Votum find themselves baffled by the act.

Attempting to take away a messenger's religion or force a new one they don't believe in upon them will cause them to become violent. They will not stop until their religion is returned or they are struck down.

Messengers are incredibly humble, and do not brag, cheat, steal, or lie. They treat everyone the same unless they are a Heretic. In which case they look down upon them as if they were the worst thing to ever grace the universe.

Therapists are common jobs for messengers, because of their philosophical nature. Some say that those who speak to a messenger for ten minutes are never the same again. Usually this is a good thing, and messengers tend to offer their therapeutic services for free.

A messenger's psychic ability usually depends on their standing, or position. Normal messengers often only use their psychics for communicating to other species who cannot understand them. Whereas the High Priests can rip people in half with their mind alone and stop bullets in midair.

When threatened, cornered, or have their psychics somehow rendered useless, a messenger will hiss very loudly while also baring their fangs. Messengers will not be afraid to use any of their natural defenses when threatened, such as webbing their target to the ground and running, or biting them and injecting more venom than necessary. Knights never panic like this and always come prepared for attacks that put their back to a wall.

Some have rumored that messengers are amazing musicians. Not many actually pick up instruments, but those who do seem to have hidden talents for it. They are most skilled with stringed instruments.

Messenger funerals are very quiet, and usually don't have mourning. Instead the deceased is buried and prayed for, with those wishing their next life be happier than the previous.

Most of the messenger race are taught to reflect psychic attacks. It is believed that they can reflect abilities that even the common messenger doesn't know, such as mind control or wipes. Most messengers won't mind teaching other psychic beings this technique, though constant training is needed.

Nulls, an unexplainable subspecies of messenger, are incredibly powerful. Their minds cannot comprehend how psychic they are, thus leading to extreme pain, even while being idle. They are given their nickname due to the drug they are forced to take in research facilities, which will numb their brain, causing them to become emotionless and unable to feel pain.

Messengers do not like to use firearms, except for the Knights who are forced to use them. Instead, they opt to use bladed weapons, swinging them around with psychics. They can engage in a sword duel without even lifting a finger. However, only messengers who have trained with such weapons will be able to use them effectively, others, not so much.

A female messenger can lay around seven eggs, each of which are about the size of a small fist. The mother becomes extremely protective of them, webbing them to a wall or ceiling. When they hatch, the webbing will keep them warm until the mother arrives to nurse them. Messenger newborns will cling to their mothers for months until they begin growing fur.

Messengers without their fur are often very angry or disgruntled. Their fluff seems to give them a feeling of security. Hermit messengers, a rare side breed of messenger, have never once had this comfort. This may explain why most of them are so absolutely furious.


Being enslaved was never uncommon for messengers. Different species have always wanted the messenger's psychics and low morals, as this could be easily exploitable to gain hard working slaves that never revolted. Most of these species either left them alone after finishing their project, or attempting to give them a new religion. For this reason many alien skeletons can be found beneath the surface of Votum.

Messengers weren't always venomous. It occurred as a mutation when they were enslaved for about the seventh time. Most of the messenger population acquired the severely deadly fangs after multiple generations, which is just what they needed to break free.

After one of these many breakouts from an especially harsh species the messengers gave birth to a festival they hold every year simply called "Soul". To messengers, this means life, happiness, and freedom. It is a ceremony that lasts three days, and is known to be incredibly beautiful. Most people who have visited highly recommend staying for the whole festival.

For centuries, the High Priests have led the messenger population. When they die, their assistants would take over. Then their assistants, and their assistants, and so on and so forth. These are the most powerful minds in the messenger army. The high priests make sure that the species sticks to their teachings and do not falter in their devotion. For this very reason a war between the devoted and not has broken out and rages to this day.

The messenger population was once much larger, until someone had a new thought. It became a new belief. It became a new lifestyle. These devotes to this new lifestyle believed they should follow the Third Born's rule. They believed that the way of conquering and tyranny was the correct way to live. The enlightened, those who worshiped the first and second born, saw these people as dangerous and performed their own crusade. Slaughtering their own people for attempting to change to a dangerous new way of life. Due to the larger amount of enlightened, these new devotes were forced off Votum. Thus, the Heretics were born.

Currently the messengers have an alliance with the notail union. If someone has a problem with notails, they have a problem with messengers. The arrangement is not one of enslavement, as the notails have agreed as long as the messengers stay by their side during wars, the notails will lend their forces to destroy all heretics.

Home Planet

Votum is a beautiful snowy paradise. Rainforests are sprouted everywhere around messenger cities which are surrounded by large metal walls. Venturing out into the rainforests is often fatal for unknowing travelers, as something deadly may be hiding in wait just outside.

It is night far more often on Votum, which explains why most messengers are nocturnal. Night alone, is often more than sixteen hours, which is why Votum is subzero. Luckily, in messenger cities, there are places for other species to warm up in specialized bonfire areas.

Four large towers sprout out of the ground, scattered around the planet. These are the homes of the four High Priests. One reaches mostly underground in the warmer area of Votum. Hairless hermit messengers live around this final tower.

Massive cave systems and subterranean areas run through the roots of Votum. However, most of the entrances of these caves are guarded closely by the messenger defense force. What they're doing in these caves is a mystery, but it may not entirely be legal.


Goliaths: Incredibly large forms of messenger. These gentle giants are always happy to lend a hand, if people don't scream at the sight of them. Despite their "Battle-Ready" look, they are often farmers and agricultural masters.

Nulls: So incredibly psychically powerful, it is painful. All loose things around them float off the ground. They are often kept in research labs, in turn they are broken out to be turned into weapons by the heretics.

Messenger Side Breeds: There are multiple "breeds" of messenger, so to speak. These usually only affect fur color and do not change their battle or utility ability in any way. Monochrome messengers have been known to be entirely black and have a white stripe going down their faces. While cloud messengers are incredibly fluffy, even more so than their normal cousins.


Friendly Conversation: If talked to, they can drastically increase morale and sanity over time, making them great support roles.


• The messenger's infamous "Psychic Reflect" is taught in some books, though many say that one can only truly learn it from the the fluffy beings directly.

• Going out and telling a messenger you're a heretic, even if it's a joke, will guarantee a punch in the face, if not a bite downright. They also show a strange dislike for clowns who they believe to be aligned with the heretics.

• Messengers get more nutrients from blood rather than meat itself, which is why messenger shopkeepers often sell it in bottles or vials. Messengers would never suck blood out of anything living.

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