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The Jambling Horror

“Beware the slithening vezzeble, cover from the bumbling zumblesnatch, but run, tumble, and leap, from the jambling jamberwawk.” — Excerpt from Jamberjawn

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  • Strength-15
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-15
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: High
Likes: Itself, "Broad Horses", Truffungle in June
Dislikes: The sound of creeping strings, Others of its kind, Branjellier in May

Attack Method: Thrash and bite with its monstrous girth at its opponent. Stomping, stamping, and stinging until sufficiently subdued, and then eating it if its something edible.

Environment: Woods, Glens, Mountains
Lifespan: 1000 Years
Size: 24 ft tall
Diet: Omnivorous, even trash and rot

Bodytype: Tailed Bipedal
Type: Other
Rarity: Extremely Rare

Original Creator: Notailfacts

Physical Description

A chimeran monstrosity of ungainly and strange construction, standing around twenty-four feet tall, and nearly as wide. Jamberwawks have the overall bearing of a saurian creature, propped on two solid feet, and hunched forward in predatory posture. But their composition is as though they were assembled from parts of a variety of creatures.

A jamberwawk's upper torso and facial area resemble a salamander, but much larger. Its skin is smooth and slick and pink. They have a pair of arms, too small for their large size, off the sides of its torso, each ending in three-fingered claws. Between their fingers, and parts of their arms, is a thin membrane, of seemingly no purpose.

At the end of a thick neck is it's lizard-like head, bearing a broad, needle-toothed grin, inside of which lies along, prehensile barbed tongue. They have no eyes, and seemingly no nose. The whole affair undulates and writhes, less like a boned creature, and more like a slug.

On their back, jamberwawk's have a pair of feathery wings, in red and black. Small and gawky, and far too small to lift a jamberwawk's prodigious girth even an inch off the ground, let alone enable them to fly.

From the torso, their body abruptly shifts to their lower section. They stand propped on two powerful saurian legs, each standing digitigrade, on clawed feet like a chicken or raptor. Its legs and pelvis are covered in rough leathery skin, much like a crocodile, colored in shades of dark red and black. Jamberwawk's possess a tail, a furry, black, leonine tail, ending in a "pom-pom" of thin red spines, that they can propel at prey with a quick flick of the tail.


Jamberwawk's are strange and solitary terrors. They have a disposition one would regard as silly. "Bandling" around their prodigious territory. Jamberwawks observed from a safe distance are recorded as gyrating and emitting a "gurgling" roar for seemingly no reason at all. They are not very still creatures, gyrating, as mentioned, groping, and thrashing about wherever they might be. This is likely due to being blind, but possibly also just "because." Jamberwawks are often found "sloshing" their long tongues about, similarly to a snake.

They "jamble" about their long lives, making long lonely marches through its territory, ceasing only on two conditions. The first and most typical is when it encounters an intruder to its space, at which point it will thrash and roar, and "brundle" in a hostile manner to ensure the destruction of the offending creature. Jamberwawks will pursue such an animal or person for quite a distance, usually only stopping when something more interesting presents itself.

The other, less typical, occasion, is when they encounter another of their kind. At such times they make a show of dominance. They make "snurgling" roars against each other, and rampage about the nearby area until they inevitably conclude that the other jamberwawk will not be swayed. At this point they engage in a long, incredibly destructive fight for dominance, ending only when one of them is dead.


None / Unknown.


Snicker-snack: A jamberwawk's flesh is quite resistant to many forms of harm, such as lasers and large rocks. Their flesh is rigid and yielding in a strange and uncomfortable way. The most reliable way to pierce the jamberwawk's hide is through the use of specialized incredibly sharp and thin sword. Blades, in general, are a somewhat dependable way to oppose them when one does not wish to just "run, tumble, and leap," as is suggested.


• Nobody knows where jamberwawk's first came from. They appeared on day to the great concern of the local community they had arrived nearby. Before anyone could do anything about it, the whole town was quickly decimated, leaving only one survivor.

• While jamberwawks are fiercely territorial and loathe their own kind, there's rumor of a being of uncertain nature who has tamed a whole flock of the beasts. To what end is uncertain, but every tale of their appearance ends in extreme unpleasantness for just about everyone involved.

• No, we don't know what "Truffungle" or "Branjellier" are or why they are significant on those months.

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