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Ana / Bigger, dumber, gayer lesbian

“yeah.” — Me

Art by, frog

  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-7
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-4

Likes: Funky designs, window shopping, worldbuilding with friends
Dislikes: Driving
Pronouns: She/her
Commissions: OPEN (see my carrd link below!)

[Visual] Neutral trait
Looking at pretty things will satiate my monkey brain forever.
[Expressive] Neutral trait
I will do anything to make sure the right tone gets across!! Even if it means awkward explanations.
[Reclusive] Neutral trait
I have found my internet-niche and I will stay in it until the day I die.
[Cool Friends] Neutral trait
I have cool friends. This deserves to be a green trait but I like it more when all the same colors are on the same line.
[Good at Art] Positive trait
I can make pretty pictures most of the time!!! What‘s with that!!!
[Pretty] Positive trait
Looking nice raises my self-esteem and my will.
[Can Do Math (kinda)] Positive trait
I know calculus :sunglasses:
[Student] Negative trait
Brokety wokety.
[Verbally Incompetent] Negative trait
I will take a million years to say the things I mean out loud.
[Fuckin Crime Jesters] Mystery trait
I will tell you all about my crime jesters. I will not stop talking about my crime jesters. Ever,

Aellivi‘s Carrd: Art junk and socials!!


You are here :)


Prices vary, please check out the Carrd link under my picture to get an idea of price (USD)!

I‘ll make expression sheets for 1 legendary and 1 common, or an equivalent offer.

If you‘d like anything else, please DM me!

I‘ll accept art trades! Ping or DM me.


I adore most animated content! Here are some of my favorite media:

- Cosmosdex

- Monkie Kid

- Deltarune + Undertale

- Dead End: Paranormal Park

- Owl House

- Amphibia

- A bunch of webcomics. Like a lot. (Ask me!)

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Creator / Writer of:
Polydextrol |

Artist of:
Enmasque | Pylvet |


• I LOVE character designs with eldritch elements. Faceless, too many limbs, not enough limbs, funky body stuff. Bible-accurate angelic stuff is crazy cool.

• Ask me about my characters! I won‘t shut up.

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