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Claw and Maw / Warblers


Art by, CorncobThe45Th

  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-0

Common Jobs: Soldiers, Scientists, Security
Likes: Conquered Planets, High Probability of Success
Dislikes: Malfunctions, Disorder

Attack Method: Valoreians observe their target, make an assessment, then act accordingly. Or if the assailant is smaller than them, they will pick them up and simply snap them in half.

Homeplanet: Valore
Lifespan: 90 years
Size: 9.10 ft tall
Diet: Anything

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Other Other
Social Class: Lowest Class
Rarity: Rare
Common Traits
[Attitude] Neutral trait
Whether by intention or a passive tic, this character will at some times make snarky, rude comments in normal conversation. Most of the time this is only an annoyance at worst, but in some rare cases this character will hit a soft spot and will have to deal with the consequences. This trait is a lesser form of [Provocative].
[Resilient] Positive trait
This character can recover quickly from blows, and will not go down unless they are knocked out. They can break out of grabs and stuns, and have a chance to fight back even when completely pinned down.
[Alpha] Negative trait
This character feels they are the Head of the pack so to speak, even if they aren't. This character feels the need to dominant everyone around them. They may do Power moves to show and scare other people around them into submitting. While this gains them power, everyone around them will quickly be drained emotionally and sometimes physically. Characters may avoid them, leaving them no one left on their side.

Showing extreme hatred to the mere mention of religion, valoreians believe it serves no purpose or meaning.

Gods: None

Original Creator: CorncobThe45Th

Physical Description

Massive brutes with a grotesque appearance. Huge bulging eyes, unnatural growths, and four powerful mandibles. The most basic and noticeable feature is their hot pink skin pigmentation, which gradually gets darker as the creature ages.

Having sizable muscles, they often have difficulty balancing themselves, which is where their mammoth tails come in. This large appendage drags along the ground and helps stop valoreians from slamming face first into the ground. Although, it causes most valoreians to walk with a slouch.

Valoreians seem to have lengthy craning necks, which is usually hidden as valoreians can sink the most of it into their bodies, in a disgusting display. This is most explained by their spine being arranged in such a way that it allows it to fold onto itself.

The face of a valoreian is the frequent feature that causes the most fear and intimidation. Their eyes are bulbous and gigantic while their mandibles are confusing. Their mouths are covered by four spike-like protrusions that are made from hardened keratin. When they roar, or let out their signature warble, they can dislocate their jaw to make their mouth wider, before popping their bones back into place. However, because of these mandibles, they are unable to speak limlish without translators.

While valoreians don't have hair, they have strange growths on top of their heads. These bulbous growths develop while they are still an embryo, and grow slightly afterwards. These growths define a unique valoreian. They could be short or vast, or there could be one or there could be many. There is a rare condition where the tips or splotches could glow with bioluminescence. These growths will fold downward along the back of their head as the warbler becomes increasingly angrier.

Warbler offspring are horrifying creatures, nicknamed "Dedges". A dedge is an elusive creature, the only similarities they share with their parents are the tumorous growths and the pink skin. Most of them are digitigrade, and have a huge overbite that hides their razor sharp teeth. They have no claws and only have two stubby fingers on each hand. Much like normal valoreians, their tongues can be extended, although dedge saliva is very dangerous. It will sink into the skin of any non-valoreian and stop that part of the body from sending messages to the brain. Dedges will metamorphize out of this state and into a valoreian at around age ten.

An unorthodox feature is their legs being able to either be plantigrade or digitigrade. This is a direct example of the valoreian adaptation tendencies, of their bodies choosing what would be better for the valoreian.

The adaptation skills of a valoreian are often triggered by certain reasons. When going to a planet that has a large amount of water, their skin may turn blue, or they could grow fins. They could become fluffy when exposed to extreme cold for a certain amount of time. Random adaptation can be very dangerous for a valoreian.

Valoreians have three clawed fingers on each hand. However, their offspring don't have claws, and instead have three grubby fingers. While it is uncommon, a normal valoreian can inherit this trait from the metamorphosis process.

There is often regulated clothing that many poor valoreians must wear. The most common is cargo pants and a gray and black blaster-proof vest.

The genes of the warblers are surprisingly malleable, allowing for many different body shapes and sizes. While rare, some have reported valoreians being as tall as seventeen feet! There has been no reports of valoreians being smaller than eight feet, which is already considered short for their species.

Misgrowns are a sub-species of valoreian, which not only changes the way they live, but changes their appearance drastically. Misgrowns are valoreians that didn't quite metamorphize out of the adolescent state, as their body stopped changing, believing that it didn't need to anymore. They look exactly the same as a dedge, but grow to be taller. Tall misgrowns are often close to the same size as a dedge, roughly seven feet high when on their hind legs.


Incredibly infamous for their rise to power. Many seem to hold a deep distaste for other governments and empires. They believe all should serve under a cruel rule, earning their place among the stars underneath one massive conglomerate.

Hot-tempered and impulsive, these beings hate disrespect, even if it's not directed towards them. Despite this protective nature, they are hypocritical, calling other species "Weak" or "Helpless". A common insult among valoreians is addressing others as "Worm".

Although their nature is violent and irate, they make amazing bouncers and bodyguards, even for other species. Although many of them are a part of the Claw and Maw empire, this does not necessarily mean that they are tethered to it. But they will often refuse fighting members of their own kind.

Many take victory as a right, not giving up until they've crushed everything underneath their boots. Even when fighting a battle they have no chance at winning, they will deal as much damage as they can before they keel over. However, if ordered by someone that has a higher standing over them, they will retreat, albeit incredibly enraged.

A very unbelievable characteristic is their insane adaptation ability. Valoreians tend to physically adapt very quickly, maybe several times over the course of their lives. Their adaptation tendencies are often harmful, and take years to be put in full effect. These adaptations are often permanent. This can change their skin color or disgustingly trim their fat, giving way for ugly slim valoreians.

A valoreian's sense of smell is so powerful, it can be used to navigate in place of their eyes. Instead of having nostrils, a valoreian uses hundreds of miniscule pores on their faces to smell. They could also communicate via smell alone through the use of a pheromone gland that is present in their throats. The reason valoreians having their necks tucked into their bodies is a single slash or strike to this gland is fatal for them.

Warblers love gruesome kills, whether that'd be breaking someone's spine over their knee, or lifting them above their heads and tearing them in two. Valoreians love using their bare hands to fight, and may sometimes use knuckle dusters or other blunt weapons to win. To compliment their blunt brutishness, they use massive ballistic weaponry, made so big and heavy that only those with similar strength to a valoreian can wield it effectively. Some valoreians may also undergo bionic implants, as limbs are lost in battles. It is not uncommon to see a valoreian missing a wide range of limbs and having them replaced with ones made from metal and silicone.

Not all valoreians are cruel heartless monsters, some actually make very good friends. These friendly valorians seem to be far more common in ones that have grown up off world, on planets outside of Valore.

Going back to the concept of dedges, many of them grow up in cities. Due to a valoreian's natural intellect, they often learn to speak at age one or two. Those that grow up in cities are called "City Dedges'', and are often taken care of by their families and become working members of society at age five.

Alternatively, they can be abandoned by their parents and turned in to the government, where they are dropped off into the wild. The dedges will thrive off instinct and become mostly feral. Many travellers are warned before entering, as dedges will prey on anything that isn't a valoreian. When a dedge is about to undergo its metamorphosis, it will be recollected by the government and be assigned a name. They will then be educated and sent off to live in a selected city with an assigned job. Killing a dedge, even if it is attacking another person, is entirely illegal, and may result in immediate termination.

Living off the worth system, valoreians fight, work, and die, hoping that their superiors will notice and increase their standing. Valoreians with a low standing are conscripted, and must wear protective vests and carry around firearms at all times, so that if a battle were to arise off-world, they would waste no time mobilizing.

While the opposite can occur, deeper in the world. Valoreians with a higher standing are offered more protection, and better education. While they are not required to fight, those that do are often far scarier than their less fortunate brothers.

Another fact known about the warblers, is that they believe heavily in darwinism. The strongest survive, and they believe that they are indeed, the strongest. However, instead of simply killing off weak species, they allow them to prove their worth by working, fighting, and dying for the conglomerate. It takes many decades for species under the care of the conglomerate to be considered citizens.

Anomalies baffle the valoreians, it angers them in many ways, so they adopted a simpler way of thinking. "If it can't be explained by science, then it quite simply; doesn't exist"

Back to misgrowns, many are consider more friendly than the average valoreian, and more quiet (unlike their evolved kin). They tend to keep to themselves, only speaking when spoken to. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some are great speakers, therapists, and frequently work as doctors and combat medics. Misgrowns keep the painkilling saliva of their younger counterparts, and often inject that into their patients to stop pain. While unsanitary, it serves its purpose, and rarely causes infection if done correctly.


The Claw and Maw Conglomerate was created fairly recently, but is a huge part of their history. The empire was only a dream many years ago, until a highly charismatic man was able to come to power to make this dream a reality. This Conglomerate is dead set on absorbing all other species into their empire. However, they hate all other empires, but have have neutral feelings towards the Federation.

The "Worth System" was developed shortly after the valoreians assimilated their first species into the Conglomerate. This system was set up so that species that they adopt into their conglomerate will want to work for them. By making sacrifices, their worth will increase, eventually earning civilian status for their entire species.

Their planet was once lush and beautiful until it was almost obliterated by a nuclear test strike when it was believed to be uninhabited. The valoreians quickly retreated underground as their atmospheric layer broke and the sun began beating on the planet with its insane temperatures and radioactive rays. Against all odds, the valoreian rose to power and sought revenge on whoever destroyed their perfect planet.

They developed many weapons, and even a planet destroyer at one point, until they destroyed it out of fear. One of their greatest technological advances are robotic proxies that they use for a multitude of purposes, but are more often used for a military boost.

Malarium, a superfuel, was created to power the ancient planet destroyer. Volatile, it is to only be used by those who have the government's trust, such as the Head-Engineer and Lead Biochemist. Due to the difficulty required to create it safely, only about five grams on average are created per year. It's primary use is powering Valore's cities and generating super-soldiers. However, it created a massive catastrophe a time ago, generating an explosion that was miles wide. An entire facility didn't make it, far safer laws were put into place to stop this from happening again. It was later learned that malarium will rapidly degrade when coming into contact with itself, albeit violently.

Home Planet

Once beautiful and lush, Valore is a planet with a depressing history. The inhabitants used to thrive happily here, until the day where the bombs fell. A large amount of the planet was devastated. Thinking quickly, the valoreians retreated underground as the atmosphere of the planet finally gave way. Because Valore is so close to the sun, the days scorch the planet, burning anyone alive and even melting ships that weren't made for such temperatures. While the nights are so cold, it may freeze a ship's circuitry.

Underneath the surface, the planet is split into twenty incredibly defended layers. The first layer is closest to the surface, and is where valoreian society begins. Roughly forty miles under the surface, layer one is where the poorest valoreians reside, and are desperately trying to prove their worth by fighting for the conglomerate. While the deeper, valoreians are more intelligent and educated. Those born down here will retain their parents' worth. Being born into a rich family, will cause a dedge to continue to live a rich life. Layer twenty is covered in suspicion, as nobody but valoreians are even allowed past layer three.

The planet is completely guarded by numerous defense matrixes and a plethora of anti-air launchers that are built to survive the sun and the cold, are set up to shoot down ships that are a part of competing empires, or those who do not address themselves.

A vast space station hovers over Valore, which is where many soldiers who have proved utmost worth to the conglomerate are turned into super soldiers. Titanic mechs or slender spies, they often create numerous uses for them. Due to their malarium shielding, it is almost impossible to shut down without a malarium weapon to combat the shield.


Pinkies: The basic valoreian. Hulking goliaths with a short temper. Many dark splotches cover their skin, and more appear as they get older.

Mis-Growns: Warblers that didn't quite make it out of the dedge stage, and have many features that still resemble a dedge. The rarity of these seem to total to about three thousand to one. They are often more agile, and still have the toxic tongue of their younger cousins. These side breeds can speak limlish.

Evolved Valoreian: A peculiar breed of valoreian. Due to their rapid evolutionary process, they may have altered bodies that changes how valoreians live. This can be as small as feathers or fur, or as big as reduced muscle mass. These are more often harmful.


Unbridled Rage: Furious and hateful, valoreians are great damage dealers. They are far more adept with blunt melee weapons, and more effective with heavy weapons. When disarmed, they will enter a fury, and use their fists to beat their enemies to death.


• Don't upset a valoreian. Period.

• A peculiar experiment showed that valoreians are highly susceptible to psychic attacks, which may explain why valoreians are so afraid of psychic species.

• Valoreians despise being bossed around by someone who isn't conglomerate aligned. But as long as the pay is good, they'll be willing to do a job or two.

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