[Cosmosdex] The Fictional Encyclopedia


Real or fake, they are blessed

This area of the Cosmosdex contains info on all of the gods and demigods that are believed to exist in the universe. While none of these claims can be confirmed, after all those that may be either of those concepts might be an undiscovered and strange animal, many people have come to believe these godly beings. As religion is a large and complex topic it deserves to be here. This section contains the nine limbo gods, while the other sections include other beliefs and demigods.


Those gods who choose to ruin all in their path. There can be no mistake, and though they may be in disguise, it is always clear what their wishes are. Destruction, be it of a group of people, a belief, or even all of existence itself. Do not be fooled by their justifications, do not pity them. The acts they are committing are disgusting.


Master of words. Master of emotions. Power does not come from pure brutality. These gods know the weaknesses of even the toughest fighters. These beasts know how to bring down titans, no, societies without ever physically striking. Worst of all, even when these monsters lose, they will still find a way to twist it into their salvation and the attacker's demise. There is no winning move against these creatures.


Those who view the Singer from afar will see what appears to be one being, but those who dare to take a closer look will find a seemingly never-ending swarm the makes up the body of the Singer. The swarm will wind its way to its destination, contracting and expanding as needed. These swarms tend to be made of sea creatures, but flocks of birds aren't uncommon forms for the Singer. The moment the terrain is unfavorable the Singer's swarm undergoes a metamorphosis. Schools of dolphins will toss themselves on to land, becoming a herd of deer on impact with the ground. The Singer is said to be the creator of migrations for it is he who is said to have migrated first.


All things revolve around these gods. Should one not be careful they will gladly sneak their way into the lives of the unexpecting. They climb from their dirty lower pits all the way to the top. Who they toss to their demise along the way does not matter. They endlessly seek and devour all that others give them. They endlessly lay in agony, for no matter how much they consume, they will always be on the brink of starvation. No matter how much they beg, do not feed them.


They have no shame. No virtues. They are the masters, and no command will ever be handed down to them. Should their rules or demands not be upheld they will ruin the defiler. They have no intentions of listening to the opinions of others. Once they give their word, there will be no changes. Should the people plead for the rules changed because it can only bring about ruin, these monsters, these heartless beings will state, "You will perish under my judgment, or you will perish by my hands."

The Remains

There was so much hope at one point, but it was all torn away. The past is filled with regrets, and the future filled with suffering. What remains is the grim reality of it all. Happening upon the carcass of your aspirations is gruesome and suffocating. The remains do not need to do anything to harm every living thing it comes in contact with, for it has already fouled what has happened before, and it has made sure there will be no relief in the coming days. Others have ruined it, and now everyone will suffer for its improper burial.