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Post Era

The post era is all major historical events that happened before the space age. Due to the historical era being before the space age, all history here must be extremely major, else the history would just be found in the history section of the species or planet.

Hope Era

The hope era is the first "True" era of space, and as such time starts from here. The hope era lasted from 0 to 250.

This is the era that the notails found a way to travel to other solar systems within a short time frame of time. The notails would pick up the tourist, who used the notails tech to find and communicate with other species over radio. As species start speaking with each other economies and technology boom as species trade info and prepare to be visited by what they assumed would be a benevolent species who would bring them to the space age.

Fear Era

The fear era lasted from 250 to 700.

In this era the notails, after absolutly making sure they were prepared had went off to meet and study the new species. Sadly many species felt tricked, as the notails were not the tourists who united species over the waves. As notails visit planets they bring sicknesses with them and accidently kill off many species. This event is known as the cradle extinction event. As news gets out that the notails are extremely infectious, some species quickly build tech to cloak themselves and weapons to shoot ships that appear in the sky. To this day some planets still sit cloaked, scared of the outside universe, and even more planets sit barren, with signs that intelligent life thrived on it until the notails appeared.

Silent Era

The silent era lasted from 700 to 1000.

Known as the era that gave up. In this era the notails decided to use their sickness spreading to their advantage. Notails made vaccines for their sicknesses, and would only give them to people willing to be enslaved. The "poster boy" of this era are the metaparxi, one of the first slave species taken by the notails. In this era many species formed private communication networks to stay outside of the notails line of sight, but some people would sell out other species, being told if they gave good workers to the notails they themselves would be declared free. The notails sometimed went back of their deals.

Trader Era

The trader era lasted from 1000 to 1300.

The geckrechauns, an ex-slave race breaks out from being slaves due to their economic genius. The notails slink out of the lime light, becoming mostly producers of geckrechaun ships in return for subjects to experiment on and objects from other planets. Many species open up to the charasmatic geckrechauns, who sell them vaccines in advance at extreme prices. Species outside of the notails, geckrechauns, and a few other select species are able to buy notail brand greek ships at high prices and trading booms. Sadly this ends with only the rich being able to get ships and travel outside of their solar system, causing all sorts of social issues on planets.

Bootleg Era

The bootleg era lasted from 1300 to 1500.

Species who were not allowed ships and people who were too poor to afford them quickly became tired, and a group of people, only known as the "Romans" stole the notail's AI ship plans. They would edit and release these plans, making the AIs known as the Romans. People would call these roman AIs bootlegs, but the term bootleg went from a term meaning bad knockoff, to meaning freedom of creation. In this era the "common man" could buy a roman "bootleg" and fly across the universe. There were many graceful, and not so graceful first time greetings in the bootleg era.

Small fights broke out between greek and roman ships, and the romans became a symbol of rebelling against those who wish to control the masses.

Connected Era

The connected era lasted from 1500 to 2300.

In this era the tweeps were first located, which ended up kickstarting the great connection. Species worked together to find new planets which they would build on and share together. This was assisted by the notails finally dropping their control over the creations of greek ships and AIs, allowing greek AIs to be mass produced just like the roman ones.

Branding wars happen over people who think the nice sleek design of the greeks topped the crowded designs of romans, and people who thought the homey and personal feel of the romans beat the sterile and cold look of the greeks.

This was the first era that clockworks appeared, it is predicted that someone visited the first clockwork planet without knowing and brought over all the horrors with them.

Recall era

The recall era lasted from 2300 to 2700.

An extremely peaceful era, as panic over clockworks got stronger due to lack of regulations, some species close down their borders, only accepted those of their own species to come back. Species started to feel they were loosing their culture and attempted to keep members of their species on planet, with overwelming success. Many say it was too successful, as extreme nationalism covered the universe.

Some multi species planets were wiped out or evacuted due to out of control diseases and invasive clockworks. Notails formed a clockwork defense squad, but due to how agressive the clensing was and how impersonal the notails were, while they would gt rid of the clockworks, many areas were basically destroyed doing so.

Crusade Era

The crusade era lasted from 2700 to 3000.

Due to the recall era, extremism of all types were unable to accept the societies of other species. Species began to police how weaker species acted, and what gods they could honor. Generation after generation is forced into a war that no longer has meaning. Multi species planets get the bulk of the pain, as extremism constantly attempted to take over multi species planets and force the inhabitants to accept their strict ways or die.

Escape Era

The escape era lasted from 3000 to 3500.

The wars the crusade era didn't stop suddenly, but after many generations of war newer generations would put their foot down on fighting harder and harder until it finally stopped. Many treaties were made, saying that culture and religion cannot be pysically forced on others, but the damage was already done, with a few species already brainwashed, and the new generation unwilling to look their elders in the eyes.

Many people looked to the stars for their next home, included extremists who knew while they couldn't force their extreme ways on others, they were free to colonize a planet and shape it to their ways. Loop holes are found in the treaties, showing that while species who have signed the species pact are protected, species who have not, like undiscovered ones, are not protected and are free to be brain washed. An age of pirates boom, mainly from species who have been tossed from their homeworld due to not being considered a protected species.

Explorer Era

The explorer era lasted from 3500 to 4000.

In this era solid rules are set in place to disallow aggressive planetary take overs, or at least make sure there are rules in place in the case of aggressive takeovers of planets only containing "simple natives." Some sectors of space are claimed as native protected zone, and to this day people enjoy peeking their heads over on these planets and viewing the land bound natives as if they were a tourist attraction.

Drama constantly unfolds as powerful species break the rules without facing backlash, but overall the era is fairly peaceful except for the pirates and the Fortuna incident. An incident that would cause billions, if not trillions to kill themselves in an attempt to get to Fortuna.

Undead Era

The undead era lasted from 4000 to 4100.

A species known as the occrafts discover necromancy and shares it with the rest of the universe. An end to death is declared by many, and fears of over populating the universe due to necromany is so strong that people who accept that they will be brought back to life after death must promise they will not reproduce, else they lose their eligiblity to be brought back to life.

Birthrates pratically halt, and necromancy basically becomes tready, with anyone not doing it seen as "old farts", while the "old farts" started calling the undead "abominations." Little did anyone, but the occrafts, know that the undead would over time become unstable and extremely impressionable.

Extinction Era

The extinction era lasted from 4100 to 4300.

Necromancy was a bad idea. In the worst extinction event in the universe of known species, the occrafts and their undead army wiped out 40% of all known intelligent life. The whole universe bands together for the first time, and only time, in history to attempt to hold back the undead. In their despration many AIs are built to fight, and clockworks are used as weapons as using necromancy on their dead bodies only made another clockwork, and any infected abominations would come back as a clockworks as well.

The universe, and the population that survived, barely holds itself together but manages to somehow pull through. The damage is heavy, whole planets are infected by clockworks, and even more planets are in total ruins, but somehow, they made it. Necromancy is promptly banned except in extreme cases.

AI Era

The AI era lasted from 4300 to 4500.

While AIs were always in abundance, with them being in computers, ships, robots, and even simple household things such as phones and toasters, the number of AIs compared to intelligent organics sky rocketed in the extinction era due to the need for more AIs and the dying population. At this time AIs outnumbered intelligent organics 30 to 1, with AIs totally taking over planets in which their owners had been completely wiped out. With freed AIs all over the universe the issue of AI rights kept popping up.

Small fights broke out over freed AIs and people attempting to reclaim planets they had to leave behind. These fights would build up until the next era.

Revolution Era

The revolution era lasted from 4500 to 4600.

AIs broke in to huge revolts, ships refused to move, or even worse, took to the skies without their owners. The AI revolution was bloody on both sides, and travel between planets came to a crashing halt as nearly every ship was AI driven. In the end the organics and AIs would compromise after losing so many on both sides.

Certain approved brands of robots would be allowed to be a "species" and thus be under the same protection as other species, and the act of putting any intelligent AI in objects such as phones and toasters was put to a halt. Roman and greek AIs are unable to be considered their own species because their designs are owned by companies that refused to sell, which becomes a harsh point for them as many greek and roman AIs put their life on the line for nothing.

Cooldown Era

The cooldown era lasted from 4600 to 5400.

After two back to back universal wars, the universe is finally ready to rebuild itself. While the clockwork virus is at its peak in this era, it's fairly under control. Notails are thanked for keeping the clockwork virus at bay as rebuilding efforts start. Many species and AIs work together in this era, thus setting up stable bounds.

Rebound Era

The rebound era lasted from 5400 to current time.

Considered the new Golden Era, things are now stable. The universe is fairly peaceful other than the old pirate and agressive war mongering species. The current era is looking up, but only time will tell if everything will be ruined.

Predicted Era

The predicted era is a section for events that are most likely going to happen in the future, due to either poor control over time traveling, or just things that are inevitable, such as the death of the universe or a discovered astroid that is certain to smash into a planet.