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This section shows all the suggestions that have been made in this current and past round. The rules for suggestions are below. If you see any that break the rules please flag it. It will be hidden from view until it can be reviewed. Approved suggestions may be found on the accepted page. Warning, this section likely contains spoilers, please do not view it unless you are up to the newest Fortuna update.



Suggestion: Ask how bad the raids are and how dangerous the forest is.

Suggestion: Try going to the ones who are doing the raids, they seem to have more supplies

Suggestion: Stay for the raid, maybe it will help get us some new crewmembers. Ask E-457 is she can go and make some traps, and go talk to the shopkeeper to gear up a bit.

Suggestion: Clay: Ask easty if he can use his survival skills to set some traps for the raiders in and around the town.

Suggestion: Is there any possibility we could run the pumps ourselves? Probably worth checking how difficult that would be, even if we don't do it. Out of searching for the pump guy, or enduring a raid, I'd rather take the raid.

Suggestion: >Reassure our "notail" and Hun'ne we will leave at the next available opportunity, once we have completed the dangerous sidequests and whatnot.

Last Round

Suggestion: We're stopping on this planet for fuel and supplies. If you don't want to let us in, could you please direct us to some place we could get those?

Suggestion: Gaylord: Make something happen.

Suggestion: Clay: Explain your troubles so far and then your ultimate goal.

Suggestion: We are here to make a pit stop before continuing onward with our journey. we may need a more professional doctor as one of our crew members is sick.

Suggestion: >We're looking for someone good with animals to join us on our magnificent space adventure.

Suggestion: State that you're here on your way to fortuna, and decided to stop by this planet.

Suggestion: Gaylord:[Sarcastic] We're here on a secret mission noone can know about my good buddy chum pal

Suggestion: We've heard your people were skilled in the art of beast handling, and, as you can see, we have many beasts for trade. Many more on our ship.

Suggestion: >Gaylord: Bluff them by guessing what they want to hear. Lets see just how lucky he is.

Suggestion: > Admit that this is a stop on a Fortuna trip

Suggestion: >Gaylord: use your luck to somehow make him let you guys in, otherswise let Clay explain we're looking for someone who can help with the capture creatures we've picked along the way

Suggestion: E-457: Have Clay use [Illusionist] in an attempt to make yourselves look like whatever you think agents of Enmole look like, then use [Liar] to convince them to open up. Just for fun, you know.