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This section shows all the suggestions that have been made in this current and past round. The rules for suggestions are below. If you see any that break the rules please flag it. It will be hidden from view until it can be reviewed. Approved suggestions may be found on the accepted page. Warning, this section likely contains spoilers, please do not view it unless you are up to the newest Fortuna update.



Suggestion: We could always use more fuel, or at least an extra tank or portable container. Our ship only holds 100 fuel, and takes 70 to travel, if i remember correctly, so more storage would be nice in case we get stranded, even if it's not that much more.

Suggestion: Clay> tell about current plans


Suggestion: We're going to Fortuna. Got caught up in some shenanigans along the way. Hope you're up for the challenge.

Suggestion: >Clay: Tell her your entire life story, not including any limbo god shenanigans

Suggestion: Tell him everything, but replace the singer with the radical

Suggestion: Let's just be honest. I don't want to know what she'd do to us if she caught us lying...

Suggestion: She's totally going to steal a wish from us at Fortuna using that mask. Ask for help with the vespidees. They're definitely going to show up again.

Suggestion: Well we are going to Fortuna and we suppose that you can help with the Nemesis fleet said to surround it (distraction/backup). Possibly get us a mechanic??? Also Vivian and Willa are probably gonna be hostile when they realize we've allied with Princess so, maybe some backup/security, to ensure we arent killed. Some Megs and Capture creatures would be nice too.

Suggestion: Now that Clickbait has massacared most of our animals, we have a pile of dead meat waiting to be butchered, so ask for some cutlery

Suggestion: We're going to Fortuna. We've encountered a few Limbo gods. Your son killed all our pets and we just hired a beast master, so that's awkward. Our ration situation is no longer handled because your son killed the pet meg that was helping us with the ration situation. Also we're not doing well emotionally. Do with this information as you wish.

Suggestion: Chunks: Ask if princess can get you fancy notail booze.

Suggestion: Rations, a cursed weapon, a couple of megs and capture creatures would be neat. Nobody's having a good time here. A pick-me-up of sorts would be appreciated. We're trying to stop the end of the universe/kill some gods and get to Fortuna.

Suggestion: The wasps are going after R18. The crew is going to fortuna. You could try getting someone to the fortuna chest for princess, but you may need some help getting past the nemesis fleet. R-18 also just killed the only person on the crew who was good with guns. Also, tell princess what everyone on the crew is good at to help her give you a good mission.

Suggestion: Give us some more... fauna. And another crewmember.

Suggestion: Clay: Our basic mission is to get fuel, possibly ship repairs, and since we have space now, maybe a mechanic? Also to find what we can in the junkyard.

Suggestion: Well, we are going to Fortuna. Sbat here wants to get a weapon that will harm /certain/ religious figures, just like you want to do. Otherwise, some weapons or extra animals for the ones that were lost would be great. This crew is not exactly the best prepared for a fight.

Suggestion: We're just trying to go to Fortuna to fight the gods, you know how it is. Can we get a new meg since your "son" killed all of ours?

Suggestion: Tell Princess that Sbat and Clay are in a relationship and want her to marry them.

Last Round

Suggestion: >Clay: Say that somehow, Valentine got destroyed/misplaced, whichever sounds more plausible, so a new puppet had to be made a bit hastily.

Suggestion: "We lost valentine, got attacked by anomaly, had to find new puppet in garbage."

Suggestion: >Clay: [Charisma]Yes unfortunately, you know that situation on the last planet, yeah Valentine was stolen by the gods, it was terrible, no good, awful. As for this new puppet, it was a uh, *consolation* for what we'd gone through, you know.

Suggestion: Tell the truth, but omit the whole Singer part of the truth with "I found this raggy old puppet to keep me comfortable."

Suggestion: Got destroyed on N'nik planet. Was very sad day for me.

Suggestion: Welp, time for half-truths, for they are more believe-able than lies. >Tell Sbat everything up to the point of the Divided leaving, but this new puppet was the best Clay could find while searching for a new one. It's not the best puppet, but it will have to do.

Suggestion: She turned herself into a bird Sbat. Funniest shit I ever saw. Found this one lying around so it'll do.

Suggestion: Tell the truth, as long as Clay is sure Princess won't overhear. The truth may hurt, but due to Kratos Sbat will stay loyal to Clay. If Princess WILL likely overhear, come up with something random. Clay will be able to tell Sbat eventually.

Suggestion: Half truth time. Tell up to when the divided left, then simply say that this was the best puppet you could find and after all that insanity you just wanted the familiarity of having a puppet at all.

Suggestion: Tell the truth up until the Divided leaving, but omit the Singer from the story entirely. This new puppet is just a last-minute replacement, that is all.

Suggestion: Let's go with radical honesty, with just one little lie at the end: Valentine turned out to be a limbo god, The Divided. Or at least, half of it. The other half came looking for her, and they had some kind of marital dispute? It was pretty weird to be honest, Clay was just hanging back and trying not to be seen. Anyway the part that was Valentine flew away after killing the other half. ...and then since we still needed a puppet, we just found this one and picked it up.


Suggestion: Tell all the truth.

Suggestion: She ascended, and went forth on a crusade to save the universe! ...that is to say, had to giver her up to save crew [Charisma Check: acting] I, I don't want to talk about it, sorry.

Suggestion: Sudden Princess Foreign Exchange Program

Suggestion: Just don't tell him anything about the singer since ya know he despises the singer the most

Suggestion: Tell him everything, but replace the singer with the radical

Suggestion: Clay:[Charisma check]: Some scary animal took Valentine on the last planet. You pulled this puppet out of the trash.

Suggestion: >Don't mention the part where either puppet is a limbo god, we don't want Princess getting suspicious of our new puppet. Feel free to play up Valentine's "ascension" though.

Suggestion: Shit happened. Tell him everything but lie that the Singer is a doll you found as a replacement.

Suggestion: Tell Sbat that this was your first puppet, and your only backup puppet.

Suggestion: It is actually a limbo god. have fun with that knowledge.

Suggestion: [Charisma check] We were attacked and Valentine was destroyed, so we were gifted the dolphin doll.

Suggestion: Valentine's gone Sbat. I feel like crying because of everything that's happened. Gods took her. I found this in the trash. Its the only halfway decent replacement around.

Suggestion: Let's just be straightforward and say that we lost Valentine due to some real fucky events. It was not something for the faint of heart. Do not tell Sbat that The Singer is our puppet. (I swear I'm never forgiving you guys for that.)