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This section shows all the suggestions that have been made in this current and past round. The rules for suggestions are below. If you see any that break the rules please flag it. It will be hidden from view until it can be reviewed. Approved suggestions may be found on the accepted page. Warning, this section likely contains spoilers, please do not view it unless you are up to the newest Fortuna update.



Suggestion: See if its possible to roomtrap the singer and the abomination that is the radical, without the deaths of our patrons of course, and convince the singer that they are helpful

Suggestion: I'd love it if the singer could be saved and also if we could give Apollo (the one we met at the beginning of the webcomic) a redemption arc.

Suggestion: Is there any way we could room trap the Radical and have the Singer be with us, if so then lets do that, kill the Radical and give it's powers to the Singer in good faith.

Suggestion: Singer. The Radical says you can't change but it can, then rips into you as it always has before? It repeats itself but doesn't know it. Keep fighting for what is right.

Suggestion: Attempt to save the Singer, by any means available!

Suggestion: Roomtrap the Singer and give them (with the help of Kratos) a peptalk.

Suggestion: If there was ever a time to try and help The Singer now would be it. It's more than proven Clay was wrong and it's cruel to stand by and just let it be ripped apart like this. Don't let it apologize for trying, show that somebody, anybody, can appreciate it's efforts. This can't all be for nothing.

Suggestion: Clay might want to encourage The Singer at this point. If The Singer realizes they're not entirely alone and only the Dragons are completely under The Radical's mind control, it might make them consider using other means to force everything back, possibly attempt to revert the forms of the dragons currently changed. As a Player; If things continue to go poorly and Clay does not step up, it might be best to Roomtrap the Singer. As things are going, The Singer might relapse into old habits just to get away from The Radical. Encouraging them on their current path might give them a reason not to go back to old ways and push forward. If worried of any possible consequences, definitely ask Helios or allied Gods to see if it can be done safely given the current circumstances.

Suggestion: revive sbat with necromancy

Suggestion: >Player: Stare at the screen with shock, and consult Helios using notes to try and figure out the next move.

Suggestion: Singer: You have the support of all of us on your side, can't you just try to pull an Undertale and hold on? The Radical is cruel, but your intentions are wonderful, so just, please hold on. We want you to hold on. We don't want the run to end like this.

Suggestion: It occurs to me that if we think the singer is really in trouble (and we don't want her to be) i can't remember any reason that roomtrapping her out of there would be unsafe (aside from the obvious potential for a limbo god to attack us, but im assuming we trust her with this suggestion)

Suggestion: Singer? Are you there? We're still here. Don't give up. I know it hurts. The Radical was very, VERY cruel to do that to you. But you did the right thing. Sometimes doing the right thing hurts. Sometimes people will take advantage of you doing the right thing. That's why you have to do the right thing anyways. You did a good job standing up for yourself. I'm so, so proud of you. It's going to be alright.

Suggestion: Clay: Things may seem down, it may seem like your life is over, you're fucked. You can't even move your own body due to the overwhelming pressure. But you have to. You can never give up, no matter what, no matter how horribly things go. You can always bounce back up again, you just need to put in the effort. Clay: Puppeteer your body into moving, you may not be able to will it to move, but you can force it to. Go get your goddamn puppet. Singer: The universe is a cold, harsh place. If you think you're the first to face overwhelming odds, you're not. You should know of the stories, legends of people facing overwhelming odds and winning anyway. Well, those aren't just stories, they can happen. You can make it happen. You can win.

Suggestion: Singer: Refuse.

Suggestion: No! Tearing out your date's guts is bad date etiquette!

Suggestion: That's okay! Just put the guts back in and carry on!

Suggestion: Be Strong. Hold on. Stay Good. This too, shall pass.

Suggestion: Clay: Pick a Side.

Suggestion: Singer: Fight

Suggestion: You can do it Singer!

Suggestion: It doesn't matter what she says. The fact that you want to improve, that you're willing to try, is enough to make you deserving of a chance. She's not obligated to forgive you; nobody that you've hurt is. But you don't need her forgiveness to be a better person.

Suggestion: Singer: Refuse. You have done terrible things in the past, that is true. However, if The Radical truly believes to have changed, it must believe you can too. Each of you limbo gods has a differing world view, each sees themselves as in the right. If you wish to truly change, you must do the one thing you have never done. Acknowledge your mistakes, and know why they are mistakes. You must not simply say that you're better and keep doing the same thing, you must know what exactly being better looks like, and something improving looks like is something limbo gods never do, Apologizing.

Suggestion: Singer: Date the Radical


Suggestion: Talk to Helios through your notepad to see if this is an actual game mechanic or The Singer tricking you.

Suggestion: Talk to Helios through your notepad to see if this is an actual game mechanic or The Singer tricking you.

Suggestion: try to roomtrap the radical, if possible

Suggestion: Golden apple to distract the radical sounds cool but we'd need to warn our patrons about running and throwing it before actually throwing it. Doing that might not leave them enough time to leave though. Also wooing the radical sounds funny but we'll probably die doing it, so only do it as a distraction or a worst case scenario.

Suggestion: I'm not saying we *should* date the Radical, but if push comes to shove and our crew AND patrons are in danger, we could try the emergency smooch to win her over.

Suggestion: This is becoming hopeless! I suddenly don't like Aftiks that much!! NOW I GET WHY THIS GAME IS LABELED AS "DEPRESSION" IN THE COMIC MAP!!! Wait, I do have an idea though!! You/the Player still has the golden apple, right? Maybe we can use that to distract the Radical?? No idea if we can tell our patrons to run while the Radical's distracted by it since our patrons might get distracted by the apple too though..

Suggestion: Time to smooch the Radical!!! jk she's kinda scary Also we should tell our patrons to skedaddle because stuff is going south

Suggestion: Please. Please do not date the Radical.

Suggestion: I just want to date the radical now, don't ask me why I want to date them I just do

Suggestion: I know there aren't any suggestions being taken right now, but just, FUCK YOU RADICAL!!!


Suggestion: Okay I don't remember if we have helios or not. If we do, write a note saying that if the radical goes for us THE PLAYER, he and kratos are to run like hell. Then, call out to the radical as the PLAYER while telling clay to run away. Hopefully we can distract the dragon.

Suggestion: Welp lets call for help, hopefully the Singer will do something chaotic enough to give a window of escape

Suggestion: Welp, time to get blessed. Maybe if we're lucky the Singer will make its way over here and we can get double blessed.

Suggestion: RUN. Grab what's rightfully yours, your crew, and run! If things get too chaotic, do what you can to get everyone of your crew off this doomed planet! (this includes popping cards, spending tokens.) DO NOT speak with the Radical, or the Singer. Speaking takes time that should be used for running.

Suggestion: Take princess's mask, it's an legendary item after all


Last Round

Suggestion: Should probably have some kind of present prepared just in case Princess actually remembers what she said.

Suggestion: Welp, if our captain is gonna be on a existential crisis, we either need to find a new captain or fix it.

Suggestion: With Clay's mental health going down the shitter, things are looking grim for the future of the crew. *Especially* if the Singer gets it in her head to "do something good". We've got to stage an intervention for Clay, or at least something that can get his spirits up.

Suggestion: Step one: do something good for someone or in general without expecting anything in return, even recognition or thanks. Step two: repeat step one Repeat until it isnt difficult to complete step one then move to step three Step three: repeat step one You must commit to your actions, you can not just pay lipservice to change. Keep doing good things, eventually people may recognise your change. And even if it takes a long time or never even happens, recognition isnt the point, what matters is your actions.

Suggestion: The only way to convince Clay would be to do good without expecting a reward or encouragement. Perhaps something impossible for the Singer, but still, not a lot of options in this situation.

Suggestion: >Player: ask helios how to do the dating sim part of the game

Suggestion: Player: Ask Helios and Kratos about how to fix Clay's state of mind(if even possible), singer sounding like she could honestly get some help to fix his life to become a better limbo god/being and how to do the dating part. Clay: Try talking to the Gondii or Volkron. DO NOT TALK TO THE HEREDOGGO IF YOU CAN AVOID THEM, THEY MAY OR MAY NOT LEARN ON THE SINGER/TRUTH BEHIND CLAY

Suggestion: With the focus away from clay, talk to your patrons. The singer's desire to improve may just be an act, but if we were able to convince the helper to get off its ass, surely we'll at least be able to nudge the singer in the right direction.

Suggestion: Clay> wink at o-6

Suggestion: Clay: Tackle Princess! Who cares if you die, you can't let her ruin everything!

Suggestion: Welp we're gonna have to cause some deserved chaos if we want the Singer out of O-4s grasp, we gotta convince Singer that Princess is in need of "assistance" whether she wants it or not

Suggestion: BY FORTUNA WE ARE VERY, VERY SCREWED!! Best bet to try and keep Clay alive and Singer away from Princess is to see if you can contact Kratos and Helios and see if talking to the singer to get him to escape can work(we can be a sort of eye in the sky if you will). If we can't get in contact with our patrons to check that option, try and get Nix to help(either by giving some credits or convincing Nix that getting the Puppet will help out a lot in rebuilding Helmutzi) with getting Singer form Princess as a token on 'good will'(hopefully it will work). If those don't work, CAUSE CHAOS, use the deck's summons to try and get Singer back fast and unharmed and find a way to RUN, and fast, don't think that the O-Class will like a ruined O-6 wedding or Nix wanting to shot you for some reason(you know our luck, something will happen). By fortuna hopefully it will work.

Suggestion: Well we're screwed.. should probably see if we can get ol' dolphin horrorshow to "help" people ovx

Suggestion: Is this the first canonical full appearance of a notail's face? It's about what I expected but wow I didn't think we'd see that. Leave it to O-2 though! Even though O-2 is pretty chill for a notail let's make sure we're polite to her and the groom. Maybe we could try to chat her up and maybe sway her to our side for when the inevitable chaos breaks out.

Suggestion: One last blip, 0-2 without a mask kinda looks like chunks(Minus the green skin and top hat), now that I can't unsee that, now you can't

Suggestion: we can freely chat with our patrons now, as the singer is away. we should probably figure out what to do about princess and the god she now has in her palm - maybe try to convince the singer to "help". this is unlikely to end well, but it's better than hampering future runs due to limbo-powered notails. Also, chat politely with O-2 - if you can't be polite, leave. O-2 seems patient, but holds grudges - hopefully gaylord here hasn't offended him too badly yet...