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This section shows all the suggestions that have been made in this current and past round. The rules for suggestions are below. If you see any that break the rules please flag it. It will be hidden from view until it can be reviewed. Approved suggestions may be found on the accepted page. Warning, this section likely contains spoilers, please do not view it unless you are up to the newest Fortuna update.



Suggestion: Try and haggle to get supplies for a second jump

Suggestion: stay wary of pluto while getting fuel and leaving

Suggestion: Offer to take one of Pluto's contractors to Fortuna to acquire something Pluto wants, plus pay some money if necessary, in exchange for a full tank of gas and a ship upgrade that would allow them to make two jumps if Fortuna is still available.

Suggestion: Fuel alone wont get us to Fortuna. Clay should use his charisma to propose a counter offer; We take a contractor to Fortuna to claim something for Pluto and he lends us some aid in getting there.

Suggestion: We should get a bigger fuel tank, if that's possible!

Suggestion: Maybe try to get something else as well with the fuel? I saw a suggestion to try and get a fuel upgrade to have enough for 2 jumps and I think that's a good idea

Suggestion: Accept that trade and maybe do the search job to buy another tank of gas and get outta here!

Suggestion: honestly cannot thing of one thing worth staying here for. maybe try and charisma check with Clay to get a lowered price for fuel? if not that's fine, but we should probably just skiddadle. ;p

Suggestion: clay> tell pluto that the singer will kill him if you do not get the fuel for free

Suggestion: Ask Pluto if it would be alright, for a bit extra, to get some extra fuel in jars/canisters for a possible second jump. If no, decline and search around for something to sell or maybe use one of your cards.

Suggestion: [Charisma check] accept payment, then use it on Pluto's fuel deal

Suggestion: [Charisma check] accept payment, then use it on Pluto's fuel deal

Suggestion: Maybe try to find a fuel tank upgrade or get 120 units of fuel with some in cans so we can try to refuel in space. Ask Pluto about getting stuff from Chunks. If we get the wrench, use it and charisma check red to see if he'd be willing to exxpand our fuel tank.

Suggestion: this guy lives on a planet full of random items why does he need to get money from the crewTM he can probably find some fortuna-equivalent of an old pokemon card or gold or something here that he could sell for probably more this guy is obviously the biggest scam man and thus he must perish for his crimes.

Suggestion: We should try to find a way to get enough fuel for two consecutive jumps. That means we need a fuel tank upgrade or some way to fuel in space.

Suggestion: We should get the wrench back from Chunks, at least make it up to Red Jasper for the pickpocket. Also maybe haggle that price a little?

Suggestion: Try to hook Sbat and Kenshi up.

Suggestion: I guess, if there's anything we need to say to our patrons that we haven't already said yet, now's the time, considering we're constantly going to have the Singer around the corner until we split the crew again, which might not be for a while.

Suggestion: Yeah, that's fair. Thanks for the free refuel, dude. I don't think we need anything else that you could give, aside from maybe someone to talk to.

Suggestion: >Clay: [intelligence check] You were going to do another job for pluto, but if he's just going to swindle you out of any money he pays you, you won't have any reason to keep helping him. Also, try finding Chunks. We could trade red's wrench for a fuel tank upgrade. Which we need, and which would counter-swindle pluto.

Suggestion: I recomend buying the fuel but try to haggle since, (may limbo save me), what's the worst that can happen. Plus look around for any sign of Mors and Cronus are around and about, they are going to try to find Helios. Maybe if we see Azathoth (Eris's spawn(somehow), some Ai that could help us (maybe even give Pluto some Circe store points to let someone like Chunks, a contractor or a decent underworld Ai), or legend like Hawkmoth that can live for a long time and can maybe talk to AIs in a fast sort of instant, we could have someone help out Helios live the remainder of his non-solar snack life with his horses and try to make sure Mors and Cronus doesn't sneak on by without us noticing due to the recharge of plot-vision.

Suggestion: Chunks is still registered as a crew member (hopefully that's not an error) so let's get them to give R-18's phone back before leaving. Switch to them, then command them to return to the crew and hand over the phone. If that's possible. Which it might not be depending on where they are. Oh, we should also try, unlocking Pluto as a patron? I forget how we go about doing that though...

Suggestion: We dont have anything else to do, and this is probably the only chance to get fuel, sooo.... buy the fuel.

Suggestion: If we havent gotten repairs we should, otherwise, nah. We have good gifts (i predict that princess will adore EITHER the sassy since birth shirt OR the aftik plush basket but not both) we have good health... Basically we all good.

Suggestion: Clay: Agree to Pluto's offer.

Last Round


Suggestion: Dig more until either we get something amazing or until we get the nine clockworks

Suggestion: >Clay: Tell Xorithe to try the trash roulette one more time.

Suggestion: problemz enough said

Suggestion: We've tried our luck enough, no more trash.

Suggestion: >Press our luck until we either die or get something amazing.

Suggestion: Loot more! Five more times, or until we hit a problem, whichever is less.

Suggestion: I think princess will like the chicks. Stop looting pretty quickly (like 1-2 more times) because the more we take the more likely get the clockworks.

Suggestion: Why are we digging in a trash pile WE KNOW has 9 clockworks in it. Stop digging omg

Suggestion: Have Xorithe try one more time

Suggestion: If that's what an 18 looks like then I can't imagine we can get much better. Don't continue

Suggestion: [Intelligence check] lets see if theres anything we can sell or trade later

Suggestion: If we find another decent thing, that's fine, but no more than that.

Suggestion: Hard pass. The one in ten chances of getting anything even close to the aftik basket (which is still mostly worthless) aren't worth the equally likely or even more likely chances of getting a nearly guaranteed TPK.

Suggestion: Continue digging in the trash until we hit a problem.

Suggestion: This basket of aftik chicks is an adjusted 19. It completes the quest, sure, but it's still junk. This is not worth risking death by clockwork. Stop searching. Do grab some regular scrap to fix stuff with later.

Suggestion: We should try to find at least a few useful/valuable items, but as long as we don't find anything too harmful