[Cosmosdex] The Fictional Encyclopedia


This section shows all the suggestions that have been made in this current and past round. The rules for suggestions are below. If you see any that break the rules please flag it. It will be hidden from view until it can be reviewed. Approved suggestions may be found on the accepted page. Warning, this section likely contains spoilers, please do not view it unless you are up to the newest Fortuna update.



Suggestion: Try and talk with the singer. Also, descreetly ask heios if its an actual instant kill or if theres a chance of saving them if it happens

Suggestion: This is a really fishy situation. We must be getting really close to the fin-ally. I hope it's not dull-fin. I sea what we have to do. We have to avoid acting crabby and hide. Hopefully the singer is not anemone.

Suggestion: Try to appeal to the God, while not getting yourself into trouble and make your situation worse.

Suggestion: Stay calm, and don't talk (as the player) unless absolutely necessary.

Suggestion: Be polite to the Singer using Valentine and forgive them as Clay, also do not accept blessings (maybe redirect to the space snake needs stopping more if this happens) . Hopefully the Singer doesn't mind us not talking directly to them.

Suggestion: Attempt to flirt with the beautiful amalgamation.

Suggestion: Singer you should be doing something more productive like hugging all The mormors or carrying all the mors units to the Somnus units

Suggestion: Just talk to the Singer, but through Valentine, it would be more effective....Probably.

Suggestion: try to ignore the god,and if that doesnt work,then try to reason with it to make it leave or something else

Suggestion: We need to be careful as to not into whatever the singer may trap us in but we also need to know what does he want. With Clay using Valentine, ask what does the singer want to talk about while preparing yourself to not feel any pity for the God. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY BLESSING AT ALL COST.

Suggestion: Maybe don't talk to your patrons. We don't really want to get them killed.

Suggestion: Do not ask. Do not make promises. Do not accept gifts but do not disagree or argue. Don't speak unless necessary. Never believe what He tells you or what your eyes show you. Stay safe

Suggestion: As Clay, use Valentine to make small talk with The Singer' while trying to get more information as to why 'The Singer' would chose to assist you all over someone else. It's not as if you are expecting an audience from a Limbo God which makes it a tad suspicious. (Advised to put it lightly so it would not offend) As the player, try to see if you and your co-players would be able to come up with an idea to somehow get 'The Singer' to join in the plan to defeat the 'Sun God' to possibly save your current run. Regardless of feelings, you can't really beat the Sun God without the help of a few Limbo Gods along with any willing Robotic V.1 Gods.

Suggestion: As a player, tell the Singer that we are trying to get the other limbo gods to work together to defeat the Sun God, and they could help too. Possibly they could even be around another limbo god without being attacked. Wouldn't that be nice, for a change? As Clay, tell the Singer we are traveling to Fortuna, and we dont want their protection.

Suggestion: >Try to befriend The Singer Though it is recommended to never trust a Limbo God, The Singer is the least frightening of the group. In fact, The Singer only wants companionship. The Singer might also help us if our crew is in danger.

Suggestion: Clay: Talk to the singer through Valentine. Ask why and what does the singer need to talk about. Also, ask the singer to not to kill anyone anymore

Suggestion: >Talk to the singer inside a roomtrap

Suggestion: > Attempt to speak to the Singer through Valentine, if only to draw attention away from yourself. They seem to be hiding their true self as well.

Suggestion: Ask the dolphin what he wants to talk about

Suggestion: >Talk to the Singer, and try to stay as [optimistic] about this situation as possible. Say that while you forgive the Singer for impersonating Belladonna, they should be careful not to do that type of thing again.

Suggestion: I expected the Singer to come soon, but not this soon. I have an idea, befriend her, make her focus on you and only you.

Suggestion: Politely have Clay tell the singer "No thank you."

Suggestion: Singer, stop attempting to mess with our U.I. Stop attempting to mess with our crew. Stop attempting to mess with the village. We do not give you permission to do these things. Leave now, and do not expect us to let you in. If you wish to assist us, the Player, directly, tell us immediately and we just might oblige. However, there is no guarantee.

Suggestion: So I read the cosmosdex entry for the singer, and it seems like we're dead anyway so we might as well invite it to our crew for some interesting things to happen.

Suggestion: honestly, trusting the singer seems like the only viable option. She only hurts others when they judge her, so how about everyone stops judgiing her?

Suggestion: Clay thinks of all the other threats in the universe like the giant snake threatening to devour everything. Surely they must be in more need of help than he. Despite Belladonna's death, his life is on the upswing and he is perfectly safe and sane.

Suggestion: Wake up Songiprovo. Ask him how to deal with the singer.


Suggestion: >Clay:[Inspiring]:Ease the Singer's concerns by telling him that you're going to take care of yourself and your crew, and that you won't let Belladonna's death be in vain.

Suggestion: Trust the Singer! They look like a absolute cutie, plus, they're a dolphin! I trust dolphins, don't you?

Suggestion: >Clay: "Oh yeah, huh, 'bout what?"

Suggestion: >"Hey, Singer. You seem to be quite troubled, would you like to talk about it? I think it would be better to talk like this instead of with Clay."

Last Round

Suggestion: Just go back to sleep, ignore it.

Suggestion: Well there's no point in delaying the inevitable, Go Outside.

Suggestion: One peek through the window first couldn't hurt, right? Just keep a weapon token handy, just in case you might need to use it.

Suggestion: >Look through the window. Maybe use your [charisma] and strike up a little conversation with her through the window? Enough to keep her pacified without actually going outside.

Suggestion: Close your eyes. Hide. Try not to scream. Perhaps it will go away

Suggestion: >Stay inside, the last time we dealt with anomalies things went pretty badly

Suggestion: Say "Big yikes" and ignore the voice, going back to sleep

Suggestion: >Ignore the voice, go back to sleep.

Suggestion: > See if anyone else is awake. If not, wake them up and ask them if they can hear the voice outside. Don't go outside yet, be cautious.

Suggestion: Ignore the voice. Listening to dead anomalies can't end well.

Suggestion: Ignore it, it's either an Anomaly, which is bad, or something worse, which is well, horrible.

Suggestion: Come outside. Maybe a miracle happened or it's just a regular dream.

Suggestion: Don't go outside just yet, see if you can look out a window or something to find the source of the voice. If we do decide to go outside bring someone with us.

Suggestion: Clay: Go outside and grab a weapon. You are an uutzi after all.

Suggestion: Don't go outside, just look through the window for now.

Suggestion: I agree with Bowser. Looking outside could be a bad idea, remember the train anomaly? Also, if it does in fact, sound like Belladonna, then you should use [Lie Detector] to figure it out.

Suggestion: Lie detector probs doesn't work on anomalies, grab weapon or crew first, assuming it's safe to even move with sight lines to the window

Suggestion: Grab a gun if it's nearby, and wait for it to say something else before deciding on a further course of action. We know that this entity (whether it's really our navigator or not) had to have been present as far back as the ill-fated hunting trip, or else it couldn't mimic their voice. What one can be able to say with absolute certainty (whether it's really them or "R-18"), therefore; we're currently hearing our mystery stowaway, Q.E.D.

Suggestion: Ignore the voice.

Suggestion: Find something to cover the window, and hide under the bed until help arrives. That is terrifying!

Suggestion: Have Clay ask some questions and use his lie detector to figure out what's really going on such as- "Who are you" "Are you belladonna" "how are you still alive" "what are you" etc.

Suggestion: I recommend checking where that sound is coming from, it could even be from your own head after all, but what are the odds of that, after all the sound does seem from somewhere.

Suggestion: Don't go outside. If the person that's calling towards you is indeed dead, your possibly screwed. Or within a divine being. I don't know. Reguardless, don't listen to the voice.

Suggestion: It is important to know that the person calling out to Clay might not be Belladonna at all but a person of the same specie of Belladonna or a person that has the same voice of Belladonna. With this information inhand, it is recommended to go outside and check the voice. It might be a hurt person that needs desperate help. If it was Belladonna or a harmful specie, the n'nikks will most likely help Clay out. Ot could also be a specie that voices out dead people to attract prays.