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This section shows all the suggestions that have been made in this current and past round. The rules for suggestions are below. If you see any that break the rules please flag it. It will be hidden from view until it can be reviewed. Approved suggestions may be found on the accepted page. Warning, this section likely contains spoilers, please do not view it unless you are up to the newest Fortuna update.



Suggestion: > Run, just run,

Suggestion: Hide behind the singer, at least they want you alive.

Suggestion: these are clearly with the singer.they just look like a tube and an eye,would it be too hard to just,stab them or cut them or something? it seems that it also looks like a certain other god. the singer clearly enjoyed its arrival giving more proof that it is indeed related. and its clearly trying to make you suicidal or angry or something.the answer to this all is: violence isnt always the answer.but its a damn easy one when it isnt

Suggestion: Hello Lamp-Like Being. Apologies if this is rude, but would you happen to be The Known, or are you Atheneris?

Suggestion: Attempt to knit a sweater out of the Known's tendrils.


Suggestion: Clay: Use charisma check to make the known backoff

Suggestion: >SCREAM

Suggestion: Put your fingers in your ears and ignore everything the lamps say.

Suggestion: Clay: Ask them a extremely mind boggling question with valentine

Suggestion: Valentine: Hey, Singer, you just heard it call you stupid, right? This lamp creature hates you, do you realize that? Maybe it's the reason all these people are so judgy and mean to you.

Suggestion: Greet (who you presume to be) atheris, if the lamps are merely her pawns however, have clay at least be nice to them.

Suggestion: >Ask about how to get the singer to leave

Suggestion: Now would probably be a good time to pause the game and see if you can ask any of your IRL friends for help. Hopefully, they aren't still irritated because you snapped at Cowboy about the AI's sentience.

Suggestion: Pause the game and phone a friend.

Suggestion: Hey Eris and Athena fusion! How are you doing on this fine day?

Suggestion: >Clay: Ask the tendrils how they will die.

Suggestion: Pause the game and phone in a friend. Trash or CowBoy would probably be the most helpful here.

Suggestion: We should phone an online friend I think. Like Cowboy or something.

Suggestion: Eris is that you?

Suggestion: >[Object Whisperer] Focus on Valentine, ask her what to do to block out the strange eyes.

Suggestion: punch them


Suggestion: Join in and speak a truth about the universe to see if you can get in their good graces.

Last Round

Suggestion: > Remind the Singer that it is not allowed to bring harm to Clay, as per Belladonna's request

Suggestion: Singer, you may want to move, there's a tendril on the ground

Suggestion: >East:[Quickdraw]:Throw something at the tendril.

Suggestion: Clay: Avoid the tendril, it might hurt you

Suggestion: Trust that the tendril won't hurt you and continue with your explanation.

Suggestion: Ask the Singer later if you have the chance to elaborate on what the other limbos are doing to screw up the universe.

Suggestion: Ask what the singer is.

Suggestion: If worse comes to worse, The Singer had been talking to Valentine, not Clay. Any agreements would technically be made by and about Valentine. If you absolutely have to, you could consider leaving Valentine behind and running, and hope you can come back for her later.

Suggestion: Also, Clay try to use your distrusting trait to avoid The Singer's charm.

Suggestion: Activate the Partner Swap card and get rid of the singer, replacing them with belladonna

Suggestion: Charisma check: convince Singer that you'll teach them how to make people happy if they leave you be. Also be ready to dodge the tendril if needed.

Suggestion: comfort them UwU

Suggestion: the singer clearly cant be trusted,dont accept their arguments,good or bad,theyre obviously good at manipulation,from what it looks like too,the singer is a god of EMOTION,so you should probably use weaponry,whats it gonna do?run at you and bite you? doesnt everyone have a gun in the future?and dont uutzi have even more guns? just run away and shoot at it, sure its a god but gods are immortal,thus can be hurt, heres another suggestion if you dont accept that:be done with its shit.simply put,say fuck off,the power of rage is stronger then the power of sadness,as an emotion god its safe to assume its weakness is also emotion

Suggestion: Join in and speak a truth about the universe to see if you can get in their good graces.