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Please mind our mess, this section isn't done yet. Welcome to the cookie and game info section. Please note that this section is not for the casual reader and may even harm your reading experience. While we recommend you only use this section if you MUST, we understand that some people will not use it for its intended perpose of moving save files between computers or backing up your cookie when moving browsers. We will not stop people from doing this.

Just understand, that not everyone can forgive a save scummer, and while you can use this page to delete the memories of what you've done, some will remember your sins. Remember. Good people don't need to cheat, but if they need to cheat they should consider looking deeper into the code and removing what is hidden.
Yet again, we urge you to not use this area if you don't need to. If you know where to find the "extra cookie info" please know that it contains spoilers, as such if you MUST use this section, understand it yet again, may ruin your enjoyment of the story.

And it may ruin what others think of you.

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