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This section contains all the non-limbo related gods. These gods have their own religion and following, though it must be sizeable enough to belong here. Cult-like followings or beliefs that believe a living or deceased person was a god go into the legendary section as opposed to this one. This area is only for those gods who cannot be absolutely proven to exist in the first place.

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Irrigo is described as a rather passive being, which rarely meddles in affairs of mortals. However, it is believed that it looks kindly upon the insignificant, these who's death would not change anything, and who's life would not leave any trace.

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Rng is widely acknowledged by its followers as an entity from beyond this reality, with a consciousness and sense of self utterly removed from what any mortal in this existence could comprehend or recognize as the mind of a fellow living thing. This vast gulf of understanding is credited to our being the product of an inherently ordered universe, one where the inevitable arc of existence tends toward comprehension and understanding. Rng's motives and why it bothers to interact with this universe are, thus, inherently unknowable.

The Eye

The Eye does not, per se, have a disposition towards the teeming creatures that inhabit reality, because it is not aware of them. As he meditates in his own moment, that awareness encompasses himself and all that he is, but strays no further as he contemplates matters unknowable. This could be mistaken for the callousness and uncaringness of many gods of the Limbo, but is fundamentally different.

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