[Cosmosdex] The Fictional Encyclopedia


Trait submissions are open

This is the submit section. Here you can submit one of the 5 traits to be placed in to the submission section and reviewed. All you need to do is scroll down to whichever section you wish, read the info on that trait, and then fill out the text boxes provided. Once finished just hit submit and it will be placed with the other traits in the submission section. Once reviewed your trait will go into the reject bin or be accepted into the main trait section. Please attempt to not submit too many traits at the same time.


When creating a blue trait, please keep in mind that blue traits are neutral traits. This means the trait is not good or bad / is only slightly good or bad / is only slightly both. For example, being sarcastic can be seen as being funny or being slightly offensive to others, for this reason being sarcastic is a blue trait.

It should be noted that blue traits are not for traits that are both very bad and very good at the same time. Blue traits are also not for double edged sword traits as blue traits are not meant to be harsh overwhelming traits, they may be a double edged butter knife though.


When creating a green trait, please keep in mind that green traits are mostly positive traits. This means that the traits are mostly used in a greatly positive fashion. This does not mean that the green trait has to be always positive, it just has to be mostly positive. For example, the optimistic trait means the person keeps positive in negative situations, but may sometimes run into battle even though the odds are so far against them they have no chance of survival.


When creating a red trait, please keep in mind that red traits are mostly negative traits. This means that the trait is mostly used in a negative matter, affects the character negatively OR is harmful to people around said character. It is possible for a negative trait to swing in favor of the character who has it but harms everyone around them. An example of this is the manipulative trait, which means the character is likely to twist people’s words and minds to get what they want. While this is “positive” to the character themselves this is negative to anyone around them and makes it more likely the character will be attacked for the trait.


When creating a yellow trait, please keep in mind that yellow traits are abilities a character can do. Most abilities are buffs, or debuffers but some can also be powerful moves or strange abilities. Most abilities should be activators but if they are not make sure to put "Passive" as the cooldown.


When creating a purple trait, please keep in mind that purple traits are strange and unpredictable. Purple traits are very bad or very good, but most of the time they’re both. Purple traits are almost always very vague about what they do. Most purple traits should be passive but if the one you are submitting has some sort of activator make sure to put that down. Please put a vague version of your purple trait and a descriptive version of what your purple trait does afterwards or it will be rejected.