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Pet Traits

Learn who you really are.....

Here you can see every trait that has been added so far and a description of what that trait means or does. The traitdex is split in to 5 sections, blue neutral, green positive, red negative, yellow ability, and lastly purple mystery.


Blue traits are neutral traits. This means the trait is not good or bad / is only slightly good or bad / is only slightly both.

ID: 227
This pet is always willing to get into a fight whenever possible.

ID: 230
This pet is lacking a lot of pigment. If bled with another pet its offspring will almost always have albinism.

ID: 83
All 1 and 20 rolls are rerolled. For everyone.

ID: 258
Aaw, this creature is just a baby! ...Permanently! It will never grow up, and its blood cannot be used for the creation of a new creature.

ID: 245
This pet always rolls a 10. If disallowed from rolling a 10 it will skip its turn.

ID: 254
Upon being called out, this pet summons an abnormally large swarm of bees. These bees are not loyal to anyone and are for all intensive purposes, their own faction. The definition of what a "bee" is may change. Ex: A group of people in bee outfits can be defined as "a swarm of bees."

ID: 56
This creature emits light naturally.

ID: 293
On release, this pet picks a random fauna from the opposing team, or if none can be found, from its team. The pet then swaps its first blue trait with that pet's first blue trait before deleting [Blue Swap]. All [Swap] traits are skipped over if it is the first valid trait the pet(s) have. This trait deletes itself if no valid trade can be found.

ID: 238
This pet is very typical and boring of its species. Its reactions are overwhelmingly predictable.

ID: 112
This creature can breed despite its rarity.

ID: 220
The first roll this pet does will continue until this pet is hit, after words the next number it rolls will continue happening until it is hit again. This loops until it is defeated.

ID: 301
This pet loves making noise whenever possible. It can get pretty loud!

ID: 78
This creature is a clown. Upon the start of the expedition you become a clown as well. You may pick one other person, at which point, they will become a clown. No other effects.

ID: 286
This pet automatically gives its last trait to everyone, then loses that trait and [sharing].

ID: 7
Not the worst that can happen! One rolls act like two rolls.

ID: 221
This pet cries often for seemingly no reason.

ID: 135
This fella isn't scared to get a little dirty! Whenever given the chance this pet will always pick the option that will end up in the biggest mess.

ID: 234
When bled with another pet, the genes of this pet have a higher chance of having an impact.

ID: 33
Lets do it again! The first roll that happens will happen twice.

ID: 146
All 9, 10, and 11 rolls are rerolled for everyone.

ID: 202
This creature is heavier than normal.

ID: 117
This creature will never be noticed as long as it doesn't move.

ID: 233
This pet likes being around others and will generally have positive reactions to just about anything.

ID: 115
This creature is larger than normal.

ID: 289
The last trait on this pet is disabled. If this pet gets hit, the last trait is enabled.

ID: 121
At the start of an expedition this creature will tell you if one of the paths has a chance at an extra creature. If you use that path this creature gets -5 to all rolls.

ID: 57
Other creatures of the same species will never attack it. Likewise this creature will not attack creatures of the same species.

ID: 271
When other people see your pet for the first time they stop to point and laugh at it. Stupid man! Stupid little man! Man eats food out of a bowl!

ID: 160
All traits this pet has also affects its owner, negative or positive.

ID: 229
This pet is overflowing with dark pigment. If bled with another pet its offspring will almost always be melanistic.

ID: 316
When sent out, this pet randomly picks another pet on the field and copies all of its traits. This trait cannot copy traits specific to a species, mythical, or ancient traits.

ID: 256
This pet misses someone, though it is unknown who. During an expedition this pet has a chance to suddenly find the person it misses. Upon being traded this pet has a low chance to lose this trait.

ID: 16
This pet misses you! Did something happen to you? Maybe it was traded away and returned back home? Either way it's happy to be back, please don't leave it alone ever again.....

ID: 195
This pet is infected by a non clockwork (but a highly distant relative) mold. It appears this pet has "sprung back into life" but it's actually just being controlled by a network of mold. If this pet ever encounters water it will abandoned everything else to stand in it.

ID: 41
This creature has amazing talent but also fears failure.....+4 to all rolls. If it fails two rolls it refuses to do any actions that involve a roll.

ID: 30
This creature loves you, and it loves itself so very much. If it fails a roll it will impact another teammate instead of you or it, unless with/it are the final ones.

ID: 159
When this creature sees a certain object or even something that looks like said object it becomes uncontrollable and gains +3 to all rolls.

ID: 104
This creature can do one thing and one thing only. This depends on the creature.

ID: 29
No fighting today! -5 to any negative actions aimed at or done by this creature.

ID: 92
This creature is really darn pretty. People like to look and talk about it anytime they get the moment to do so.

ID: 235
When bled with another pet the genes of this pet have a lower chance of having an impact.

ID: 137
This creature is less your pet, and more your roommate and friend. They're far too intelligent to be considered an animal, though their intelligence may not show in typical ways. This creature is unable to breed under any circumstances.

ID: 20
Will always investigate a single secret if one exists.

ID: 218
This pet automatically gives its last trait to all its current teammates, then loses that trait and [sharing].

ID: 226
This pet is rather shy and tries to wander away from attention.

ID: 241
This pet is leaner than normal.

ID: 219
This pet thinks highly of itself and turns its nose up at anything that doesn't fit its requirements.

ID: 192
This pet gains +2 when outside but -2 when indoors.

ID: 126
This pet is not considered by other pets to be of one particular species. Traits which rely on species ignore this creature.

ID: 260
This pet isn't affected by buffs or debuffs, and it cannot gain or lose traits, even temporarily.

ID: 251
This pet is pretty stupid and while it follows orders the blank expression in its eyes tells you that it has no idea why it's here.

ID: 249
When this pet hits something, give its last trait and [Tag] to the victim.

ID: 207
This creature is followed by three normal bees at all times. This doubles its monetary value but otherwise is worthless.

ID: 116
This creature is smaller than usual.

ID: 288
If this pet is on a full team it will collect only clutter items while scavenging. (THIS DOESN'T CURRENTLY WORK RIGHT NOW. SUE ME!)

ID: 228
This pet is best friends with the pet whose ID is directly next to it, and also has [True Friends]. If both it and its true friend are on the field they gain +3 to all rolls and +1 to hit points. If one of them is knocked out or leaves the other gains -2 to all rolls. This pet cannot be bled with its [True Friend] and cannot gain [Loyalty].

ID: 150
This pet cannot be bred with any other pet except for the other pet next to it ID wise that also has [True Love]. When bled with their true love they always produce twins. When both true love pets have the same owner they will produce another pet, but only the first time this happens.

ID: 178
Ugh......when other characters see your pet they will frequently comment on how ugly it is unprompted.

ID: 66
This creature is....well....self explanatory or hard to explain.

ID: 90
This creature just doesn't care who orders it around. If its owner disappears it can be commanded by anyone, no matter the side.

ID: 332
The first two offspring from this creature will have [Platzel Bait].


Green traits are simply mostly positive traits. This means that the traits are mostly used in a greatly positive fashion. This does not mean that the green trait has to be always positive, it just has to be mostly positive.

ID: 123
Watch your step. +7 to the first attack on any enemy per expedition.

ID: 190
Upon getting hit, this creature automatically applies a random status effect to its attacker.

ID: 122
This creature is not affected by debuffs.

ID: 321
Upon being called out, summon one non ancient form of this creature with only one health point and no traits. This summon cannot be tamed.

ID: 148
All debuffs applied to this creature are also applied to its target.

ID: 119
Anytime this creature would get hit, roll a 6 sided dice, then lower the attacking roll by your roll. Natural 20 rolls are not affected.

ID: 171
Every member of this creature's species, including non ancient variations, gain this pet's traits as long as it's on the field. This includes those on its side, and those not.

ID: 322
As long as this pet is on the field you are considered "extremely rich." Any reasonable rolls involving money automatically succeed.

ID: 165
Upon being killed an identical member of this creature will appear to take its place in three turns. This only works in expeditions and not normal battles.

ID: 35
Now there's a swimmer! +5 to all rolls if in water.

ID: 113
Giving this creature direct attention will give it +1 per person to its next roll.

ID: 77
On the start of the expedition one item will be summoned into your inventory. This item depends on your capture creature.

ID: 208
The highest stage of [Loyal]. This pet will always defend its owner when they are attacked and will never disobey orders.

ID: 133
Two's company! This creature has a friend to tag along with it and act together as one unit. When separated, -5 to all rolls done by either individual party.

ID: 55
This capture creature can use electrical powers.

ID: 76
What a good boy! +5 to rolls involving charm or persuasion.

ID: 75
Your creature got some amazing spirit! Can use its turn to cheer and add +3 to a friend's next roll.

ID: 106
Birds love this fella! All avian on their team get a +2 boost to all actions. Birds who attack this creature do -5 less on their attacking roll.

ID: 91
Eh, you rolled close enough. 19 rolls count as a 20.

ID: 26
This pet loves dead bodies!.....Wait...what!?!?! +1 to all rolls per person who is dead.

ID: 63
If attacked this creature will ALWAYS counter instantly with a -5 roll. This does not take up its turn.

ID: 267
Mythical only trait. Any being this pet hits instantly is defeated. It ALWAYS wins clashes.

ID: 86
ALL anomalies gain -5 to all rolls. This includes creatures such as blorts.

ID: 28
No one will die in vain. Each time someone dies, this creature's next roll will be 20.

ID: 53
This creature has some sturdy armor. -3 to attacks aimed at it.

ID: 97
For every roll below five this game, add +1 to all rolls it does.

ID: 124
This creature is great with money! How... did you train it to do that? +5 to rolls involving trading or bartering.

ID: 9
This pet rerolls their first failing roll automatically.

ID: 243
This pet is immune to all situations that cause panicking or fear.

ID: 206
This pet can attack twice in a turn.

ID: 149
Mythical only trait. When the enemy has a status effect, double all rolls aimed towards it. If anyone on its team gains a status effect, it attacks that pet instead.

ID: 110
This creature is not affected by element based attacks like fire.

ID: 279
While this pet is on the field all dice from the enemy team that are buffed by more than +5 are lowered to just +5.

ID: 297
This pet is capable of reaching a new, non-ancient form.

ID: 38
If a creature's owner dies, this creature can act as owner for it, up to one creature.

ID: 295
If this is the final standing pet on this team, its next roll will be +20. Afterwards this trait is removed.

ID: 65
This creature can sniff everything out! +5 to all rolls involving looking for items.

ID: 323
This pet is unaffected by fire.

ID: 25
This creature has the power to shoot or start fires.

ID: 5
This creature always dodges the first attacked aimed at them.

ID: 269
For this pet's first turn it will always move first.

ID: 52
This fella can fly! Not only that, but it can carry you with it.

ID: 262
This pet loves to follow you no matter what! Every expedition you go on has a 1 in 4 chance of having this pet tag along without taking up a slot.

ID: 252
This pet loves everyone! Even if its owner is knocked out this pet will be loyal to anyone else on its team, even other pets.

ID: 170
This creature gains +1 for every person on its team. Maxes out at + 4.

ID: 99
Killing this creature in a game will spawn a new common creature. Only works twice.

ID: 32
This creature is great at most games! +4 to all rolls involving games.

ID: 291
On release, this pet picks a random fauna from the opposing team, or if none can be found, from its team. The pet then swaps its first green trait with that pet's first green trait before deleting [Green Swap]. All [Swap] traits are skipped over if it is the first valid trait the pet(s) have. This trait deletes itself if no valid trade can be found.

ID: 176
After attacking this pet is allowed to switch to another pet on the team. There is no limit to usage.

ID: 310
This pet cannot be targeted by anyone on its team for any reason.

ID: 324
Upon being sent out, heal a random hurt teammate by one health point. If no one is harmed this trait does nothing.

ID: 237
What a healthy looking pet! This creature has one more hit point than normal.

ID: 276
Mythical only trait. Every 3rd turn, this pet automatically kills an enemy and regains all of its health. This trait cannot be circumvented, removed, transferred, or copied to another creature.

ID: 168
This pet is too pretty to get hurt! When attacked roll a 3 sided die, if 3 is rolled the attack is failed. If used during hunts, fauna become slightly easier to catch.

ID: 144
This creature can use its frosty powers to freeze objects or damage others.

ID: 60
This creature either can become invisible for one turn or is very good at hiding. It can do this twice in an expedition.

ID: 18
Big leaps going on! +5 to any roll that involves jumping.

ID: 253
All attacks that have a TOTAL of 20 or above have their roll lowered by 10.

ID: 302
If this pet is defeated do 1 damage to the person that defeated it.

ID: 162
This creature is able to levitate objects using their anomalous powers.

ID: 3
They love you! This creature will never attack or harm you intentionally.

ID: 22
This creature is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.

ID: 311
Hitting this pet gives it a +3 to all rolls.

ID: 50
It's time to mess everything up! +1 to every roll for every turn spent making a mess. (Caps at +10)

ID: 88
All miracle rolls are now a flip. Stat changes do not affect this flip.

ID: 100
This creature can revive one person per expedition. That person now has -5 to all rolls.

ID: 1
This is just a slightly good pet. +1 to all rolls.

ID: 82
This creature does not need to roll to pick up or move most reasonable sized objects.

ID: 96
Saying something positive about your species adds +1 to all rolls, up to +5.

ID: 287
The first two children from this pet will be pedigree. The pet will become unbreedable afterwards.

ID: 54
Every time this capture creature hits something, money flies out.

ID: 300
Biting into, or eating any part of this creature will inflict poisoning on the attacker/consumer.

ID: 61
Where it would fail an action this creature instead makes a nearly harmless error.

ID: 64
This creature makes everyone feel amazing! +1 to all rolls for everyone on the team.

ID: 14
This creature's basic existence makes the owner feel way more powerful! +3 to any rolls the trainer does.

ID: 257
Bringing this pet on an expo will cause it to spawn another pet afterwards as long as the pet was not knocked out. This pet will then lose this trait.

ID: 174
Physical touches or attacks to this creature will slightly hurt the other party.

ID: 194
If not hit in two turns this pet regains a bit of its health or recovers from any aliments.

ID: 156
Every time this creature fails a roll its next roll will be +5.

ID: 272
Loyalty has a price, and this pet can pay it. As long as it's on the field [Loyal] and [Best Friend] pets will join the opposing team.

ID: 232
This pet was made to be ridden! Even if this pet is not typically of a species trained for riding it not only can carry its owner, but other people on its back with no worries.

ID: 98
This creature can shoot lasers. Yeah. Really.

ID: 37
Now that's a speedy creature! This fellow doesn't need to roll for an escape attempt.

ID: 73
Your creature's death will not be in vain. If killed give +20 to the next roll of one of your friends.

ID: 139
This creature is horrifying! It gains a +5 to intimidation rolls.

ID: 303
This pet gains +1 to its rolls for every red trait its active team members have.

ID: 87
If killed or knocked out, roll every turn. If a 20 is rolled this creature will be resurrected or woken up.

ID: 217
When hit roll a four sided die. If a four is rolled, ignore the damage.

ID: 132
This pet knows how to spin a howl! +5 to any musical based rolls.

ID: 36
Now that's a smart creature! If asked this pet will give a hint to help with the expedition.

ID: 69
This creature is able to shoot out smoke.

ID: 15
This is one quick fella! +3 to all speed based rolls.

ID: 240
For every active enemy this pet has, gain +1 to all rolls.

ID: 153
This creature is immune to status effects, (ex: Sleep, Stun, Poison, Burn) this does not apply to debuffs.

ID: 337
This pet loves you. It can be taken with you without removing a slot from your team. Do beware. If this creature becomes upset this trait may become [Extreme Stalker].

ID: 31
This little pal is still learning! +1 to all rolls per expedition it goes on. Caps at +4.

ID: 10
Instant kill/knockout attacks or events doesn't take this creature out.

ID: 93
+2 to all actions if another member of its species is in the group.

ID: 173
This pet always moves first. If another pet has a move first trait that isn't [Swift] that pet moves first.

ID: 39
There's some sticky fingers. This creature can steal one item without a roll.

ID: 4
This creature is amazing at throwing! +5 to any roll that involves throwing.

ID: 212
This pet is unable to be put into a bad mood, no matter the situation. This trait cannot be taken from it.

ID: 102
Reveal the stats/ability of one opponent capture creature.

ID: 143
This pet can walk on walls!

ID: 120
When danger is near, this creature will warn you, as such you or your party can never be surprised attack.

ID: 45
This creature is trained to fight. +3 to all attacks.

ID: 80
This creature is able to spit out a liquid at high speeds.

ID: 189
This creature nullifies both the positive and negative effects of any weather for everyone.

ID: 17
This creature knows all the tricks! +3 to all rolls.

ID: 180
Upon arriving to any location, the location is considered wet or waterlogged. This prevents fires from happening and causes the same effects the landscape would have if it were in water. This effect stays for a short time even after it leaves.

ID: 101
Anytime someone unintentionally falls down / trips, this creature's next roll will be 15.


Red traits are mostly negative traits. This means that the trait is mostly used in a negative matter, affects the character negatively OR is harmful to people around said character. It is possible for a negative trait to swing in favor of the character who has it but harms everyone around them. An example of this is the manipulative trait, which means the character is likely to twist people’s words and minds to get what they want. While this is “positive” to the character themselves this is negative to anyone around them and makes it more likely the character will be attacked for the trait.

ID: 246
At the start of a game, roll to pick a team member. That team member is now deathly allergic to this pet. If there is no other team member, the owner is deathly allergic to their own pet.

ID: 281
You've done something horrible, haven't you? Regardless of if you currently have this pet out or not, your character will randomly entered a stress state, losing -5 to all rolls and an additional -10 to charm. Only forgiveness or death will stop your regrets.

ID: 335
Something horrible has happened. This creature once was a person, but no longer is. It no longer understands the intelligence it once had. It cannot be used for bleedings.

ID: 111
This creature hates members of its same species and will do +5 damage to them. If the same species is on its team it will attack them.

ID: 309
If this pet witnesses a death of an enemy it will revive it with 1 health point and -10 to rolls.

ID: 280
Upon being sent out, this pet gains the panic status. If its owner leaves its site it becomes unable to move.

ID: 183
Anytime this pet is sent out there's a chance of something horrible happening to the user.

ID: 213
For every person looking or aiming at this pet, remove 1 from ALL of its rolls.

ID: 209
This pet has one less hit point than it should have.

ID: 138
This pet doesn't hate you or anything, it's just a little clumsy! -2 to all rolls it does.

ID: 46
When attacking this creature will randomly attack the wrong person.

ID: 268
This pet is extremely hurt. It only has 1 hit point.

ID: 141
This pet makes everyone around it feel horrible all the time.

ID: 193
All rolls for all owners on this pet's team are subtracted by 2.

ID: 248
After three rolls this pet gives up, loses all of its buffs and refuses to move.

ID: 264
I'm tired of you. Whenever this pet fails two rolls in a row the trainer of the pet will attack it for +15.

ID: 71
Oh boy, this creature makes everything worse. ALL one rolls are disaster rolls.

ID: 203
This pet is just, UGH! Gross! Charm attempts get a -10. If it touches someone, that person gets a -3 to their next charm roll.

ID: 21
Sadly it looks like this creature just isn't willing to trust you. -3 to all rolls.

ID: 247
Any roll below a four instantly knocks out this pet.

ID: 163
Every time this creature is touched there's a 1/2 chance of it dying. If attacked it will instantly die. This trait cannot be circumvented, removed, transferred, or copied to another creature.

ID: 147
There's a chance this pet will run away when confronted with a situation it finds scary.

ID: 330
This pet is unable to understand the concept of any and all items. For example if told to fetch a stick, it will assume the stick is part of the landscape, and thus non-intractable.

ID: 13
Jeez, this creature just doesn't seem to care about you! -10 to all rolls.

ID: 328
This pet starts [On Fire]. Not only that, but the flames are so powerful they won't go out. If anyone even touches this pet they too will be [On Fire].

ID: 114
This creature refuses to attack anything.

ID: 336
It hates you so much. This pet cannot be chosen to follow you as after a random amount of time, it will always appear to hunt you down. If killed this trait is replaced with [Frozen]. If tamed this trait is replaced with [Strange Companion].

ID: 2
You cannot command this creature. No matter what it will never listen to your orders. It cannot be tamed or become [Loyal].

ID: 108
This creature will become aggressive and uncontrollable when it spots food.

ID: 89
This creature breaks easily! Attacks towards it will do +5 to the roll.

ID: 84
This creature for one reason or the other is unable to move.

ID: 290
This refined fauna is part of the upper-class lifestyle. Being hit with a charm roll lower than 5 will lower all of its rolls by 10 until it sees a charm roll above 10.

ID: 145
When this creature is greatly hurt, or is the last one standing, it will give up and gain -20 to all rolls.

ID: 199
Something about owning this pet makes other characters hate your character when using it. This does not affect the pet, only the owner.

ID: 169
Oh no! All 2 rolls count as 1 rolls!

ID: 259
This pet becomes enraged if you show even a small amount of love to any other pet.

ID: 265
This pet and its owner share each other's pain, and thus the same health bar. If one of them is knocked out, the other will be as well.

ID: 317
This pet disappears after one turn and is counted as defeated.

ID: 107
This pet does not do anything but follow you around and anything allowed due to its other traits.

ID: 299
When in a battle this pet refuses to make any non-attacking moves, and refuses to be recalled.

ID: 329
This pet is currently on fire. Every turn, including the turn you get this status, your pet takes 1 damage. Your pet can spend 1 turn to put out the fire, otherwise it lasts 2 turns. If your pet physically hits another pet while you are on fire, that pet gains [On Fire].

ID: 275
This pet hates its owner. There's a 1 in 4 chance anytime it attacks it will disobey orders and attack its owner instead.

ID: 42
This creature refuses to attack sentient beings and tailmics.

ID: 244
If this pet becomes scared it will inflict anxiety and panic into one of its allies or its trainer.

ID: 333
If this pet gets near a platzel it will at some point lose all of its traits and gain [Newborn Learning].

ID: 239
After two rolls by this pet, it is flagged as an enemy to everyone and gains [Punching Bag].

ID: 62
Capture creatures will ALWAYS attack this creature first if possible.

ID: 242
This pet is so nasty that everyone on its team, including other pets, gains -3 to all charm based rolls.

ID: 158
This creature will attack everyone and anyone at random points for no reason.

ID: 292
On release, this pet picks a random fauna from the opposing team, or if none can be found, from its team. The pet then swaps its first red trait with that pet's first red trait before deleting [Red Swap]. All [Swap] traits are skipped over if it is the first valid trait the pet(s) have. This trait deletes itself if no valid trade can be found.

ID: 211
There's a 1 in 3 chance that this pet will ignore an order. Not out of disloyalty, but because it's just a bit scatterbrained.

ID: 277
This pet is currently in a deep sleep. It can't do anything until it's attacked.

ID: 320
This pet only moves every other turn.

ID: 214
All attacks do double damage to this pet.

ID: 304
Upon being defeated this pet does one final attack that hits all its allies for +10, and all of its enemies for +6.

ID: 151
As long as you own this pet there's a chance it will appear unprompted and attack you. While this pet acts normal when purposefully brought on missions, it becomes hostile when not. Giving this pet the [Frozen] trait will remove this trait.

ID: 188
This pet is incapable of evolving no matter what.

ID: 140
This pet is deeply loyal to you, but when you are at your weakest point it will strike and take whatever it wants before fleeing.

ID: 223
This pet will always attack any pets on its side before anyone else with +5 attack. If no more pets are on its side this trait does nothing. This does not apply to owners.

ID: 298
This fauna will always attack members of other species before it attacks those of its own, no matter what orders are given, or if its own species attacks it.

ID: 191
This pet is unable to attack unless it has a weapon, or a trait forces it to attack.

ID: 222
The intelligence of this pet is shockingly high. It has a mind of its own and its own goals. If not carefully managed you might be the one getting commanded.

ID: 231
This pet mocks everyone, including members of the other team! -3 to all other pets except for it as long as it's out on the field.

ID: 200
This pet cheers everyone on, including members of the other team! +3 to all other pets except for it as long as it's out on the field.

ID: 205
Upon being hit twice this pet swaps to the other team, if one exists.

ID: 125
For some reason this creature is unable to breed / its blood is unusable for use in the creation of a new animal.

ID: 182
Something is horribly wrong with this pet. It died, but was brought back to life. Necromancy is wrong. Very wrong.

ID: 186
This amazing creature is- urk! Nevermind it's worthless.


Yellow traits are abilities a character can do. Most abilities are buffs, or debuffers but some can also be powerful moves or strange abilities.

ID: 261
When activated remove ALL traits from everyone on the field except for this pet.

ID: 313
When activated this pet applause the target, giving them a random green trait.

ID: 74
Your creature is amazing at building! Combine any two items together, with variable success based on roll. Can only be done twice per expedition.

ID: 118
When used this creature ignores ALL debuffs for a move, including ones it inflicts on itself. Can be used twice.

ID: 306
Using this trait lowers a pet's roll by -5 for this turn. There is no limit to this trait's usage. This trait always goes first.

ID: 109
When activated this creature will attack all enemies for +3 attack. Can be used twice per expedition.

ID: 196
Pick any trait from any other pet. Remove it for the rest of the game.

ID: 59
At the start of a game, pick a team member's pet. That ability is now copied by this pet for the rest of the expedition. Cannot copy emotional states. (Loyal / disloyal /etc)

ID: 224
This pet is going to give some major cuddles! Once per game, pick another pet to give cuddles to. If its successful that pet will do -5 less on all aggressive rolls.

ID: 68
When activated the next roll will be a 1. Can only be used twice an expedition.

ID: 215
Can dodge one attack at the cost of being unable to do anything it next turn. Can only do this once.

ID: 127
Twice per expedition, flip a coin. If heads, repeat the outcome of the last rolled action.

ID: 308
This pet can instantly kill one of its own teammates.

ID: 319
Mythical only trait. On activation roll five randomized traits. Pick two trait to add to someone on your team. Then pick one to add to someone on the enemy team. The other two traits are randomly applied.

ID: 177
On activation, attack a pet. That pet flees back to its owner at the end of the round. Another pet is randomly sent out in its place. This can only be used twice.

ID: 216
When active, this pet is set on fire, giving it +5 charm and dealing recoil damage to anyone that attacks it. It cannot attack while this is active, and if left on for 3 turns, it turns into ash.

ID: 236
When activated, pick a yellow trait from any other creature that still has activation charges. This yellow trait will now be forcibly activated on the next move that the pet takes. This may only be used twice.

ID: 164
Upon activation, pick one of your traits and give it to another person. This creature loses this trait for the rest of the expedition. This trait cannot be circumvented, removed, transferred, or copied to another creature.

ID: 103
One-time ability to add +20 to a single action. The creature flees after the turn is over.

ID: 152
When activated this pet will summon a random item. Depending on the roll this item will either be helpful or a hindrance on the situation.

ID: 11
Can make someone feel happy for a short moment.

ID: 210
Reveal the next roll this creature will make. Can only be done twice. Does not take up a turn.

ID: 225
When you start an expedition you may pick someone. That person now has a 50% chance hue-shifting to a certain color based on the pet with the ability, permanently. They must agree to this.

ID: 175
When used this creature fuses to the chosen character and gives them all of their traits except for [Infectious Personality]. This does not allow control over the chosen.

ID: 204
On death pick one trait and one person, give that trait to that person. The rest of this pet's trait are given out at random to everyone else on the field.

ID: 312
When activated this pet insults the target, giving it a random red trait. This can be done twice.

ID: 314
When activated this pet lectures the target, giving them a random blue trait.

ID: 43
When activated the next action by someone not on your side will be aimed at this creature.

ID: 187
When activated the next move done to this pet will also happen to the inflicter. This may only be used once per game and must be used before the event occurs. If nothing is done within a timespan than this trait does nothing.

ID: 12
Can make someone feel sad for a short moment.

ID: 331
On spawn activate all abilities, battle or otherwise, on every pet in play as if that pet played the ability. Afterwards damage this pet by 4 hit points and remove all abilities. If this pet gains another ability this trait automatically reactivates.

ID: 142
Pick a buff being currently applied. Half the effects of that buff until it ends. Can be used twice per expedition.

ID: 131
When activated an opposite day is called. All buffs are changed to debuffs and all debuffs to buffs for two turns. Can be used once per game.

ID: 130
This creature may attempt to poison others. At the end of every turn except for the turn this trait is used, deal one damage, then roll a 3 sided die. If 3 is rolled, remove the status. This trait can be used twice.

ID: 305
This pet may waste one turn to recover usage of one of its abilities.

ID: 23
This creature can reverse one move per expedition.

ID: 179
At any point you may order your pet to self annihilate. This move has priority above all else and cannot be stopped.

ID: 67
Can put someone to sleep once per expedition, and keep them asleep until an action is done to it. (Ex: Attempting to move it.)

ID: 315
This pet attacks with a +15. If the target is not killed this pet instantly dies, regardless of its current health. This can only be used once.

ID: 136
This creature is able to throw spikes all over the floor, causing those who touch it to lose one health point. This can only be used once, and wears off after 5 turns.

ID: 34
When you start an expedition you may pick someone. That person now has a 50% chance of gaining spots, permanently. They must agree to this.

ID: 8
Can stun one person per expedition without needing a check.

ID: 40
Can produce one ration that is loved by all. (Don't ask.)

ID: 278
When activated the field is coated in hot ash for three turns. Any physical land based movement such as dodging or attacking damages pets by one hit point. This effects all creatures including allies and itself. This can only be used once.

ID: 134
I object! Completely cancel the next action. If the act cancelled only has a limited number of usage it is consumed as if it still happened.

ID: 273
When used this pet wastes its turn, and the next turn of a pet you pick. This is no limit to the usage of this trait, but it fails if there is only one pet to target.

ID: 250
Upon activation this pet is forced into the opposing team / team of the targeted character. This trait is removed afterwards.


Purple traits are strange and unpredictable. Purple traits are very bad or very good, but most of the time they’re both. Purple traits are almost always very vague about what they do.

ID: 85
You're not supposed to be here! Upon expedition start, summon an extra party member. All their rolls are now -20.

ID: 181
This trait is unknown.

ID: 129
Doing a certain action to this creature will activate a chaos roll. These chaos rolls are less powerful than the ones spawned from [Chaos].

ID: 166
This creature is showcasing some ancient genes meaning it will produce an ancient child! After the first child is created it will lose this trait.

ID: 105
Something strange is going on with this creature. Maybe taking it out with you on an adventure or two and doing certain things will unlock some new potential in it. Cannot gain any traits until [Ancient Power] is removed.

ID: 296
This pet has one health point. The killer of this pet will gain +10 to all rolls. This includes those on the opposing team, or even "unaligned concepts" such as weapons, falling rocks, or weather effects.

ID: 307
For every kill this pet gains +3 to attacks. After the 3rd kill it becomes [rabid].

ID: 201
===-----== --====????!?!?!?!

ID: 184
The longer this pet is on the field the more likely cops will suddenly appear on the scene. This may make the situation better or worse depending on the event.

ID: 318
This pet's fourth and fifth trait are disabled. When this pet is hit, disable the first and second trait, and activate the fourth and fifth trait.

ID: 24
Causes one chaos roll per expedition at complete random.

ID: 266
Mythical only trait. This pet fuses to its owner, gives them +3 to all rolls, +2 to hit points, and gives them all of its traits except for [codependency]. If the owner fuses with this pet three times, it consumes the owner and gains a new trait. If this pet has the max amount of traits it will randomly remove one of its last 4 traits to make room.

ID: 197
All rolls are now coin flips with 1 functioning as one rolls and 2 functioning as 20s. Traits that disallow 1 or 20 to be rolled nullify this trait.

ID: 48
No matter which way it goes this is going to knock 'em dead! Per roll, flip a coin. If heads, -10 to the roll, if tails +10 to the roll.

ID: 255
When in distress, this creature will begin to cry. These cries will attract another creature to the area. The temperament of the creature will depend on a roll.

ID: 128
If this creature ever gets hurt by a purposeful attack it will be forever changed by the event.

ID: 49
Something bad may happen if you trade away this pet.

ID: 70
20 rolls count as double criticals, 1 rolls count as disaster rolls.

ID: 79
This creature is just here to look out for you and nothing more. It's first two action rolls will be automatic 15s. After this, it will disappear for the rest of the expedition.

ID: 274
This pet isn't real. Upon being hit for the first time it changes to another pet. This pet must be decided before the expedition starts. The damage carries over to the next pet.

ID: 157
Upon the start of a expedition, this creature fuses to its owner. The owner gains +3 to all rolls, and obtains all of its traits. This does not activate in typical battles.

ID: 19
You're a monster, aren't you......+20 to first attack roll. -10 to all attack rolls afterwards.

ID: 155
When someone kills or knocks out this pet, flip a coin. If 1, the person gets -10 to their rolls for 2 turns. If 2, they get +10 to their rolls for 2 turns instead.

ID: 81
20 to all attack rolls. Has half a chance to attack someone else on the party instead of the intended target.

ID: 95
Upon giving this pet money it obtains a crown. It is currently unknown how to trigger the second phase of its effect.

ID: 285
This pet starts with 2 HP. Upon being defeated this pet becomes a living doll. It becomes unable to move except for what its traits allow, and loses all traits except its last one and [Living Doll]. It then recovers 2 HP. [Living Doll] only activates once.

ID: 44
If killed ontop of a dead person, revive that person.

ID: 325
Learning to love this pet, especially for its faults, might cause something to happen.

ID: 284
Awwww this pet is like your own little baby! It wants to learn everything! Every expedition you take it on, it learns a new trait. After three expedition this trait vanishes. This pet is unable to breed.

ID: 338
If another pet has the same trait as this pet, battle trait or otherwise, those traits are disabled for all other pets except this pet.

ID: 27
Oh boy, this is going to get confusing. 2, 3, 4, and 20 rolls count as 20 rolls. 19, 18, and 1 rolls will cause you and your creature to instantly vaporize into dust.

ID: 263
Mythical only trait. When this pet comes on an expedition another catchable pet is summoned. Unfortunately it also raises the danger levels and activates the chance for permanent damage to the people around it.

ID: 154
This creature is knocked out after being hit for the first time. Upon this moment a random creature you own will be instantly summoned and take up her spot on the team. No part of this trait works during "formal" battles.

ID: 334
The traits of this pet are determined by what it's wearing.

ID: 47
Sometimes.....your enemies...uh....ascend. Yeah....

ID: 167
If this pet is hit, roll a die the same number of traits this pet has, excluding this trait. Give one of this pet's traits to the attacker.

ID: 282
This pet has [Useless] traits. Per every four expeditions it goes on, a [Useless] trait will be removed. Once all [Useless] traits disappear, this pet loses this trait and gains new traits equal to the amount of [Useless] traits it had + 1. This trait cannot be circumvented, removed, transferred, or copied to another creature.

ID: 161
Upon this creature's perma death, the owner permanently loses their emotions. If the owner perma dies before their creature, they will become them, and gain [Roommate].

ID: 58
+X to all rolls where X is the amount of artwork you've made in the past three days.

ID: 6
If taken on an expedition this creature spawns another of its kind. Only happens once ever. Colors depend on other creatures used.

ID: 94
Every time you use this creature in an expedition you will be harassed by some weird group who will attempt to steal your pet from you.

ID: 72
This is the end of it all. +40 to the first roll. -20 to all other rolls after.

ID: 51
After four rolls by you or your creature, your creature blows up and causes +7 damage to all nearby.

ID: 294
On release, this pet picks a random fauna from the opposing team, or if none can be found, from its team. The pet then swaps its first two traits with that pet's first two traits before deleting [Trait Swap]. All [Swap] traits are skipped over if it is one of the first two valid traits the pet(s) have. This trait deletes itself if no valid trade can be found.

ID: 270
Randomly select a trait from the entire traitdex. No trait is off limits, even those that are restricted to certain species or rarity types.

ID: 198
This creature cannot be harmed or interacted with. Likewise it can only passively affect the world. This creature is automatically defeated when it is the final pet on its team's field.

ID: 283
This trait does nothing. This trait cannot be circumvented, removed, transferred, or copied to another creature, EXCEPT by traits that specifically mention [Useless].

ID: 172
This pet can change into something more intelligent if certain requirements are met. This pet is unable to breed.

ID: 185
While this creature follows you around, it does not act unless it is using a trait or using a defensive move. If an anomaly of any kind is within its range it will begin to chitter. All nearby anomalies lose -2 to all rolls. Others of its kind do not activate this ability.