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[Odd] [Strange]

This character is just weird, mostly due to their actions or weird ways of doing things. The way they do things is most likely comfortable to them and they'll still be able to function normally and most likely be a bit better at certain things due to this but others will usually question them and their sense of responsibility.

[Clickbait] [Top10 craziest traits of all time]

This character has a extended amounte of time in Fleedora, which may lead them to randomly blurt out Clickbait-sounding article titles.
Restrictions: This character has to have atleast been to Fleedora and stayed there for an extended amount of time.

[Knife enthusiast][Noir]

This character has an obsession with sharp objects, especially knives. [Masochists] will like to stab themselves, and may begin to gather sharp objects and attack everyone if their sanity is low. This character also knows the ways of the stab, and all atacks using knives will double the damage.
Restrictions: This character can only use bladed weapons.

[Gravityless birth]

This character has been raised in an enviroment of nearly 0 gravity. They're extremly agile underwater and in space, but encumbered in a planet with normal gravity.


This character enjoys giving gifts and services to other people. They typically put others' needs above their own.

Poker Face, Resting X Face

This character does not or cannot show emotion from facial expressions.

Nervous ticks

This character will unconsciously fidget when bored, nervous, under stress, or for some other reason. This can range anywhere from tapping their fingers/claws/other such appendage, to looking around frantically, to chewing on their lip or biting their nails/claws/other.

Whether by intention or a passive tic, this character will at some times make snarky, rude comments in normal conversation. Most of the time this is only an annoyance at worst, but in some rare cases this character will hit a soft spot and will have to deal with the consequences. This trait is a lesser form of [Provocative].

This character tends to be lost in thought most of the time. This doesn't mean they always don't pay attention to things but just are capable of thinking of multiple things at once. Sometimes they really don't pay attention though.

This character has strong ambition for a goal or several goals. They won't be easily dissuaded from a course of action. The ambition this character holds may be for the better or the worse.

This character identifies differently than their biological gender, and are pretty good at it.


This character likes to dress as a memeber of the oposite sex.

[Obvious Hybrid] [Two for one]

This character has 2 or more disctinct genetic material, instead of a mix. They may have resulted in the absorbtion of a twin while it was concieved, and there might have dissenting features, such as differently colored patches of skin/fur/scales/feathers.

[Here, I fixed it for you], ["Our get along" shirt]

This character was conjoined since birth with their twin, fused or regenerated in some weird way. While this character counts as a whole crewmember than two, they might have different personalities, interests and ambitions.


[Polyglot] [Bilingual]

Through usually quite a lot of research and training, this character may know two or more languages. Of course this doesn't mean they know every single language nor do they know every single word of said language.

[Smells Good], [Come Get a Whiff of This!]

This character, whether it be by natural means or a cologne/perfume, has a scent that is appealing other to people. If the other characters(s) can smell this odor, this character will gain a slight boost in charisma.
Restrictions: This trait will not activate if the other party does not have any type of scent glands to smell this character with or does not have an adequately developed sense of smell.

Rides like the Wind, Gravity's Enemy, Self-Parachute, Hovering

This character is extraordinarily lightweight or made out of a floaty material. They do not take fall damage.
Restrictions: This trait may become negative during high winds, depending on how this trait applies to the character.

[Tough It Out] [Numb]

This character has developed a tolerance for pain, while they can still feel and recognise any pain they may experience it does not break their focus, allowing them to act uninhibited until they choose to address the issue.
Restrictions: Endurance must be at least 6 to have this trait.

[Sane] [Reasonable]

This character is unlikely to lose sanity in most situations, only being affected by something like a death, even then not by much.


Most people find this character to be very attractive. They can charm others with their looks alone, and will often recieve special attention as a result.

[Stylish] [Fashionable]

This character has a sense of fashion and will get a boost in charisma when talking to other characters that like fashion.


This character is blackmailed and cannot bring up a certain subject. If this character reveals what they were trying to hide, whether it be by accident or on purpose. May have to face the consequences that they were given by the person that blackmailed them.

Whenever a character with this trait commits to a task there is a chance that they become unresponsive to any external stimuli beyond what is necessary to complete said task, this will make it difficult for others to communicate with this character and may also lead to them forgetting necessities such as eating or staying hydrated. Using excessive force on the character may snap them out of this state, although doing so will greatly reduce their morale.

This character refuses to embrace a certain fact, something that has happened or will happen and will do anything to dance around the issue and pretend it is fine. This can be incredibly stressful for their crewmates as well as themselves leading to a decline in sanity and morale.

[Jaws] [Fear of the deep]

This character has an irrational fear of the deep ocean and what lurks in there. They will not near any deep body of water willingly. They usually don't know how to swim.
Restrictions: Water dwelling species cannot have this trait, unless insane.

[Privacy please!] [SCP-096]

This character will become extremly angered and agressive if someone tries to force them out of their shy shell with excessive insistency. Decerases crew sanity and morale.
Restrictions: This trait can only be aquired if a character with the trait [Shy] and [Hot tempered] has low sanity or morale. The traits will fuse into [Shy Rage], and will unfuse when the stats go back to normal.

[Can't Say], [Redacted], [Data Expunged]

This character cannot talk about a certain topic. Whenever they mention anything directly related to this topic, their voice will be replaced with a loud bleep. This noise can be very aggravating to those around the character. [Data Expunged] only applies to robots, and censors random words instead of a specific topic.

[King Minus]

Any item this character finds will appear at first to be high quality, however, on closer inspection it will always be a shoddy knock off.

All skill checks for this character must also pass an additional luck check.

Desensitized, Aloof, Apathetic

This character is emotionally distant. This could be natural or a defense mechanism, but either way, they come off as cold, uncaring, and unaffected. They treat serious situations with a clear detachment that makes others feel like they're not being heard.

This character will store away their anger or other such emotions whenever they feel them and won't tell others about the anger they're feeling. Because of this, after too much anger has been stored up, they will be prone to burst at even the smallest thing and fly into a fit of rage.

Tasty, Delicious, Bug Buffet, Eaten Alive

This character is almost always itching a new bug bite. Why? Because mosquitoes and other blood sucking parasites find this character the most tasty. Perhaps other fauna will, too.

[It Wasn't Me!]

This character absolutely refuses to accept the blame for anything, no matter how severe or how responsible they were for an incident. Every time this happens the crews sanity and morale slightly decreases.

[Massive Damage], [Self-Destruct Button]

This character has a specific part of their body that is easily distinguishable, ie a discolored patch of fur, a large gap in a character's armor/carapace, or an exposed organ. When this body part is struck by an attack, that attack will be treated as if the character had 0 Endurance.
Restrictions: [Self-Destruct Button] can only be applied to robots.

This character is obsessed with something and desore strongly to attain it, even at the detriment of their own safety and well-being.

This character has a very loose sense of reality, they view the world they live in now as not what it seems. This can affect their behavior in a few ways: Lack of trust, Willingness to die or let others die, terrible health, etc. They lower morale of any character interacting with them or in the same room as this Character.

[Evelyn, Evelyn]

This Character [or should I say Characters?] was conjoined since birth with their twin. They are ridiculed and ostracized by all as a freak of nature and, in some cases, had to run from people in fear of capture or execution. They have a low morale and sanity at the start and it is hard for them to be happy with each other's company for long, usually breaking into a torrent of screams and mental breakdowns. They give a morale decrease when interacted and will never be able to gain a Charisma boost. They are far too familiar with betrayals and back stabbings so they are hard to gain trust, and they will never disclose personal info to anyone. It is possible, with risky and expensive surgery, for them to be separated but, their stat will be halved between the two and this trait will be removed.


This Character is a true hallmark of edgy and brooding. They are often seen brooding in dark places, often complaining about how misunderstood they are, how others will never get them or how they are going to get back at the people that have "wronged" them. They are a people repellent and they will never listen to "The Man" (aka the Captain). They are are more likely to get in a fight with the any one due to their incompetence or in their words "because the world is so cruel ;(".


[Impact Calibration] [Work Dammit!]

This character can hit a broken machine and it will start working. The time the machine will function for is dependent on how high this characters strength is. How long the machine will work for is dependent on this formula (Strength/4)*60 = How long machine will function in seconds.
Cooldown: Thrice per day

Eardrum Bane

This character has implanted or has mutated something that lets them scream at a very high frequency. It can be used to break fragile obstacles such as glass, or to temporally deafen enemies. There's a catch though, and that both allies and enemies can be hit with the sonic waves.
Cooldown: A good sleep. After use, the user's voice will become raspy until rest.
Restrictions: Only characters who have mouths can have it, and the trait can be gained by either mutation or implantation.

This Character can trigger something in the targets mind which has a different effect every time. People might become more aggressive, more peaceful, fall asleep, or even die. Although the last possibility is quite rare.
Cooldown: Every Two Planets
Restrictions: Only applies to someone with psychic powers

Weaponized Ignorance

Any time a luck roll is made, to include miracle rolls, add (10 - the creatures Int) to the result.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Cannot have this trait if INT is greater than 4


Wether biologically or through bionic enhancement, this trait allows a character to look through walls for a limited time.
Cooldown: Once per day.
Restrictions: Character must have eyes.


It's only up from here! When gained this trait sets all stats to one, from that point onwards the character with the trait can only gain stats and is not affected by afflictions that might reduce them, as well as being incapable of losing green traits.
Activation: Passive
Restrictions: Characters cannot start with this trait.

Everything matters right now, because who can remember how everything felt when it's passed. This character is unable to remember how events feel, the emotional impact of them. They can recall what happened, but will be indifferent about the event, be it a surprise party, or the death of a loved one. Due to this they will always react more powerfully to events occurring right now. They will take increases sanity/morale gain and loss, and will stabilize their morale after a good nights sleep. If they constantly do an activity, like spending time working out with a friend, or are held captive by assailants they will have a high chance of gaining a green or red trait, respectively, due to the situation. Other characters may also get upset by, or abuse this character due to them forgetting why they have not been around their friend for a while.
Activation: Passive
Restrictions: Green and red traits this character gain can be lost due to a luck roll if the activity that caused it is not repeated after a day.

'Tis the spice of life, no? This characters traits, not including this trait, are randomized once per day. The character will always have the same number of each colored trait they started out with after the randomization.

[Split Personality] [Double Sided]

"Which is the real you?" This character has two or more different sides or personalities. They may or may not share the same thoughts but they all are different from each other. Whether these other personalities is good or not is a different story. In most common cases, these personalities have different traits that deal with someone's personality or emotions. But rarer, they all have the same traits yet they still are different from each other. Although extremely rare, This trait may be gained at the start of someones life.
Activation: Passive

"No longer will you need to choose, ever." Whenever this character is presented with a choice, they will always need to pick all of them at once, only doing one concrete thing once something prevents them from doing the others. For example, if they need to pick to stab one person or another, there will end up being two half-existent knives, one in each person. This makes for very confusing situations.
Activation: Whenever this character is presented with a choice.

[Schrodinger's Cat] [Superpaws]s

They're alive and dead at the same time! /The fate of this character is always uncertain as long as they're alone. Fortuna will not roll any dice untile they're seen, and in certain circumstances they can evade that (Example, if they are lethally hurt, they can cover their wound to keep the uncertainity, being good and well and in possibility to die at the same time.
Activation: This trait becomes active when the character is alone or if no one is looking.
Restrictions: Animals that have an intelligence superior to 3 count as observers.

There's always two sides to a coin. This character has two distinct personalities which will more often than not have different traits. This character will swap between the two different personalities on a dime with little to no notice beforehand. The personalities may or may not act as separate entities with separate memories and names, or they may just act as one entity with two sides to their character. Characters with this trait usually have a certain trigger to this abrupt switch, but what that trigger is differs between characters. Triggers can range from being simple actions like going to sleep as one personality and waking up as the other, to more specific events out of the character's control like the time of day.
Activation: Passive

I have special eyes... This trait makes a character more liable to spot anomalies, glitches or otherwise otherworldly and strange events.
Activation: Passive

"What goes around comes around." Whenever this character commits a good or bad action they gain or lose one luck respectively. The maximum amount of luck that can be gained is +25 on top of the natural luck the character has, but there is no limit to the amount of luck that can be lost.
Activation: Passive

"What goes around comes around." Whenever this character commits a good or bad action they gain or lose one luck respectively. The maximum amount of luck that can be gained is +25 on top of the natural luck the character has, but there is no limit to the amount of luck that can be lost.
Activation: Passive

[Scp-106] [Creepy Uncle]

He does crazy shit/This character is out of tune with the universe itself. They can partially travel to another universe to "vibrate" through walls degrading the material, or activate a short distance wormhole by twisting spacetime into a burrow. If Larry is using any ability, it will take a huge toll in the user's sanity.
Activation: At will, or in extremly low levels of sanity.
Restrictions: The user must have predatory behaviour in their genes.