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Below is the spoiler text for purple traits. Please only look down if you must know what the trait means.

Purple Traits

“Well, aren't you special?”
This character is an abomination. They have been killed and brought back to life, sometimes along with someone else thus fusing the two in to one being. While being an abomination brings them back to life, and commonly their stats are much higher, it tends to make them aggressive and mad, sometimes flat out a monster. Over time the abomination will slowly become more and more corrupted in action and mind, losing everything about them that made them who they were in the first place.
Cooldown: Passive

“Aim for the heels...”
This character becomes invincible but when they are angered they MUST kill at least one person. This character also has one weak spot, that if hit directly will likely instantly kill them. This is commonly the heel but this is not always true.
Cooldown: Passive

“Nobody's Coming”
This character repels characters from them. For whatever reason if they head somewhere it's likely the area will be abandoned. People will try to avoid this character if possible. They are alone, and yet, totally safe.
Cooldown: Passive


“You are the star of the show! Maybe. The audience likes you anyway. You think?”
Everywhere this character goes, no matter what they do they are constantly watched by an audience that is audibly present for all other characters in the same room as the affected character. The affected character is unable to hear this audience. If they affected character does something funny, the audience laughs, something bold, they OOOOoooooo and so on and so forth. The only time the voices are silent is when the character is asleep.
Cooldown: Passive


“You're not an X anymore, huh?”
This character has had so many of their parts replaced they can barely be considered the species they were before, in fact, they may not even be considered the same person.
Cooldown: Passive

“Everything always seems to start well...”
A character with this trait will start with a boost to their luck stat, +2 along with +1 for every planet in that game. However, their luck drops by -2 with each planet passed, even after the boost has been depleted.
Cooldown: Passive

“When a black cat crosses your path...”
When this character moves they have a chance to trigger a roll in other characters or themselves. If the roll is above 3 nothing happens. If the roll is or below 3 an unlucky event will happen. This can affect crew members as well as people the black cat is just attempting to greet, or even people trying to attack.
Cooldown: Passive

[Soul Switchroo]

“Walk a mile in someone else's shoes.”
This character has some trouble staying one body. They have a chance of swapping souls with a nearby person when they go to sleep. They roll a d10 to determine whether they swap, only a 10 or a 1 will cause a swap. A 10 will allow a choice to swap or not, and a 1 automatically swapping with a nearby person. All stats & traits that are not based in the body (Intelligence, Charisma, & Luck) will be kept the the original souls but all physical stats & traits (Strength, Endurance, & Agility) will change.
Cooldown: Passive

[Probable Improbability] [Leprechaun]

“May the odds be ever in someone's favor.”
Every time this character's luck stat would factor into a roll, their luck stat is rerolled from 0 to 10 before being taken into account, staying this way until the next luck roll. This character's current luck cannot be seen, appearing as a question mark on stat screens.
Cooldown: Passive

[Eris] [Infinite Improbability Machine]

“You'll never have a normal day ever again!”
Randomly this character will activate a chaos roll. The chaos roll can be aimed at anyone or anything nearby, or even the entire area.
Cooldown: Passive

“You've found yourself, but not in the way you expected.”
This character has a clone they may or may not know about, most commonly the latter. It is highly likely they will one day come across their clone. Sometimes the clone is a perfect copy of them, sometimes the clone is evil or extremely good. Either way this character will likely be blamed or praised for things the clone did.
Cooldown: Passive

“Honk, honk!”
This character is a clown. They are an entity with the sole purpose of screwing with events for seemingly no reason and appears to hold great power. The universe can only hold one [Clown] at a time. If the current clown is killed then another clown will be born soon after.
Cooldown: Passive

“The numbers, Mason!”
This character has been set up to "trigger" when a certain event, phrase, code, or situation pops up. When activated, one of their traits will deactivate, while another activates. The trait that is deactivated is hidden, and is thus a surprise until this trait is activated the first time. This change usually helps them accomplish their updated goals. This character is unlikely to know that they have a code phrase.
Cooldown: Passive

[Pillow Fight]

“Anything can be dangerous if you put your mind to it.”
Anything and anyone can be equipped to this character as a weapon. Items and people equipped deal more damage the stronger this character's affection towards them is, and less damage the greater their disdain is. Normal weapons deal no damage.
Cooldown: Passive


“Now we are cosmic friends forever... and ever...”
This character is now cosmic friends with Mors. Forever. That's the whole trait.
Cooldown: Passive

“You can't fight it”
This character has a destiny they will fullfill unless killed, or they will cause the destiny of others to happen. This is not always bad, though not always good.
Cooldown: Passive


“Waiting to be hatched...”
This character has been transformed into a large egg. The more time spent in the egg the more powerful they become. When they hatch they will automatically have equipment equivalent to their power. The egg will hatch at random and if broken too early the contents of the egg will just be normal yolk, no super powered being or equipment to be found. The person that hatches from the egg may have a completely new personality and be of a different species. Some cannot even remember their life from before their hatching, despite those hatching from the egg being both physically and mentally an adult.
Cooldown: Passive

“See me once, see me everywhere.”
This character is a very hard person to forget. Once someone has met, or sometimes even seen this character, they will always be bumping into each other in the future. Other characters affected by this will begin to hear about this character more and more, and certain things related to this character will begin showing up around those affected.
Cooldown: Passive

[Nothing Is Wrong] [Just Bob]

“It's all just business as usual.”
Anything this character does will be seen as normal and unexceptional. Whether they're committing a crime, saving someone's life, or just being generally kind, no action will be noted as positive or negative.
Cooldown: Passive

“You're a little too in character.”
If this character dresses as someone they gain the stats and most of the traits of that person.
Cooldown: Only active when a cosplay or costume is worn.

[Extreme Survivor]

“Should that be possible?”
This character can live and survive in any extreme environment, even environments deemed impossible for life to thrive in. However, they can only live in these extreme environments and entering any normal environment without the use of a suit to maintain the extreme environmental conditions, this character will die as if they were exposed to a deadly landscape.
Cooldown: Passive

“Don't gamble away your life!”
This character can make and accept bets for anything. Even normally untradeable things like traits and skills.
Cooldown: Passive

“Your fingers are like super glue”
Able to pick up items that normally cannot be picked up and put it into their inventory. Example: Fire.
Cooldown: Passive

[Self-Fulfilling Prophet] [Voidseer]

“You can't tell the future. But you can make your own.”
Anything this character says will happen in the future is guaranteed to happen, unless it's something entirely impossible. Normally, sudden anomalous events will cause these events to happen. However, there will always be an unforeseen twist or price to pay. This character doesn't know about the extents of this ability, and just believes themselves to be a really good guesser. They are only allowed to make two predictions at a time.
Cooldown: Passive

“Don't let it go to your head.”
This character is famous. While there are many perks to being famous, such as people willing to throw themselves at this character, some people might take their love, or hate, of this character too far.
Cooldown: Passive

[Season X Episode X] [West Wind] [Dandy]

“That's a wrap, folks!”
This character experiences life like a TV series, not a serial as it should be. When they accomplish something monumental, their episode ends and their life “resets”. This character will have their memories erased for the next episode, as well as obtain randomized traits, stats, and plot. The reset reverses all the character's acquired diseases, debt, and characters who have met them before will tend to be unable to remember them.
Cooldown: Whenever the character does something life changing for themself that finishes up a “plotline”.

“What's your favorite horror movie?”
This character is the 'Final Girl' of their crew. Should their crew ever be in a situation in which their lives are in danger, this character will always die last, if at all. If the crew is targeted by an individual who is seeking to end their crew's lives', this character has a much higher probability of making it out alive. Despite this characters' ability to get out of these situations much more easily, the crew as a whole will be targeted by shocking events more often.
Cooldown: Passive

“Local Florida man gets drunk and jumps into lake full of alligators. What happens next will surprise you!”
This character is Florida Man. This character will feel the need to randomly go about things and plans in extremely strange ways. If this character dies then the character or creature who killed them will become the Florida Man.
Cooldown: Passive

[Who are you again?] [Do I know you?]

“Not everybody's special.”
This character is unremarkable in every way, be it their personality that's unremarkable, their appearance, or even both. People will forget about them almost immediatly after meeting them. They will forget any grudges held, or anything this character may have done. They will also forget any positive things this character has done.
Cooldown: Passive

“Personalities Split.”
This character has been physically split into two or more characters. These characters are not considered clones, and are separate characters.
Cooldown: Passive


“God hunters gonna hunt you down...”
This character loves fighting incredibly powerful beings and will actively seek them out. They gain a buff in select stats when faced against a boss monster.
Cooldown: Passive

[God Tamer]

“The divine find you just divine!”
Gods of various sorts (AI, limbo, or otherwise) are attracted to this character. They will give this character more attention than others, good AND bad, and will be somewhat more easily swayed by them. The effect of this trait diminishes with the power of the god in question but will always have at least a slight effect. Stacks with [Chip Magnet].
Cooldown: Passive


“Don't mind if I do!”
When a enemy using a gun is killed, they will always drop their gun, and the character with this trait MUST switch their gun to that gun, even if it is a downgrade. The character may keep the other guns elsewhere, but cannot use them unless their current gun is unavailable or lost.
Cooldown: Passive

[Blood Curdling]

“What makes your blood boil?”
When activated, the character's body breaks down red blood cells to hyper-oxidize their body in response to strong emotions. The character's END stat reduces rapidly and takes a long time for points to be restored.
Character gains a buff of their END minus two, added into STR, AGI, INT and gains temporary regeneration from wounds. If END hits 1 the character must choose submitting to unconsciousness or staying awake. If END hits 0, the character dies because all their blood cells have been destroyed.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Controller activated trait only.

[Strongman Requiem]

“With power, comes madness.”
Every time this character is angered, their sanity suffers a large and permanent debuff but they gain three points randomly to strength, endurance, or agility. Any caps are ignored but the sanity debuffs cannot be removed.
Cooldown: Passive


“There can only be one.”
This character belongs to an exclusive group of individuals. As other members of the group cease to exist, each surviving individual in the group gains bonuses to their stats. The individual may be compelled to eliminate other members of that group or defend themselves in case of a chance encounter.
Cooldown: Passive


“Time to hitch another ride.”
This character is able to hitchhike with extreme ease, being able to summon ships just by putting their thumb in the air, but the people who pick up the character will always be, extremely strange. Ranging from a ship of super peaceful beings who wouldn't even breath on a plant wrong, to a group of species eating pirates who are attempting to pick up a new snack.
Cooldown: Passive


“We're going back to the middle ages!”
There are four different humors this character can have, each with their own positives and negatives. Which humor the character has is random, but once its decided it will never change.
Sanguine: When this character's morale is High, this character gains a boost to Charisma checks but a decrease to Intelligence checks. They will be more outgoing and friendly, and work better in team-oriented tasks. They will however be unable to sit still for long, and become more liable to take risks. When this is active, [Humors] will change to [Sanguine] but remain a purple trait.
Melancholic: When this character's morale is Low, this character gains a boost to Intelligence checks but a decrease to Charisma checks. They will seem more avoidant and antisocial, but tends to work better alone in this state. However they will become incredibly critical of their work, and might obsess over something till it becomes perfect. When this is active, [Humors] will change to [Melancholic] but remain a purple trait.
Choleric: When crew morale is High, this character will become more aggressive and ambitious. This may cause individual crew member's morale to rise or lower, but individual ability and skill checks will gain a minor boost as this character more easily assigns other crew members to do a job they're good at it, even if they may not enjoy it. This character may be seen as more insensitive but logical as a consequence. When this is active, [Humors] will change to [Choleric] but remain a purple trait.
Phlegmatic: When crew morale is Low, this character will become passive and submissive. They will do their best to raise individual crew members morale and stop social fights, but may themselves decrease in morale if they are rejected, for example. This trait will also give a larger boost when they attempt to assist another character with an ability or skill check, even if they aren't very knowledgeable in the trade. This character might come off as more compassionate and a bit of a pushover as a consequence. When this is active, [Humors] will change to [Phlegmatic] but remain a purple trait.
Cooldown: This trait is activated when morale is high or low.

“You've got a friend in me...”
This character has an imaginary friend who will commonly raise their morale while lowering sanity. The imaginary friend is not always friendly and may try to convice the character to do evil deeds, or may give the character sound advice.
Cooldown: Passive

“Everything matters right now, because who can remember how everything felt when it's passed.”
This character is unable to remember how events feel, the emotional impact of them. They can recall what happened, but will be indifferent about the event, be it a surprise party, or the death of a loved one. Due to this they will always react more powerfully to events occurring right now. They will take increases sanity/morale gain and loss, and will stabilize their morale after a good nights sleep. If they constantly do an activity, like spending time working out with a friend, or are held captive by assailants they will have a high chance of gaining a green or red trait, respectively, due to the situation. Other characters may also get upset by, or abuse this character due to them forgetting why they have not been around their friend for a while.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Green and red traits this character gain can be lost due to a luck roll if the activity that caused it is not repeated after a day.

[Together Forever] [Never Apart]

“It's like the whole universe exists just to keep us together”
Inseparable causes 2 or more people to always be within the other(s) vicinity no matter what. If one attempts to leave other(s), something will happen in order to keep them together whether it be good or bad. This applies to death, so if one of them dies, everyone they are Inseparable with will die also. These people may or may not get along.
Cooldown: Passive

“What goes around comes around.”
Whenever this character commits a good or bad action they gain or lose one luck respectively. The maximum amount of luck that can be gained is +5 on top of the natural luck the character has, but there is no limit to the amount of luck that can be lost.
Cooldown: Passive

“I'm dying with laughter!!”
When this character tells a funny joke, everyone in the room must roll for a death roll except for this character.
Cooldown: Passive

“Hanging on by a thread.”
Upon death, this character may choose one close friend. If they do so, the chosen friend dies and this character continues living. But at what cost? This character will also take relevant morale and/or sanity damage.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Friendship levels between characters must be high. The relationship cannot be one-sided. If the friendship ends then this trait is removed.

[1-UP] [Second Wind] [Try Again]

“That's not my name!”
When this character dies, the nearest crew member's mind will be replaced with theirs. All non-physical stats and traits are carried over, but physical stats and traits remain the same.
Cooldown: Upon death

“Not everything that's gold glitters...”
After every encounter, the item with the highest worth that is nearby gets automatically added to this character's inventory. This happens regardless if there are more useful items nearby, or if there is room in the inventory, or if the item would normally be considered loot. Anything and everything is fair game.
Cooldown: Upon the end of an encounter

[Extreme materialism]

“Do our possessions define us?”
This character's traits become attached to objects they own, such as clothing and weapons. If the character loses the object, they also lose the trait; similarly, if the character gains a new object, they gain a random trait. The traits attached to the objects do not always have to have any sort of rational connection to the object.

If all possessions are taken from this character, they become an empty husk, losing all desire, fear, and personality. Spending too long in this state will cause the character to die.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: If the character gains too many traits, only the objects considered most important to the character will be able to hold traits, and further acquiring objects will not add new traits.

“A Two for One Deal!”
One way or another, this character was the product of two people merging together in body and in soul. This character will possess the mean of the stats of the two people and the memories of both. Their form will favor the most stable version of the hybridization of the two species.
Cooldown: Passive

“You're not from around here, are you?”
This character appears to have come from a totally different universe and may not even be any species found in the universe they are current in.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Applies to characters who do not seem to fit in with the rest of the universe on a fundamental level.

“Crikey, that's a big one.”
Abominations, terrors and gigantic fauna are drawn to whatever area this character is in. This character also makes it more likely for such creatures to appear, and it's easy for this character to draw a their attention. Sometimes a bad situation can be improved via the addition of a giant angry lizard.
Cooldown: Passive

[Moodswing] [Swinger]

“My mood swings with that devil's song.”
Every day this character has a three sided die roll. If one, this character will have 10 morale for the whole day, if two, this character will have 50 morale, and if three, this character will have 90 morale for the day. No matter what morale boosts or reductions this character gets, their morale will change to one of these three numbers at the start of a new day. This character might even have a faster version of this trait, where they roll every half a day.
Cooldown: Passive

“No one will ever know the real you. Was the fame, the fortune, the adoration of the masses worth it?”
Character is a skilled actor, with the character they play loved throughout the galaxy. However, the actor in question will never receive any recognition of who they are as a person, constantly being referred to as “That guy who played X” if they are acknowledged at all.
Cooldown: Passive

[Universal Amnesia]

“That's not quite how I remember it...”
Aspects of this character (ex. traits, personality, pronoun, even species in extreme cases) can be altered retroactively every day, due to them or others misremembering. This character isn't off put by this because they'll assume the changes were always correct.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Applies to characters that are inconspicuous or forgetful (ex. [Scatterbrained], [Forgettable], [Forgetful]).

“Enjoy your dynamic life.”
This character's biology has been fundamentally compromised. They suffer or benefit more from effects that cause mutation, and once per day will receive a random mutation, that will itself either be good or bad.
Cooldown: Primary effect is passive, Secondary effect once per day.

“Baby's first trait.”
This trait signifies that everything said and done around it will affect the other traits it will obtain. Traits will be gained, lost, and replaced rapidly.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Children or those with childlike minds.

[Data Lost]

“Its almost like you never existed in the first place.....”
No records of this character can be kept. Those searching for pictures or videos of this character will find that the data is corrupted. This character may randomly disappear without a trace or witnesses. If this character dies there will be no one to care.
Cooldown: Passive

“Opposite Day!”
Any roll involving this character, in any way, will work in reverse, smaller roll will work as the most fortuitous and the higher rolls are the most disastrous.
Cooldown: Passive

“Tell me it's just a big coincidence!”
This character is killed constantly, sometimes even by the same thing, but for some reason something has gone very wrong. They keep reincarnating into another living being which absolutely should not be happening. It seems death is trying to correct their mistake and as such wild and improbable events will try to, and commonly succeed, in killing them. These events may harm or kill others around them, friend or foe.
Too bad for death, as they'll be reincarnated as an animal or sapient, somehow regaining most of their memories back at some point in their lives. They may end up seeking ways to rejoin the people they once knew, to the delight or terror of them. If this character is on a crew and they are the last one alive then the game automatically ends.
Cooldown: Passive

“Click here!”
Any illnesses or physical ailments this character gets are instantly cured. Any doctors that see this character will attempt to kill them relentlessly.
Cooldown: Passive

“No skill checks, luck only, final destination.”
This character does not have skill checks, only luck checks.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: This character's luck may never go over 10 or under 0. If this character rolls the same number twice in a row, rolls a 20 or over twice in a row, or rolls a 1 or under twice in a row their luck stat will be rerolled. This does not apply if the character's luck stat has permanently changed since the last roll.

“Did you know fear spreads faster than any disease?”
When this character panics they have a high chance to make characters around them panic too. Does not distinguish between friend and foe. Spread chance increases the more characters are close together.

“Nobody is perfect.”
Hides all red and blue traits and the effects of those traits will not come in to play until Perfect ends.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: The moment a lot of people figure out the character's flaws, Perfect disappears.

[X Magnet]

“It looks like there's a bit of a theme going on here.”
This character has a certain word affecting their life the same way a keyword would affect the game. Things related to that word will repeatedly pop up in their life. For example, if X is a species, this character may encounter more of that species throughout their life, or repeatedly wind up on their homeplanet.
Cooldown: Passive

“Is that who you truly are?”
This character has a fake personality and will hide their true personality at all costs. This can affect what their traits appear to be depending on the personality being played, both in a positive and negative manner.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: If this character's true personality is discovered, this trait disabled and disappears outright if they can't fool people into thinking their other personality is their “true one”.

“From the ashes, arise again, o phoenix.”
When this character dies by a fire-related death, they must roll a miracle roll. If the roll exceeds 5, this character will be reborn from their own ashes in one day. For every time this character dies this way, increase the number to be surpassed by 2. After being reborn, this character will have a penalty to all stats for one day, and all stats will be treated as if they were 1.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Must not have any trait which nullifies fire damage.

[Hidden Potential]

“Do not remove under penalty of law.”
Multiply one of the character's stats by three anytime any of their traits are permanently removed.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: This trait cannot be removed by the character it is on.

“Sometimes a smile will go too far.”
Sickeningly nice. They wouldn't change their attitude even if you ate their dog. There's something clearly wrong with this character and how utterly nice they are. They will go beyond what any person would do to be nice to a person. They may accidently shoot down sanity by doing something nice to an extreme degree.
Cooldown: Passive

[Haunting] [Persistent]

“I wasn't ready! Give me a do-over!”
When this character dies, their mind will be transferred in a nearby object. The character will anomalously be able to communicate verbally to anyone nearby, and have rudimentary control over the object they possessed. Poltergeist will commonly target an item of personal value to the character, but if none are present, an object will be selected randomly. Items of any complexity can be possessed with this trait, and if destroyed, the ability deactivates and the character perishes.
Cooldown: Passive

“You got death by your side.”
This character can space rip, and they're also obsessed with death. They will lose no sanity or morale if they see a death except for the most extreme cases. They will not commonly try to stop someone from dying, even if they had more than enough time and power to save them. Psychopomps know when people are going to die and do not care.
Cooldown: Passive


“Sooner or later the Narrative will come for each of us.”
If a member of your team, or someone otherwise important to the plot has the chance to be killed in this character's presence, the [Redshirt] will instead roll for death in their place.
Cooldown: Passive

[Zero to Hero]

“Things can only get better...”
When a character gets [Reformative], all other traits are replaced with red traits. Traits will be replaced as over time with green, blue, or yellow traits with green being the most common. Once a character has no red traits left, this trait will disappear.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Cannot fix [Dead].

“I would never let go of my right hand man.”
This trait is an advanced form of Buddy-Cop. If a character who possesses this trait dies, they begin possessing some a limb or body part of their partner. The possessed character will be able to talk to the character possessing them, or at least, they might just think they are able to. Depending on how extreme it gets the other character may take over more and more of the other person over time.
Cooldown: Upon death
Restrictions: Requires two characters

“It's only up from here!”
When gained this trait sets all stats to one, from that point onwards the character with the trait can only gain stats and is not affected by afflictions that might reduce them, as well as being incapable of losing green traits.
Cooldown: Passive

“Left, right, left, right.”
This character has a red trait, and another color of trait, which can be anything, including purple and yellow. The red trait is always active. When this character has a rare mood that activates Royal Moodmeter, the other trait will activate.
Cooldown: Passive

“You just have to pull the trigger.”
The character is able to temporally materialize a gun that will harm and probably kill the target. It has a 20% chance to backfire, and no luck traits can change the odds.
Cooldown: Direct threat to the life of the character or a loved one.
Restrictions: The gun is metaphysical and can only be used once per summon. It will disappear when used.

[Only One Die]

“Does it change anything?”
Any rolls involving this character will be on a set dice, no matter the type of roll. The set die can not be lower than 10 sided die and no higher than 100 sided die.
Cooldown: Passive

“Even suggesting that this character is an X is preposterous.”
Is actually an X (any type of Fauna), and charisma will always be over 5+.
Cooldown: Passive

“It just slices and dices.”
This character is a space ripper and thus is able to head into the underworld and jump around in space. Space ripping is a hard skill to use even for a master, so the person may end up in the wrong place or time.
Cooldown: Passive

“You're right on time!”
This character always manages to appear in the nick of time, whether it be in order to help their crew or just for a flash sale. They commonly show up in a plain fashion, but others will treat it as a huge deal, typically treating it as a godsend or worthy of a celebration. At times, this can be an annoyance, especially if there is a bigger issue at hand.
Cooldown: Passive

“I have special eyes...”
This trait makes a character more liable to spot anomalies, or otherwise otherworldly and strange events.
Cooldown: Passive

“Extremely skilled at X, but as for other tasks...”
Extremely skilled at X, but is horrible at any other task.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Scretsen-only trait. All scretsens have this by default.

[Eyes are on me]

“All that anyone sees...”
This character is the center of the universe, it seems. They can never know a life without eyes looking at them, and even the universe can't take their eyes off of them. They get special attention from every being, whether that be god or mortal, good or bad.
Cooldown: Passive

[Literal Speaker]

“Do as I say, not as I do.”
The other characters have to understand what the character is talking about to work, works with telepathy, but does not work with anything else like writing or radio.
This trait works for anything that can be considered an order, anyone who hears and understands will feel a need to follow that order. Unfortunately, people will usually take things in a different direction or in a more literal manner. Smart characters or people who want to do something else can deny this more easily.
Cooldown: Passive

[All or None]

“There is no in between.”
If a character has this trait, it will be asked which side will be Surplus and which will be Bust. Whenever this character will be given/will receive an something, a coin is flipped (since there is no two sided die). If it lands on Surplus, this character will be showered in this something and if it hits Bust, by some horrible turn of luck, the something will be destroyed or rendered useless and worthless or fail to be given. This something can apply to anything and everything.
Cooldown: Passive

[Blaze of Chaos] [Pinata]

“Oh! Let's see what happens!!!”
When this character dies, an effect will activate. This effect is determined by a d10. The below is an example of what might happen with Surprise!, characters may have other types of surprises in store.

1.The character's corpse explodes into fire.
2.The character's corpse melts into sulfuric acid.
3.The character's corpse erupts into a swarm of wasps.
4.The character's corpse turns into one random untamed fauna.
5.The character's corpse disappears.
6.The character's corpse explodes into a puff of confetti.
7.The character's corpse explodes into a pile of candy.
8.The character's corpse turns into a solid metal statue.
9.The character's corpse turns into one random tamed fauna.
10.The character's corpse turns into a live pon.
Cooldown: Upon Death

[Check Check]

“Job works at Bob.”
Whenever this character's name is mentioned, it is changed by one letter. Whenever a stat is used by this character it decreases or increases by one point at random.
Cooldown: Passive

[Long Con] [Hidden Colors]

“Everyone shows their true colors eventually...”
This character is hiding one set of their traits - blue, red, green, or yellow, until the moment they finally decide to reveal their true selves. These traits will be hidden from the player until that time comes. The trait deactivates when the true colors come to light.
Cooldown: Passive

“Is a second chance always a good thing?”
When things are looking at their best, or at their worst, a sudden event will happen to this character. The event may be improved or made worse.
Cooldown: Passive

[Comedy Gold]

“"Haha! Such a funny comedian you are!"”
This character is the ultimate comedian, whenever they make a comment, even if non-comedic, people will laugh. This character's sole purpose in life is to entertain, even if they don't want to.
Cooldown: Passive
Restrictions: Does not apply to writing or sign language.


“I think we should put this one back in the test tube, Larry.”
This character can turn liquid, rendering most attacks dealt to them null, and allowing them to cross gaps and slits that they would normally be too big to fit through. When turning liquid the character drops all equipment on the floor. Very hard to control and will commonly misfire when the character experiences heightened states of emotion such as excitement or nervousness.

“'Tis the spice of life, no?”
This characters traits, not including this trait, are randomized once per day. The character will always have the same number of each colored trait they started out with after the randomization.
Cooldown: Passive

“There's a storm a-comin'.”
This character will see in to the future but cannot always aim their visions, as such they may see the future from angles that mislead or just flat out show an event that has nothing to do with the character.
Cooldown: Passive

[Watchful Eye]

“Do you ever feel like you're being watched?”
A character is watching and following this character. They may be friend or foe.
Cooldown: Passive

“Read my about page before you follow :^)”
This character cannot interact with (X) because their personal realities are non-intersectional. For instance, if X were Nikes, a character with this trait would not have any knowledge of or ability to perceive Nikes, while Nikes would likewise be unable to interact with this character.
Cooldown: Passive

[Golden Touch]

“Is it worth its weight in gold? Or is it merely led, painted yellow?”
Whatever this character touches with their hands (or if lacking hands, any other appendage with which they grab things) turns to X. A psychic grasp remains unaffected however. This means they cannot eat without assistance, cannot drive without assistance and so on and so forth.
Cooldown: Passive