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How to safely get meg eggs and fruit in Tilde Valley

If you are new to taking care of a meg in the online ranching/farming game Tilde Valley, you have perhaps learned a hard lesson the first time you tried to obtain eggs or fruits from one. With the proper distraction techniques, you can avoid a meg who is not used to you flipping out on you, wasting valuable time or breaking costly equipment. These techniques are based on real-life meg ranching—so if you ever run into a situation where you need to distract a meg for their produce, you will be ready!

1. Think of your meg.

Thinking of your meg is important for increasing the affinity between you and it. A meg does not trust those who it has not bonded with, and may ruffle your tentacles or pomp your limbs if you get too close to its eggs or nest, especially during its egging hours. In Tilde Valley, egging hours randomly shift by a few hours every day. There is currently no method to manipulate RNG, so the only surefire way to avoid consequences for interrupting a meg's egging hours is to wait until your bond with the meg is firm. Trying what is listed below but failing can prolong the time it takes to firm up your meg bond.

2. Prepare a woodbug.

If you must obtain a meg's eggs or fruit from the meg before a bond has been made, you will have to distract the meg in some way. The most common way is to use a "woodbug," which can be obtained through the game's cobble mechanic with 1 unit of log, 6 units of pipecleaner, and 10 units of twine.

3. Approach the meg calmly.

Do not dash at the meg, as this can cause it to panic. Hold Shift+H to keep eye contact with it until you are within 3 squares of distance. Once you are within this distance, release Shift+H, then click on the meg with a woodbug as your active item to increase the chances that it will instantly notice it.

4. Deploy your woodbug and wait for the meg to bite.

Regardless of whether or not the meg has noticed the woodbug yet, you can just set down the woodbug within 3 squares distance of the meg and it will eventually notice. The meg will then be distracted, and attempt to catch the woodbug to "eat" it.

5. Collect megapples while the meg is distracted.

While the meg gnaws on the woodbug, it will concentrate so intently on its task that, as long as you aren't rough about it, it will not notice you taking its megapples. The safest way to take apples is with a twist: simply click on the apple you wish to pluck, twist your GyroCon in your hand, and hit G to get the apple.

6. Take eggs from nest.

If the meg is far enough away from its nest already, you will also be able to take eggs while it's gnawing on the woodbug. Otherwise, you can pull on the string of the woodbug with the P key to lead the bug elsewhere. Take it at least 5 squares away from the nest. The meg will follow, and you can then go off to take the eggs.

7. Beware of a Fool's Movement.

If you exceed the time that a meg spends on chewing the woodbug (between 2-4 hours of accelerated game time), or if you make a careless movement that spooks the meg (known in ranching circles as a "Fool's Movement"), the meg can react in many different ways. Often, it will bolt and start running into things, which may cause property damage. Occasionally, the meg may take a prowling stance square between you and the nest, while making yewling and hissing meg noises. If this happens, STOP IMMEDIATELY! This means the meg is hostile and may attack! Do not run away, as the meg will charge after you. Instead, curl into a ball like the sad, lonely nothing-man you are and stay still. The meg will lose sight of you, thinking you to be an unmoving rock. After 30 seconds, the meg will be confused as to why it is feeling defensive, since there is no one around, and forget why it was mad in the first place. You can then safely leave and try again.

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