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Crimson has not changed one bit from where the game left off before. The captain stands before a large mining pit which has been abandoned due to some object that was found in it. He cannot see anything else nearby, which is no surprise due to his blindness.

Right, so to talk to your friend, you first need to enter their username into the system. You have a list of their usernames; it looks you'll just have to input them one by one. You think there might be also be a "transfer current friend list" button though, so you won't have to do it by hand if you don't want to.

This is your best friend. He really likes robots and really wanted you to play this game so you two could play multi-player. Actually, nearly all your friends are really his friends and they've just started talking to you because of him. He's a casual gamer and pretty cool, but he can also be annoying and a tad cocky.

This friend thinks they belong in the trash, and they think being queen of the trash can is a positive thing. She takes pride in it. You actually don't know her that well, but what you do know is that she is friendly and sends you images of things you like all the time, even if you never respond. She's just constantly thinking about her friends. She's a hardcore achievement hunter and fan of Fortuna.

This friend you know barely anything about; really, no one knows much about them because they're always busy working, and when they talk they can be a bit, monotoned eccentric, to say the least. Most people call them Speedy due to their "SpeedTunas" which are speedruns. Apparently they're fairly popular in the community for making a few very well-liked run types.

This is Speedy's child, a bot that plays Fortuna while taking all inputs submitted by the crowd. It's active whenever Speedy isn't running and it has a chat function that can be used to talk to it. All of your Fortuna friends like to treat it like a normal person. Due to this "friend" of yours being made out of the conversations it overhears, it can spit out some pretty strange statements.

This friend is a total fan of everything possible. If there's a fandom, she's in it. She's an artist with a fair following after getting her notail OC Y-35 canonized. Your best friend says she's a "Notail Fan" like it's an illness. She does have a lot of art of notails, that's for sure. She makes rather worrying comments like "Rdy4death bby" but you have been assured this is just "Depression Humor."

These friends are all about the creepy aesthetic. Death, skulls, and glitches. They claim to be two people using the same account and ask to be considered as such at all times. They always call themselves "We." Strange, but you've come to accept it. They're considered the glitch master at [Fortuna]. You've heard rumors that they live in the middle of nowhere and play a sick banjo.

Other than your best friend, this is the only friend you've known for years. Your friend is odd....but friendly. Loves to smile. Some of your other friends think this friend is a Fortuna dev. They ask for contact info or for you to ask your friend for a one-on-one conversation, but you refuse to give in. If your friend is actually a Fortuna dev, it doesn't matter to you. It would be cool though.

This friend calls themselves a collective of people, but not in the way you know it. Apparently they're all friends who automatically stream any messages that one of them gets into a chatroom, at which point any of them that are awake can comment on it. That's what they told you anyway. Sometimes it's delightful, sometimes it's annoying. It's a mixed bag depending on who is awake at the time.

Look, you like a good joke from time to time, but this friend has too many memes. This friend's whole life is consumed by memes and caps locks. It was funny at first, but now it can get a bit tiring. You think this friend might be 12. You think. In fact, you really hope this friend is 12 because anything else would be worrying.

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