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Crew 1 Button Set

This is the crew 1 button set, based off of a crew who went over to Fortuna because of debt, physical and emotional. This set contains Kelda, Nova, Jayna, BOssB, Apollo v3, Thyella, Hermes v1, Nikki, Doobel, Geko, Fergus, and their poor excuse of a navigator. Due to this being a set the price of it is cheaper than buying all 12 of them any other way which should help you avoid losing all your money and having to go on a roadtrip of death. If you're looking for an assortment of buttons check out this other listing.

All buttons are 1.75 water resistant but not waterproofed pin-backs. I understand there's a large group of people who love following the story of these Fortuna adventurers, people like yourself. The boys down at HR said that profiting off of their suffering is "questionable" and "immoral" but if there's a demand I'm always willing to be the supply, heh. c:<

Button Assortment
$2.00 and up