[Cosmosdex] The Fictional Encyclopedia


The minor item section of the Itemdex is for those items that do need too much info about them. This dex section is all about the small guys and is a great place to find the value and inventory space taken up by items.


Clutter | Consumable | 1 | 200p
"I find this fruit apeeling."

The fruiting body of a cosmopolitan tree. It's fairly generic and can be found almost anywhere in the galaxy. Can be used to make apple juice.

Clutter | Other | 1 | 10p
"Not recyclable."

It's a can. Usually used to contain a beverage or preserved food. Not intended for direct consumption by most species.

Clutter | Consumable | 1 | 100p

A piece of wax coated in orange candy. Some people do not like candy corn, but it's something sugary to eat. They can be used as poor attempts at teeth.

Clutter | Tool | 1 | 100p
"Take this free gift with your purchase"

An item usually handed out by sales people, and have some branding on them. Other than that its just a normal pencil.

Clutter | Material | 2 | 100p
"It's not just a boulder, it's a rock!"

A bigger stone that might have some useful ore, even better at crafting weapons or tools, and a bigger face-drawn friend to hug in situations :) .

Clutter | Other | 1 | 1p
"It's slime dust."

Dust from a slime.

Clutter | Consumable | 1 | 400p
"C'mon, we need to find a better galactic name for it, before they start mashing 'Coffee' and 'Soup' together"

A cup or bowl of the beloved beverage/entree of budryfts that hate their sleep schedule, it is a kind of soup that uses soupii bark as a main ingredient. There are numerous varieties varying in composition, preparation, and serving, but the most common is fish broth and ground up water lettuce, boiled with soupii bark that is removed before serving.

Clutter | Material | 1 | 10p
"A common stone. What else would you expect?"

A piece of solid dirt that can be used to craft primitive tools if stranded on a hostile planet, throw it at enemies or smash their skulls open with one, or draw a face on them and get a new pet.


Common | Tool | 1 | 1000p
"And you didn't call it a megaphone because...?"

A conical audio amplification device used to carry one's voice over a crowd, to ensure everyone can hear them.

Common | Valuable | 1 | 500p
"Barely worth it's weight in whatever-the-heck-its-made-of."

An old coin from some pre-spaceflight civilization. While no longer in circulation, and largely considered worthless outside the value of it's metals, some collectors hold it to greater value. Not much greater, but still.

Common | Wearable | 1 | 1000p

A multipurpose hook that can be used in a missing grasping organ to give some utility to the stump instead of regenerating. Popular among many limbed species and pirates.

Common | Consumable | 1 | 400p
"It kinda looks like pee."

Made with apples, this golden liquid has been praised for a wonderful juice. Drinking one can raise one's morale very slightly.

Common | Weapon | 1 | 1000p
"Thank goodness this isn't the living kind."

A cylinder made out of either scrap metal or wood, it can be used as a melee weapon.

Common | Consumable | 1 | 500p
"Made from 100% Real Bees!"

A decidedly unpleasant soft-drink made of the pureed remains of bees, and possibly apidee. It tastes horrible, but it does give a real buzz.

Common | Tool | 1 | 500p
"It doesn't come in green."

A handheld blackboard used to write messages, doodle pictures, make horrible screeching noises. It *can* do it all.

Common | Consumable | 3 | 1400p
"Hello Bob, Bob, Bob, Michael and Bob."

It's a common, highly boring and nice generic! It's consumable but I'm sure this is very illegal on most planets.

Common | Tool | 1 | 500p
"Hey, look what happens if you type 8008!"

A normal calculator, can be used for simple math problems.

Common | Tool | 1 | 1000p
"Somewhere a dog is crying."

A small whistle that is silent to most species, but to species and fauna with superior hearing ability, it makes a loud, unbearable, whining noise. Use with care.

Common | Tool | 1 | 1500p
"It's so entrancing... uvu"

A stick with a line and a hook used to capture water-based fauna by baiting prey into biting the hook and reeling it out of the water. It can also be used to distract non intelligent fauna and, for some reason, everything related to rats.

Common | Weapon | 1 | 4000p
"Just cook any enemy!"

This weapon is callable of firing a stream of heat to harm. One of the most common throughout the universe.

Common | Consumable | 1 | 1200p
"Made by 100% Real Bees."

A soft drink made of honey and water. Apidarian water. In fact it might just be water from Apidaria, people are unsure. At any rate, it's sweet and healthier than most soft-drinks.

Common | Other | 1 | 500p
"Finally! - Many datos in the universe"

This beachball has the same consistency and appearance as a datos swarm, an attempt to make people to stop kicking at them. They're either loved, or despised because people 'prefer the real thing'.

Common | Consumable | 1 | 1000p
"It has no taste, but will keep you from starving."

A jar containing a fungus used to make generic rations. Unlike rations, the jar can be filled with other rations to make more yeast, making the equivalent of two generic rations for each other ration type. It takes a full day to convert the ration into fungus.

Common | Tool | 1 | 300p
"Stab stab stab."

A small bladed tool mostly used to facilitate consumption, although it can be used as a short range weapon.

Common | Other | 4 | 1000p
"I'm a magician~*"

An all-in-one kit containing everything one needs to practice the dark arts of stage show wizardry, including, but not limited to: a set of playing cards, various napkins, coins, and "magic" wand.

Common | Wearable | 1 | 2000p
"A regular mask."

A white ceramic mask with minimal facial features, like a notail's. It has mini cameras and a screen inside to allow sight. It nulifies any charisma decreasing traits related to the face, but if the camera or screen breaks the user will be blinded until they take it off.

Common | Material | 1 | 500p
"A piece of primitive building material, a must have if stranded."

This lump of clay can be modeled into various items if enough are clumped together and then hardened The items made by this are significantly more fragile than most, and may only have 2 uses or less. They also can be left unseated to play with them, lifting morale by +5. Sometimes the clay may harden if placed near fire.

Common | Valuable | 1 | 2000p
"Always have an effigy of what you have to hate ;-] -N-Class Notail"

A small sature made of a nondescript precious metal of a dark aligator. Represents the Limbo god known as the Neo.

Common | Tool | 1 | 10,000p
"One of the most important machines a explorator should bring."

This machine can use electrolysis to convert compounds into their primary materials for their use. An example would be using water to get breathable oxygen and hydrogen fuel. A must have for galactic exploration.

Common | Robot | 1 | 5000p
"Watch out for that duck!"

A multipurpose quadcopter drone that can be used in many situations and has a lot of customizations. (Customizations not included.)

Common | Wearable | 1 | 2500p
"I work with radioactivity all day - And it doesn't give you superpowers."

A baggy suit with a glass mask that when weared, it automatically adapts to the wearer's body. It's used to prevent radiation. All mutation-enducing circumstances get nullified.

Common | Robot | 4 | 18,000p
"Double the hands, double the eyes, half the everything else."

A drone controlled remotely via a module attached to a richife's core implant, pawn-class models specialize in being easy and simple to control, to the point that one richife can control two of them with as much effort as most other classes of drone. However, the simpler mechanisms result in smaller units, with less performance all around, and less still as most pawn-class remote servants are sold in two packs at the same price as most other classes of drone, making them cheaper still. More so than other remote servants, these models are usually rather flimsy, most of the durability going towards two cores. Repairs are easier though, only needing one unit of scrap metal, one unit of wiring, and a connection to the core for repair assistance.

Common | Consumable | 1 | 1000p

A generic carbohydrate bundle shaped like long ropes and boiled, sauced. Eating some with someone will increase morale and may help the consumers understand and/or seduce each other.

Common | Weapon | 1 | 2000p
"Why the hell do you want this when you have robots to collect the crops?"

A long stick with a crescent shaped large blade at the top. It used to be used to cull crops, but it's usually used to cull enemies.

Common | Tool | 1 | 1000p
"Why would you STILL use this when robots do your job?"

A bladed tool with the shape of a crescent, it was used to harvest fields by ancient civilizations before the invention of automation. They can still be used as weapons though.

Common | Weapon | 1 | 3000p
"Slice and dice!"

This bladed weapon has been used since ancient times in order to harm. Almost any civilization has variations of this cosmopolitan instrument.

Common | Other | 1 | 1000p
"Your very own pet without the mess!"

A common toy for children in the universe, and is infamously demanding.

Common | Weapon | 2 | 2000p
"I need to clobbah dat there enemy!"

An abnormally large hammer made out of either scrap metal or wood, it's mostly used as a heavy melee weapon. Not really fast, and only strong characters can wield it, but it packs a hell of a punch!

Common | Living | 1 | 1250p

A small crustacean that will eat anything edible by carbon based lifeforms. Do not let it near a fridge, it won't stop. Can be eated in case of hunger, but it tastes like trash.

Common | Weapon | 1 | 100p
"Pew pew!"

This gun shoots water. Mostly ineffective, it can be used to party or against fire based beings.

Common | Material | 1 | 100p
"If someone makes a woody joke I swear..."

An ancient material harvested from trees, or unfortunate tree-folk. While technological development has largely outmoded it's use in large scale affairs, some people still prefer the qualities of genuine wood.

Common | Weapon | 1 | 3000p
"Just zap any enemy!"

A small and short range weapon, this gun fires an electric discharge at different intensities.


Uncommon | Material | 1 | 3000p
"The fur of a mammalian."

The skinned skin of a mamal-like creature, it can be used to make primitive coats or sold at a high price in the market.

Uncommon | Robot | 8 | 10,000p
"Hello. I am Calculotron. Behold my 8-0-0-8-1-3-2."

A sophisticated yet un-sapient robot with a boxy frame and a screen on its chest. Designed for the sole and exclusive purpose of solving complex math equations, and delivering the results with a "charming" exuberance.

Common | Wearable | 1 | 500p
"What do you mean this is cookware?"

A perforated bowl "traditionally" used to strain liquids from food, but can also be used as a helmet.

Uncommon | Wearable | 1 | 15,000p
"Non-compliant Employees? Let's fix that with an controlled shock!"

A mechanically sophisticated collar designed to ensure compliance in the wearer via a variable setting electrical shock, controlled by an included remote, or via a not included console.

Uncommon | Weapon | 1 | 4000p

This variant of blaster shoots hypercooled gas previously under high pressure, freezing anything the gas touches. Basically a weaponized refrigerator.

Uncommon | Weapon | 1 | 3000p

This weapon has an extremely cold chemical going through the blade, and it gives the sword a characteristic frosted look. It can freeze whatever it slices through.

Uncommon | Weapon | 1 | 3000p
"The humane assassin's weapon of choice."

A rifle designed to fire a number of chemical darts, popular among assassins and animal control for vastly different reasons.

Uncommon | Robot | 1 | 750p

A beta version of the smart rabbit, this ground-based drone does not look very realistic, nor does it have much memory capacity for recording. It can only store 20 minutes of 128 kbps audio or 5 minutes of 360p video, which is recorded over on its constant recording loop if not intercepted. This model is more common than the smart rabbit since its schematics were leaked by hackers and made open-source. However, it isn't commonly produced due to its uselessness. A common bug with the software is that some malfunctioning and aging units will say nothing but the word "skin" repeatedly.

Uncommon | Wearable | 1 | 5000p
"Want me to blow your mind?!?"

A mechanically sophisticated collar filled with a series of small explosives. Typically triggered remotely via the included remote, but can be set to activate if the wearer leaves a certain area, or attempts to tamper with the collar improperly. Handle with care.

Uncommon | Wearable | 1 | 1000p
"A tale for the ages."

It's a soft cloth tail stitched on the gnosis. Colours, length and shape vary, but they're always soft to the touch. Strangely, there's no stuffing inside, or anything to support it moving around. How gnosis use their tail to hold books and items is a mystery.

Uncommon | Tool | 1 | 8000p
"Hey, look what happens if you type 2nd Alpha Apps 7 7 Apps!"

A more advanced calculator, appropriate for more technical math problems, as well as plotting functions

Uncommon | Tool | 2 | 8000p
"Now you too, can climb anything."

A rifle sized cannon designed to shoot a grappling hook. By default it utilizes a classic four-pronged grapnel with 60 feet of cable, but it's designed to utilize multiple grapple types, such as a magnetic grapple, or the quirky "smart" grapple, and has an expandable cable drum.

Common | Weapon | 1 | 2000p

A weapon that shoots projectiles at high speed with a recoil. Fairly basic.

Uncommon | Consumable | 1 | 500p
"For the one I hold dear."

A cupcake given to someone anonmously. It's decorated with a small heart, and tastes like someone put too much sugar in it. It's attached with a poem that the sender presumably wrote. Whoever received this probably feels a little shocked and felt a little better.

Uncommon | Wearable | 1 | 1800p
"Some people ain't got no mommies but we got *Three* mommies and that's why we're blessed."

A simple religious necklace consisting of a chain and a medallion consisting of a trio of triangles linked in the center by a small three-pointed star. Represents the apidee's "Three Mother Bees"

Uncommon | Weapon | 4 | 4000p
"While you explored the universe, I studied the blade."

An curved sword of "exotic" make and design, favored by "enthusiasts" of a certain sort. Probably not a cheap piece of shit.

Uncommon | Weapon | 1 | 4000p
"Hurt your enemies into submission!"

This modified version of the zap pistol, the neural whip can shoot a discharge that targets only the nerves of the victim, calpable of creating pain without any physical damage. Many fauna and sentients will submit against a shot, but sometimes they only get the target enraged.

Uncommon | Valuable | 1 | 1000p
"It's going right on the fridge sweetie."

A painting done by some artist. Seems like it's not very valuable but someone might want it on their wall.

Uncommon | Wearable | 1 | 1000p
"The perfect companion while you make your power moves."

An intimidating piece of fabric traditionally worn around the neck. It improves the wearer's charisma, and makes them more intimidating, especially within a business context.

Uncommon | Valuable | 1 | 2000p
"There are way too many of these."

A small statue made of a nondescript precious metal of one of their deities.

Uncommon | Weapon | 1 | 3000p
"This, thing is on FIREEE!"

Originally made by pyronians, this weapon can expontaniously combust, and can burn any slices. It can be used as a ranged flamethrower if the user has control over fire.

Uncommon | Weapon | 2 | 4000p
"Spin, spin, SPIN I SAY!"

A high tech Ball & Chain, this weapon is a tiny jet thruster with a spiked shell, and a chain attached to it. One can use it as a projectile, or grab the chain, activate the engine, and spin it into an enemy to cause greater damage. Only though with good strength can handle using it.

Uncommon | Robot | 5 | 32,000p
"The right hand man for a right hand man."

A drone controlled remotely via a module attached to a richife's core implant, bishop-class models specialize in being a capable model for any situation, or, in other words, doesn’t specialize at all. Thus, they are usually a baseline model, a jack-of-all trades, but a master-of-none. Like most other remote servants, these models are usually easy to break, most of the durability going towards the core. Repairs are easier though, only needing two units of scrap metal, two units of wiring, and a connection to the core for repair assistance.

Uncommon | Robot | 3 | 36,000p
"Leaps tall buildings in a single flight."

A drone controlled remotely via a module attached to a richife's core implant, knight-class models specialize in mobility, which, by this point has become mostly flying, a feature not risked by most other classes of drone. Not surprising, as in trade flight, they are lighter, and can not reinforced, or loaded down by much. Like most other remote servants, these models are usually easy to break, most of the durability going towards the core. Repairs are easier though, only needing two units of scrap metal, three units of wiring, a unit of plastic, and a connection to the core for repair assistance.

Uncommon | Robot | 6 | 38,000p
"A walking wall to put between you and them."

A drone controlled remotely via a module attached to a richife's core implant, rook-class models specialize in durability, withstanding attacks that would take down most other classes of drone. Heaver armor means less mobility, as parts are geared towards heavy lifting, and away from quick moving. Unlike other remote servants, these models have more vulnerable cores, which could easily get destroyed with the chassis. Repairs are also costly, needing five units of scrap metal, two units of wiring, and a connection to the core for repair assistance.

Uncommon | Valuable | 1 | 1750p
"Why is it that everywhere I go to pray there's sand?"

A small statue made of a nondescript precious metal of a tornado with eight quartz fangs. Old artifact of Frejynk culture that may intrest some archeologists or cultists.

Uncommon | Weapon | 1 | 5500p
"It goes Zip-Pew!"

A laser pistol designed by the apidee for the apidee. It's cute and silly design makes people mistake it for a toy, but don't be mistaken, its more dangerous than it looks.

Uncommon | Wearable | 1 | 10,000p
"What does your tactical visor say about their power level?"

A technically sophisticated visor designed to display a heads up display providing the wearer with a large variety of tactically useful data. Can also be programmed for less military applications, such as scouting, explorations, or medical examination.

Uncommon | Wearable | 1 | 3000p
"A way more deadly hand buzzer!"

These gloves have electric current going through them, and can create small lightning to use as range weapons.

Uncommon | Wearable | 1 | 1000p
"Believe in the Me that believes in You!"

A pair of pointy shades inspired by popular entertainment from a part of the universe. Improves the wearer's charisma among people who think that sort of thing is cool.

Uncommon | Weapon | 2 | 3000p

A bunch of lead weights with a rope connecting them creating a net. In addition, it gives an electric shock to the victim caught by it. Especially useful against animals to capture them.

Uncommon | Weapon | 1 | 2000p
"Swish, zap, zipitidab!"

This bladed weapon has an electric current going through it, and it can both electrocute and slice.


Rare | Living | 1 | 5000p
""Safe and sound in a Petri dish!" | "Who is Petri?" | "I absolutely have no idea""

A colony of "Laboratorius Coli" bacteria in a self incubating Petri dish. They can be programed to generate a certain organic compound which can be extracted and sold using self replicating DNA. Can also be used as biological weapons by "feeding" it poison or venom, and getting those inside of someone. Urban legend says that the original bacteria were a human disease.

Rare | Weapon | 8 | 40,000p
"It makes quite the impression."

A large and weighty mechanized sledgehammer that makes a sizable explosion upon impact. Use at your own peril.

Rare | Consumable | 1 | 3000p
"Let's see what's inside..."

A jar with the face of a god on the top, it's usually found in tombs. It usually contains the viscera of the dead, but it could also contain precious materials.

Rare | Valuable | 1 | 30,000p
"In a universe this big everything is considered exotic."

A painting done by a fairly well known artist. It'll fetch a fair price at most shops, and even more to art enthusiasts.

Rare | Weapon | 1 | 5000p
"Something smells..."

This variant of the cryoblaster shoots a jet of a customizable gas. It can be used to calm down mobs with nitrose oxide or lacrimogens, or aiming to kill, such as mustard gas or chlorine. Gas must be made and loaded into the gun.

Rare | Material | 1 | 3000p
"I can't get my gold outta the rock!"

A large rock with golden begins of an unknown material, probably gold. One would need a smelter to get a pure form, but there's a chance its fools gold.

Rare | Weapon | 1 | 3000p
""You know, if we set two groups of people against each other, with different colors..." "We get a lawsuit, that's what.""

A gun that instead of firing bullets, fires colored goo that coats whatever it hits with a sticky coating, making it hard to move.

Rare | Consumable | 1 | 5000p

A cocktail of various performance enhancers and amphetamines that increase the user's speed and agility at the expense of their long-term health and sometimes sanity.

Rare | Consumable | 1 | 4500p
"For that special occasion you really need to beat a bunch people to death."

Insta-rage was originally developed as a means to give disposable troops a large boost in physical strength and endurance before they perished, and as such, has highly used by morally dubious commanders in battle efforts. The main downsides, however, was that the beverage drove the consumers mind to a near uncontrollable rage, causing them to attack anything and anyone within range, often resulting in the user bashing enemy corpses to a pulp, or even causing them to attack their own allies.

Due to this drawback and several police raids on the factories that produced the substance that many deemed illegal, the company producing Insta-rage was disbanded, and the product forever halted from being produced again. While Insta-Rage may no longer be produced, occasionally cans of the beverage are found hidden in long-forgotten stashes, or sold by shifty individuals looking to make a quick point.

Rare | Consumable | 1 | 5000p
"This is our last hope."

This potion once consumed gives a permanent +6 points to distribute to any stats, although they must not exceed any preexisting caps. The catch is that the character that consumed the potion will die from it after an hour. Sold by some rather sketchy individuals.

Rare | Other | 1 | 2000p
"Thought we burned all these."

A well-known shame of minor celebrity Xerxes, poppet romantic extraordinaire, these discs contain the full season three of the X-class romantic comedy "Left in Stitches". This season revolved around Xerxes finding the most notorious X-class members across the stars, and his many failed attempts at charming them. What makes the discs special are the inclusion of several episodes that were canned due to Xerxes usual death being unusually grotesque and/or exceedingly humiliating. Although these episodes were cut from the disks public release, several "director's cut" editions were mislabeled and accidentally sold as the regular edition, leaking the existence of these episodes to the public.

Rare | Wearable | 1 | 5000p
"It says Mayo(r)."

A sash worn across the chest that marks one as the leader of their local community. Improves the wearer's charisma and grants them an aura of civic authority.

Rare | Tool | 1 | 10,000p
"I'm not even mad, that's impressive!"

A camera attached to a very intelligent semi-AI, which can make any meme of any kind with any picture taken. Using it few times will make high quality memes and snapping a picture every minute tires the AI, creating crappy memes. It's very coveted among tweeps.

Rare | Weapon | 1 | 4000p
"You did the universe a favour. Fuck vespidees."

The hand stinger of a vespidee. People will assume you have killed one and will treat you better. The stab with this weapon is slightly venomous, and will decrease the victim's morale, most of the time ending in anger.


Legendary | Weapon | 1 | 100,000p
"What horrible events do you think humans caused with this thing?"

A bat designed to play the sport known as cricket, albeit apprently only humans know how to play it, and no one is willing to ask. It can be used as a weapon, and is especially effective against heads or using balls of any kind. Because it comes from humans it's considered a horrible blessed object.

Legendary | Wearable | 1 | 100,000p
"K, bye. :)"

A white unicorn mask. The horn spirals into utter darkness. The eyes of the mask are not pitch black but displays a symbol upon it. Wearing it seems to give the user a charisma boost with those of low status but seems to annoy higher class folk. In tough times it can be flipped upside down and used as a cereal bowl.

of a

One of a Kind | Wearable | 1 | 5000p
"Get ye hands of my hat ya twice bedevil'd curs!"

A stylish tricorne hat of the traditional piratical style. It's finely embroidered with gold filigree and features a number of exotic bird and bird-like feathers in a number of colors. Terry is *very* possessive of it.

One of a Kind | Other | 1 | 1200p
"Whaley's real, and he's your new crewmate now."

A green whale puppet with holes in the front and back, to control the tail and the mouth, respectively. It's missing an eye, the tag's been cut off, and it appears to have been sewn together repeatedly. Can easily be used for deceptive purposes, donning a nasally voice to create a fake new crew member.

Key Items

Key Item | Wearable | 1 | 300p
"The single most useful thing in the whole Universe"

A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth; you can lie on it on sanded beaches, inhaling the heady sea vapors; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on many planets; use it to sail a miniraft down rivers or sea currents; wet it for use in hand-to-hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes ; you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.