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The universe, wide and endless.....

Welcome to the Cosmosdex, an encyclopedia for the universe. Click on the quick links above or browse freely below to find what you're looking for. If you have any questions the F.A.Q will likely provide all you need. You can close and open tabs by clicking on the tabs, making getting around the dex a breeze. To see the full entry of anything just click on the name of the thing.


Q. What is the Cosmosdex?
A. The Cosmosdex is a fictional encyclopedia for the [Fortuna] universe. While it was mainly created with giving people who wanted to know more of the lore behind the webcomic a place to see said lore, it is in no way, shape, or form, required to read [Fortuna] to understand the Cosmosdex, nor is it required to read the Cosmosdex to understand [Fortuna].

Q. How can I get my creations on the Cosmosdex?
A. By using the Entry Submission Form you can get your species, planet, fauna, or anything else you want to submit on to the Cosmosdex and give it a chance to appear in comic. Do know that when you do submit something to the dex you are giving over full usage rights to your creation if it is accepted.

Currently submissions are closed so please follow the Cosmosdex twitter to find out when the next submission cycle will be.

Q. Do I need to be the perfect writer to submit something?
A. You absolutely do not. We accept all skill ranges when it comes to submissions but do note that there may be some editing done to your entry to make it fit lore, or make it more readable.

Q. How can I submit art to the Cosmosdex?
A. To submit art you only need to use the Art Submission Form. All the info you need to know is there. If your art is accepted it will be featured in the entry along with your name or alias, as well as a link to your blog under your artwork.

Q. How is a robot considered a species?
A. Sometimes robots will be placed in the speciesdex if it meets a few strict guidelines. The guidelines are as followed. First, the robot species must have a homeplanet they own. This does not have to be the planet they were first created at, but they must own some kind of planet they can call home. Second, they must create a factory that creates new robots to a very strict “species” standard.

This means that if a robot from that “species” adds any additions to themselves that doesn’t fit “species standard” they will no longer be considered apart of the species and be counted as a normal robot, thus losing all protection they had by being apart of a species. Lastly if all factories are destroyed the robot species is no longer considered a species, making many robot factories extremely protected from oncoming attacks.

Q. I found an error / have another question.
A. Use the Contact Us Form to send us a message about it.