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Submissions are open.
In this section you will be able to fill out the application below to submit an entry or edit one using your edit code. Before submitting anything please remember to read the disclaimer about submitting applications at this page. By submitting an application on this page you are agreeing to the disclaimer and rules. Please make sure to read the info above the application before working on it.


You must fill out every section of the form below to submit an achievement. The achievement name is what your achievement will be called, it cannot be longer than 17 characters. The number of points is how much your achievement rewards upon completetion. Do understand that this may be raised or lower if your achievement challange doesn't match the reward. Harder achievements have higher point rewards.

Achievement tagline is the small tagline that gives a player an idea of what your achievement is about, such as the "One Man Army" achievement tagline is "Army mode. Highest difficulty. One character only." Taglines should be fairly short. Achievement goal on the other hand should be a full description of what it takes to complete your achievement. Once finished making your achievement just hit submit.

Currently applications that are meant to be a joke or parody are currently closed. Check back later to see when this notice is taken down.

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