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250 Points
"What are magnets?"

Goal: Win a game of Fortuna with a starting crew consisting of members with at least one trait with magnet in their name, such as [Slots Magnet], [Chic Magnet], [Chick Magnet], [Chip Magnet], or [Blame Magnet].

700 Points
"Is it still the same run...?"

Goal: Reach Fortuna with no remaining elements from your starting crew (crew members, AIs, ships, supplies, etc) left.

50 Points
"It doesn't taste like limeade at all!"

Goal: Get someone killed by eating the bodily fluids of a galooper.

500 Points
"It's been a while, hasn't it?"

Goal: Bring the Known and Unknown together for a meeting.

500 Points
"Your self-pity falls on deaf ears."

Goal: Kill the Helper.

1000 Points
"The dragonslayer cometh."

Goal: Kill the Radical.

1000 Points
"Your ivory tower crumbles beneath you."

Goal: Kill the Sleeper.

1000 Points
"The story is finally over."

Goal: Kill the Poetnix.

1000 Points
"A new age is coming."

Goal: Kill the Creator.

1000 Points
"I hate messy divorces."

Goal: Kill both halves of the Divided.

100 Points
"That's right! 100 achievement points just for walking in the door!"

Goal: Go to Don Wilmack's Wacky House of Wares!

200 Points
"Trust me, you're gonna love it here. We have a great dental plan."

Goal: Have a crew member become an employee at Don Wilmack's Wacky House of Wares!

100 Points
"Are you lost too?"

Goal: Meet a wanderer class fhelzo and recruit them to your crew.

400 Points
"Have you tried turning if off and on again?"

Goal: Fix an extremely complex piece of technology by turning it off and on again by passing a luck check.

500 Points
"Is very sad but we carry on, dah? We drink in remembrance when all over."

Goal: Have a crew of five or more including one comrade all die except the comrade before arriving at Fortuna. You must win.

500 Points
"Join the evolution."

Goal: Reach Fortuna with a crew where each member has at least one mutation.

700 Points
"Under no circumstances must the Xeno be trusted!"

Goal: Army mode, get a single species crew and kill everyone who is not your species.

100 Points
"I never get sick anyways."

Goal: Tough out a disease with no medicine whatsoever.


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