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300 Points
"Hate burns eternal."

Goal: Find the truth behind the disappearance of the First Pyronian King.

500 Points
"Do you really deserve any credit?"

Goal: Fulfill the [Destiny] of a character with that trait.

750 Points
"And stay down this time."

Goal: Kill a character who has been killed and revived at least once before.

500 Points
"Let's all agree to not die again this time."

Goal: Create a crew consisting entirely of uutzi converts who died in a previous game.

500 Points
"I'm sorry, you cannot do that. At all. Ever."

Goal: Manage to veto an action 8 times in a row.

600 Points
"Counting to five has never been more difficult."

Goal: Successfully pull off a [Timed Hits] combo of more than 4 bars with a song that has any time signature other than 4/4 or 3/4.

400 Points
"They're really not that bad a person once you get to know them."

Goal: Have an [Irredeemable] character become a genuinely good person without the use of mind control or manipulation.

400 Points
"Fortuna hates you."

Goal: Roll a one three times in a row.

50 points Points
"Thou shalt be blasted in the name of the Neo."

Goal: Get a crew member shot by a pastor of any faith using some sort of blaster.

1000 Points
"Everyone will regret this."

Goal: Get a [Florida Man] to the Fortuna chest and make them wish for immortality.

3500 Points
"You now TRULY have no life, good job."

Goal: Get all achievements but the Transcendance achievement.

2000 Points
"You shall have no other gods before me."

Goal: Kill every limbo god except the Neo.

600 Points
"We the people, in order to establish a more perfect union, did away with those other O-classes because...honestly, they were some real jerks."

Goal: Have the O-12s vote out the other O-classes and take over notail society.

2500 Points
"I am your God now."

Goal: Kill every god except for the Neo (both AI and limbo gods).

600 Points
"Blood for the blood god!"

Goal: Have a crew consisting entirely of crewmembers with the trait [Uncontrollable Bloodthirst] get to Fortuna.

400 Points
"Local crew gets slaughtered by... an ant."

Goal: Get Total Party Killed by something with a Low danger level.

200 Points
"This is somewhat after the start."

Goal: Land on 10 planets.

200 Points
"Welp, they tried."

Goal: Do something evil but make your plans backfire.

300 Points
"Do not swaer! (sic)"

Goal: Have a character be killed due to them swearing.

300 Points
"I'm not sure this was a good idea..."

Goal: Bring something extinct back to the present using genetics and fossils.

300 Points
"Look at what I caught!"

Goal: Unextinct something by time travelling to the past and bring it back.

400 Points
"Thank you so much for bringing my creators back."

Goal: Unextinct a Cth'Lean, and bring it to Alice.exe.

400 Points
"Please do not let them near a vampwelf, they can't take it well."

Goal: Unextinct an Svlanoi.

400 Points
"Shaitan wouldn't let our legacy to be forgotten!"

Goal: Unextinct a Frejynk.

250 Points
"The spawn of Arrakeron shall never rest in peace!"

Goal: Destroy the cult of Shaitan.

250 Points
"Eliminate those pesky cultists with a good ol' hose!"

Goal: Destroy the Pyronian religion.

300 Points
"To kill the not normal you have to BE not normal."

Goal: Kill an anomaly using another anomaly.

300 Points
"The end justifies the methods!"

Goal: Erradicate all life in the planet to get a single thing.

400 Points
"But wouldn't the house burn down?"

Goal: Slay a Pyronian using heat.

500 Points
"Back to the pit from whence you came!"

Goal: Kill all of the titan gods.

500 Points
"I'll never let go, Jack."

Goal: Achieve max friendship with all the titan gods.

200 Points
"It wasn't Fortuna I was after."

Goal: Beat a rival crew by making the captain fall in love with a playable character.

500 Points
"...The galaxy is at peace."

Goal: Bring a species of extremely dangerous fauna to near extinction and capture the last one in existence.

600 Points
"It was a graveyard smash!"

Goal: Complete a fortuna run at least 5 planets long with a vampwelf, uutzi, crawler, quelan, artcuna, and vaeri.

500 Points
"Don't you have anything better to do?"

Goal: Unextinct the Enemy race and revive their war with the sea angels.

650 Points
"My city now."

Goal: Unextinct the quotillics, and have them colonize Inteliga.

Random amount of Points
"Who needs skill when you have luck?"

Goal: Complete a six or more planet run using only luck checks

1600 Points
"In time, you shall revere, or even love us, for this gift."

Goal: Achieve universal peace by enslaving all sapient species in the universe.

100 Points
"What lies beyond?"

Goal: Go through the door on Eden.

500 Points
"Well aren't you special!"

Goal: Have a crew member with at least four purple traits.

800 Points
"Why would you do this."

Goal: Exterminate all the apidee.

100 Points
"They could save others from death, but not themself."

Goal: Have a character that has brought back at least one crew member from death directly cause their own death.

200 Points
"Me, myself, an I."

Goal: Using the save-import feature, import your own player AI into your game and have it join your crew

300 Points
"Not even yourself"

Goal: Kill your own player AI after having it join your crew

1000 Points
"As all things should be"

Goal: Eradicate 50% of all life in the universe and bring galactic peace in the process

404 Points
"Did you really name your character X');DROP ROW X;-- ?"

Goal: Have any existing character be flat-out prevented from ever existing, in any way.

400 Points

Goal: Have a character scream consecutively for more than an hour.

500 Points
"You should go see a psychologist."

Goal: Have a tea party of at least 4 members, all of which have sanity that is no more than 30.

250 Points
"Not again! Damn it Eris!"

Goal: Crash Fortuna

400 Points
"Nice going, mister "I totally know what I'm doing"!"

Goal: Total party kill your entire crew with someone on that crew.

250 Points
"I toatley kno how to speel! Loook I'm not mispeeling ane words rite nowe!"

Goal: Misspell at least 10 words per planet during a run.

1337 Points

Goal: Complete a five or more planet run with a crew composed entirely out of Tweeps

420 Points
"The stakes have never been higher"

Goal: Exterminate the Ruhi species using fire as the primary weapon

2000 Points
"Light and warmth shall never rise in my kingdom."

Goal: Help Nix and thier army of Risen Uutzi and Converts conquer the universe.

150 Points
"A deal is a deal."

Goal: Sell a crewmember.

150 Points
"Now we can finally take that beach vacation we always wanted."

Goal: Switch your old crew for an entirely new one (on a single planet).

300 Points
"Man, I'd kill for a sandwich right now."

Goal: Complete a six or more planet run without ever consuming a ration. (The crew must have at least four members that regularly require food.)

2000 Points
"I must be the unluckiest person in the world."

Goal: Win a game of three planets or more where the minimum possible roll occurs every time Fortuna rolls her dice.

100 Points
"Everything before Fortuna is just fluff."

Goal: Complete a 1 planet game.

200 Points
"All is fair in love and war."

Goal: Kill 50 people across all playthroughs.

400 Points
"A deal is a de- Wait no you can't do that! Let me go!"

Goal: Buy a slave trader as a slave.