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Welcome to the traitdex. Here you can see every trait that has been added so far and a description of what that trait means or does. The traitdex is split in to 5 sections, blue neutral, green positive, red negative, yellow ability, and lastly purple mystery. As with other sections of the Cosmosdex you can hover over the dividing bars and click on them to close that section to allow you to get to the other sections with ease. If you would like to link to a certain trait, click the name of the trait to change your url to a link that goes directly to that trait.

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Blue Traits

Blue traits are neutral traits. This means the trait is not good or bad / is only slightly good or bad / is only slightly both. For example, being sarcastic can be seen as being funny or being slightly offensive to others, for this reason being sarcastic is a blue trait. Blue traits mostly affect what type of person the character is, less about what they can do, things like hobbies do go here though.

It should be noted that blue traits are not for traits that are both very bad and very good at the same time. Blue traits are also not for double edged sword traits as blue traits are not meant to be harsh overwhelming traits, they may be a double edged butter knife though.

[Loving] [Doting]

This character cares nothing more then to watch out for and take care of other characters. They commonly end up the "parent" of most group and do their best to keep everyone in high spirits. Sadly some characters may not enjoy this at all or this character might mismanage their own personal time due to caring for others.

This character is whatever an albino in their species looks like.

[Painter] [Craftsman]

This character is skilled at some sort of visual art. This could mean painting, drawing, digital art, or just about anything.

This character is blue.
Restrictions: Only applies to generic who are blue.

This character and another character are linked by having this trait. The two likely work or live together, and likely have little to nothing in common. They may or may not like each other, but they can operate with each other.
Restrictions: Requires 2 characters.

[Normally calm] [Relaxed] [Clear-headed]

This character tends to be calmer than most and is slightly more likely to be able to calm down faster in tense situations and clear their mind.

[Careful] [Paranoid]

This character will be more nervous of suspicious situations, and less willing to take risks. They may put extra effort into making sure everything is safe before feeling comfortable. While this normally makes things safer for them, it can also be a huge time waster.

This character is more likely to drop objects or make small mistakes. Sometimes their mistakes end up being for the better, but most of the time the mistake are small.

[Hoarder] [Pack Rat]

This character has a collection of items or does lowkey hoarding of random objects they find. They are more likely to pick up just about anything they find and check it out. If an item is removed from their collection without their approval they may become minorly distressed. For the red negative version of this please see [Extreme Hoarding].

This character has one of many types of color blindness. While this is very unlikely to ever be an issue, it does change the way the player sees the world when being that character.

This character tends to be up for healthy challenges. If this character sees a co-worker or someone they see as a rival working harder than they are they may work even harder to compete with this person even if this person has no idea what they are doing or even if they exist.

This character enjoys Cosplay.

[Awake at Twilight] [Takes cat naps]

Character is neither fully [Diurnal] or [Nocturnal], but instead is mostly awake during the transitionary periods between the two.

[Universal Believer]

This character believes in the strange, the arcane, the other. They are naturally drawn to fringe cults and strange beliefs, and may already be a member of several of these groups.


This character has a general thirst for knowledge and tends to ask a lot of questions. They are more likely to investigate anything that seems out of the ordinary.

[This trait comes under many names depending on the situation.]

This character may have some form of what most call a disability. It doesn’t interfere as much with daily life as you’d expect, and they chose not to have a prosthetic (if applicable) for whatever reasons they may choose.

[The Worst Trait] [Memes] [Mem-mems]

This character makes references to memes and will mention them constantly. This character is very big on inside jokes as well which are similar to memes.

This character knows just the right words for any situation. Their way with considered impressive but they may confuse people with their "fancy pants" words.

[Likes X] [Loves X] [Fond of X]

This character enjoys whatever X is. While characters can like anything without having it as a trait, with this trait X is slightly more likely to pop up or be a starting item for the character.

This character has unnaturally red pigmentation of the body for their species.

This character gets excited easier than others.

[Flirty] [A Flirt]

This character will commonly flirt with others when given the chance. This trait does not mean they are good at flirting however.

[Rustic Hospitality]

This character likes to use simple words and has little care for etiquette. They have an easier time getting along with lower class or less intelligent characters, but characters in higher rungs of society may see them as stupid or rude.

Whatever the situation, you can bet this character has heard (or wants to hear) the lowdown. Whether or not it’s reliable info is another story. Characters with this trait tend to be very chatty.

[Often Xs]

This character has a specific habit they do in certain situations, such as biting nails or auditory self stimulation.

This character gets annoyed easily by things taking too long. They're willing to wait if they have to, but they won't like it, and they'll try to rush things as much as they deem is reasonable.

This character is easily influenced and will often try to copy the activities and mannerisms of others, usually for the sake of fitting in.

This character doesn’t need others to function and doesn’t lose morale or sanity on an empty ship. They are self sustainable but may be prone to staying away from groups.

This character is more likely to listen than speak. Other characters may enjoy this when they need someone to hear their woes.

[Yeller] [CAPS LOCK] [Noisy] [Loudmouth]

This character speaks very loudly or can yell loudly when they want to. As such they slightly better than most at intimidation, but may annoy their crewmates or attract unwanted attention.


This character is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.

This character is just wired up a little differently from most. They gain some morale when hurt.


This character is whatever a melanistic version of their species looks like.

This character speaks in a monotonous and somewhat robotic manner. It may be difficult to determine their feelings from their tone of voice.

[Musical] [Singer] [Plays X]

This trait is similar to [Artist], however, a character with this trait specializes in musical talent rather than creating visual art.

This character can be found asleep during the middle of the day, when the rest of the crew is active and doing things, and awake at night, helping to keep watch over the rest of the crew. Like with most sleep cycles, the character can be forced to a schedule that isn’t this, but will be more irritable and grumpy until normal sleep is resumed.

This character is very good at adapting to new environments, but can't stand not moving on. A bit restless by nature.


This character remembers how things used to be back in their day and look back on it fondly. They may make snide comments about modern technology and will at times attempt to do things the “good ole fashioned” way if doing so doesn’t get in the way of anything.

This character is not good at reading emotion and may appear insensitive without meaning to. Many of the people around this character seem to get that they are oblivious to what they are saying or doing and are more willing to forgive.

[Unnoticed] [Forgettable] [Invisible]

This character is oftentimes forgotten by others or overlooked. When being attacked in a group this character will be the last one to be attacked.


A character with this trait would prefer not to fight, and will almost always try to solve a situation in a nonviolent manner first and foremost. However, if that is what it comes down to, they will still battle to defend either themselves or others.


This character is willing to wait things out or is less affected by aggression. This character tends to be a tad more tolerant of others but not by much, even this character has their limit on what they’ll be able to take.


This character has the piebaldism equivalent of their species.

[Works best alone] [Works well alone] [Independent]

This character will commonly keep to themselves and gets a slight boost to production while doing so. When in a group this character will get a slight decrease to production.

This character isn’t into meddling with other people’s affairs and will commonly stay out of trouble unless forced to.

This character can look at a situation realistically and decide when to give up or back off. This sometimes causes the character to back away from situations that can possibly won with a bit of effort or luck.

Characters with this trait will sometimes perform things on reflex without conscious thought. Depending on the character it can range from things like covering their head when they see a bird to hitting someone who comes up from behind.

This character has a sense of sarcasm and is likely to use it. This trait also means that they are very unlikely to miss sarcasm.

[Has an important X]

This character has an item on their possession that they interact with daily, or even during conversation. This provides light morale and sanity bonuses while they have it, but without it they will seek a replacement and can take light morale and sanity damage. The item can be anything, not just a blanket.

This character is slightly famous for an action they’ve done in the past or due to who their parents were. This character may get small gifts rarely but most of the time people will just recognize them.

This creature is shorter than average for their species.


This character boasts about their skills, and often want people to watch them do things to show off how good they are at it.

[Quiet] [Soft-spoken]

This character may not talk much, may talk quietly, or be nervous around unfamiliar people.


This character normally sleepwalks. They may be able to perform daily tasks with the same ease, carry on lucid conversations, be easily suggestible, or none of the above.

This character frequently talks in their sleep.

[Chips Magnet]

This character is a natural born gambler. They will gladly gamble away some of their credits on any game of luck.

[Has an Accent] [Speaks with an X accent] [Accent]

This character speaks with a certain accent from a certain region or species, a lisp, has a speech abnormality.

This character is graceful, but in a sort of odd way. Many will note that this character has an odd sort of grace, and is frankly sort of mysterious. This causes many other characters to pry more into them.

This character could spend hours telling stories. These stories range from personal life stories, to myths, to even things like gossip.

[Stutterer] [Speaks with a Stutter]

This character speaks with a stutter. Despite the fact that it may take them a little longer to speak than most, they tend to not be heavily affected by this.

[Fashionable] [Sharp dresser]

This character has an affinity for fashion, and will often have a large wardrobe. They have a tendency to change their clothes often and put together outfits they find appropriate for their situation.

This character is more likely to believe in myths, ghosts, and old traditions relating to them. They may have a tradition they follow and may refuse to do certain things that may cause a bad omen to appear, or give them bad luck.

[Chatterbox] [Garrulous] [Talky] [Chatty]

This character will talk for ages if allowed and rarely runs out of anything to say.

This character is taller than average for their species.

[Stone-Faced] [Pokerface]

This character shows a lack of expression, or is able to switch from being expressive to having a lack of it. This character can be hard to read for both friends and foe. You may also be unable to see the morale, sanity, and general feelings of this character in the crew logs.

This character need to be wound up time to time. When they have just been winded up their speed is 10. Slowly, their speed will die down until they can no longer move and they need to be winded up again.

[False Skin] [More than meets the Eye]

This character is hiding under a fake skin. This helps the character blend in with society without being noticed if their skin is has no signs of what lays under it.
Restrictions: Clockwork-only trait.

Green Traits

Green traits are simply mostly positive traits. This means that the traits are mostly used in a greatly positive fashion. This does not mean that the green trait has to be always positive, it just has to be mostly positive. For example, the optimistic trait means the person keeps positive in negative situations, but may sometimes run into battle even though the odds are so far against them they have no chance of survival.

[Aerodynamic] [Evasive]

Gravity isn't much of an obstacle for this character. They are capable of performing acrobatic maneuvers with ease, and can reach places that most others cannot.This is also good for avoiding foes, and showing off of course).
Restrictions: This trait requires at least 6 agility to activate.

This character is more able to survive in an unfavorable environment, given time. This character is able to handle radical changes without folding under pressure.


This character will answer the call to adventure more often than not. With this trait they are more likely to run into places with more loot to be found. This character is less daunted by certain situations and morale is raised whenever they’re put in an adventurous situation. This character may have fears, but they’re willing to meet it face to face.

[Never Late] [Punctual]

This character will always do things at the scheduled time or when told to. Most of the time they will even be way ahead of time to make sure they don’t miss anything. This character will also encourage others around them to not be late.

This character is more likely to be in tune with animals. While they cannot speak “animal” they are able to understand their emotions and the animal is likely able to understand them.

[Does not need a translator]

This character can translate what a person is saying even without hearing the language before.
Restrictions: This trait is an aftik-only trait.

[Unnatural Weapon]

This character was born with weapons, or has fused weapons with their flesh.
Restrictions: This trait is for clockworks only. Any other weapon that is attached to a character is considered an item.


This character has an effect on other characters ranging from calming the aggressive and adversarial drives of other organic beings, producing a slight euphoric feeling, producing a sense of trust, or slight sedation. This works on organic beings only; [Lodestone] applies to mechanical beings.

[Wall-Walker] [Sticky Feet]

This character can walk on walls.

[Changed X] [Changed for the better]

This character has been changed for the statistically better. This trait is only gained when a character undergoes a major, most likely sudden change.

This character will receive a small bonus in charisma when they are wasted. This does not make them any less drunk.

This character automatically gains 10 in Charisma.
Restrictions: This trait is only allowed with controller traits such as Moodmeter.

[Magnetic Attraction]

This character’s Charisma is boosted to a 10 with robots and AIs. Robots and AIs will commonly find this character attractive.

[Empathetic] [Sensitive]

This character is not only considerate of others, but is also very understanding of other's issues. This person is good at seeing things from other's points of view and seeing how people's issues would make them feel. Others may want to talk to this character about their problems as they will understand, and may feel bad for them and try to comfort them. However, their sensitive side means it may be easier to hurt this character's feelings.

This character is confident in what they do and rarely ever doubts themselves or the people they believe in. They’re able to trust people and can raise the morale of people they trust.

[Connections to X]

This character has some sort of important connection to someone else. These connections often times owe the character a few favors.

[Team Oriented]

This character does wonderfully in team situations and is always willing to follow plans. This character is almost always ready and willing to help and others rarely feel this character is dragging their feet in a team related operation.


This character is crafty when it comes to lying and deception, able to more easily trick others to get what they want. They may also have a knack for illusions.


Aww, well aren’t you just precious! People are easily endeared to this character with their puppy-like look. Their presence is often additionally capable of increasing morale for the crew, assuming they like sweet things.

[Can eat trash]

This character takes no penalties from eating rotten or rancid rations. In fact, it’s good for them.

[Hard-working] [Perfectionist] [Dedicated] [Efficient]

This character is commonly hard-working and is unlikely to fail most of their tasks. This character is also careful with their work and makes less mistakes than most.

[Direct with Statements] [To the Point] [Straightforward]

This character is to the point with most things they say. Other characters appreciate this and do not lose sanity when speaking to this character no matter what is being spoken about, unless the other character has a trait that causes them to panic. Conversations with this character tend to be short.

This character has a certain behavior or way of working. This behavior is usually helpful to their group and commonly promotes teamwork. This character is less likely to disobey commands, is less likely to lose sanity and will likely follow routine.

[Hardy] [Unbreakable] [Strong Boned]

This character is known for being very durable and hard to break.
Restrictions: A character with this trait may not have their Endurance stat drop below 6.

This character is capable of expanded stat performance, traits, skills and/or abilities through some sort of expansion pack system or through external adaptions. Characters with this trait usually have lower base stats if the system they use gives them a boost in stat points. Only one expansion pack with the specific abilities and stat boosts it gives may be enabled at a time. Changing from one pack to another takes one turn to complete.

[Fire resistant] [Immune to fire]

This character is unaffected or is affected by fire very little. This character would be able to walk into a burning house with little to no damage.

This character always seems to slip away at the last moment. Whenever they are in a group, they automatically escape if they try.
Restrictions: This trait cannot be applied characters with agility under 5.


This character is bigger, stronger, and more durable than their peers by a fairly significant amount, often towering over their smaller kin. Tends to have various size related issues, such as having to duck when going through doorways and having a hard time finding equipment in their size.

This character is very skilled at growing all sorts of plants with little failure. Character also has a charisma and intelligence bonus when talking to, or about, plants / plant based species. Character commonly is a gardener, hobby or otherwise.


This character knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to haggling down prices and sniffing out good deals. When browsing through shops, items being sold may be listed for much less than they’re worth.

[Awesome sense of X]

This character has fantastic X senses or has high senses in general.

[Jokester] [Humourous]

This character likes making jokes and doing funny things. They greatly entertain others and make them laugh, raising morale.


This character's Endurance raises to 10 when this trait is active.
Restrictions: This trait can only be used with an activator trait, such as [Moodmeter]

This character inspires those around them to do their best! Characters will do tasks better with this character around. An inspirational speech done by this character will cause morale to go way up for a whole group.

This character is immune to extreme cold.

[Macgyver] [Resourceful] [Creative] [Imaginative]

This character is able to easily come up with new ideas and may be able to lessen the cost for current items. In a tough situation this character is likely able to use simple items to create make-shift weapons or items.

A third party has taken interest in ensuring this character succeeds. Each new planet they will be left a package from this benefactor, containing items and/or credits. In exchange, they are required to handle small errands through their travels.

This character can resist or is outright immune to the harmful effects of ingested substances.

[Jack] [Wide skill range] [Multitalented]

This character knows about a lot and if the situation calls for it they are able to do many things outside of their job title with no formal education on the subject. This character will not be the best at it or particularly good but will be able to do it.

[Knows about X] [Educated about X]

This character knows a lot of info about X. This does not mean that this character can do things relating to X, only that they know the ins and outs of X.

This character is very logical about things and never jumps to assumptions if possible. They are more likely to make very educated guesses and more rational choices even if they do not agree with the choices emotionally.

This character can control the minds of others, usually only one at a time unless trained extremely well. How powerful Mind Control is depends on the intelligence of the character, with 1 intelligence meaning the person being controlled can break away from control after a bit of struggle, and 10 meaning breaking away is a hard task. Characters with higher intelligence or willpower based traits are hard, sometimes impossible to control.
Restrictions: This trait can only be applied to species that have mental powers which allow mind control.

[Has drive] [Determined] [Determination]

This character doesn’t lose morale as fast and commonly is passionate about what is being done. They will find a way to figure things out in even the toughest of situations. They cannot hit lower than 0 morale.

This character is able to handle doing multiple tasks at the same time, and remembering exact instructions for them. Characters with this trait will generally prefer to handle multiple things at once.

[DON’T PANIC] [Clear-Headed] [Calm Under Pressure] [Cool Under Pressure]

When situations come at this character, they remain calm and collected. They are able to think clearly in nearly all situations.

This character will never sleep and will not have any ill effects due to lack of sleep.
Restrictions: This trait is restricted to kuppas and other species who naturally do not sleep. No other species can have this trait.

[Perceptive] [Vigilant] [Very Perceptive] [Discerning]

This character notices things far quicker than most other types of characters. They are more likely to make observations about hidden passageways or certain special objects. They overall make better judgements than others.

[Upbeat] [High-spirited]

This character doesn’t lose morale as fast and can never hit negative morale. No matter what the situation, this character will keep their head up high and may raise the morale of others. The optimistic trait may drain sanity if the character is in a bad situation for a long amount of time.

[Orderly] [Neat] [Tidy]

This character keeps things in order. As long as this character is around, objects are less likely to go to waste or be stolen, and if they do they will be noticed right away.

[Big Pockets]

This character can carry +4 more than what their stats would normally allow.

The character has a strong passion for some area. They might know more about this stuff than others, or may perform better on tasks relating to this topic than someone else with equivalent traits and skills.

[Convincing] [Compelling]

This character not only has a way with words but people are ready and willing to listen. This trait means this character has a better chance when trying to convince a character to do a deed. Sometimes this character might even be willing to convince others to do things they'd never even consider before.

[Plant Charmer] [Floral Patterned]

Individual has some ability to be able to communicate with plants, and is naturally charismatic to them. Individual may have some physical quantity that denotes them as ‘floral patterned’, whether having a flower patterned attire, or birthmark, or being a plant themselves.

[Makes Friends Easily]

This character is popular around others and tends to know just the right words to use in a situation. Characters are less likely to look negatively on this character and morale raises while speaking to them.

[Down to Earth] [Practical]

This character is very down to earth about things and sees the universe as it is. They’re not going to sugar coat it but they’re not going to feel bad about it either. This character does not allow their judgement about situations be clouded by emotions. If they had the choice to save a single loved one and 100 people they would pick the latter.


This character is likely to know when things are going wrong with anyone they’re protecting / anyone on their team. A protective character will defend them whenever possible. Endurance obtains a slight raise when the protective trait is active.

This character has a general psychic power trait which means they may have one or more psychic powers. Due to this being a general trait, most characters with it have not mastered any powers but know more than one. If they have mastered any powers, they use that as their trait.
Restrictions: This trait is restricted to species who are allowed to have psychic powers.

[Good reflexes]

This character is fast to think of solutions to sudden issues, and quicker to react to danger.

[Pinpoint Operator] [Sharp aim] [Bullseye Shot]

This character almost never misses a shot. This may apply just to skills they have been trained in. For instance, a surgeon with this skill would be extremely unlikely to miss a small, precise incision that a normal surgeon might slip up on.

This character is respectful and will respect the wishes of others or at the very least will make a compromise. Many others will feel safer talking to this character after their first talk and talking to them raises sanity and morale.

[Show Me the Money]

When it comes to selling things, this character knows just what to say to make quite the convincing sales pitch. Items sold by this character are likely able to fetch a hefty sum.

This character enjoys it when bad things happen to other people, and will gain a boost in morale from witnessing it. They don’t try to make this happen themselves and deaths will still upset them.

[Experienced at X] [Great X] [Great at X]

This character is very skilled in X, and they are better at it than the average Joe. This character has likely had X as a job before and knows the ins and outs of X.

[Not hungry often] [Infrequent Eater] [Rarely eats] [Low Metabolism]

This character consumes half the normal amount of rations.

[Social Butterfly]

This character is more likely to start conversations with others and bring people together. If a character wishes to speak to someone in a group this character is in, this character will likely be the first one they go to.

This character is immune to the effects of loud noises and enjoys a small speed bonus in deafening environments. This character likely listens to loud music for fun.


This character is skilled at performing tasks without being seen or heard. They are good at avoiding detection and are much less likely to be caught doing things without permission.

This character knows the streets very well and knows when things are going wrong. This character is also the opposite of gullible and knows all the tricks in the book, and they’ll be happy to call it out.


This character can speak to other characters using telepathy. This may also mean the character is able to also hear the thoughts of the other people but this is not always the case.
Restrictions: This trait can only be applied to species that have mental powers which allow

[Xmancy] [X control]

In which X equals almost anything. This character knows how to control X to their will or even summon X if needed. The power of the X depends on the character’s strength and intelligence, and how long the X lasts in their control depends on endurance.
Restrictions: This trait can only be applied to species that have mental powers which allow Xmancy.

Red Traits

Red traits are mostly negative traits. This means that the trait is mostly used in a negative matter, affects the character negatively OR is harmful to people around said character. It is possible for a negative trait to swing in favor of the character who has it but harms everyone around them. An example of this is the manipulative trait, which means the character is likely to twist people’s words and minds to get what they want. While this is “positive” to the character themselves this is negative to anyone around them and makes it more likely the character will be attacked for the trait.

[Addicted to X]

This character is addicted to some sort of substance and loses sanity, morale, or possibly even health if they go without it for too long.

[X Allergies]

This character is allergic to X and has bad reactions when exposed to X. This character may need to take medication to lessen reactions to X and if not done their reaction to X can become fatal.

[Argues] [Feuder] [Looks for fights] [Argumentative]

This character is more likely to have verbal arguments with everyone around them, including crewmates.

This character will automatically attack anyone, including teammates, when a certain condition is met such as getting too close to them or saying a certain word.

The character is bad at this task or ability. They will often fail at it, become stressed, and lose morale if they are made to do it.

This trait makes the character’s luck drop to zero.
Restrictions: For use with controller traits like [Moodmeter].

[Bottomless Pit]

This character will eat twice as much rations when it’s meal time. They will also starve twice as fast due to the amount of energy they need.

It's x's Fault

For whatever reason; this character is blamed for everything that happens nearby

[Eau de Stank] [Smelly]

This character’s Charisma score is lowered to 1 for all who can smell the repulsive odor wafting from their various, unwashed pores. Gross.

This character will consume rations when they have nothing to do. When they don’t have jobs or hobbies to keep themselves busy with, this character will empty food stocks quickly.

[Uninteresting] [One-dimensional]

This character is just boring to be honest. Nothing to see here. Most people will lose sanity just hearing them drone about a subject.

[Wire Frame] [Handle With Care] [Fragile]

This character is not known for their durability.
Restrictions: A character with this trait may not have their Endurance stat rise above 4.

[Broken Person]

This character has gone through something traumatic or depressing that has left them feeling as if they are broken on the inside even if nothing is wrong with them. They suffer a near permanent moral and sanity loss, and lose moral and sanity faster than normal characters.


This character will eat not only characters of their own species but will also eat other sentient beings. The moment that if the character runs out of food they will attempt to eat others nearby. This character may also eat sentient beings even if they have food.

This character judges people on what they believe person stands in the social order. This is unlike the [Speciesist] trait as a character who is classist does not judge a person solely on their species. A character who is classist can be rich oriented, seeing the rich as better than the poor, or reversed, seeing the poor as completely noble and the rich as pure evil with no redeeming factors.

This character is obsessed with being clean and will refuse to do dirty jobs. If they do get dirty somehow, they will suffer a sanity loss. This character will also keep their living environment as clean as they’re able, and can get frustrated if it’s dirtied up.

This character has a person, or in rarer cases an object, that they cling to. This character will become distressed whenever this person or object is moved away from them. When this character has no one to cling to they will find someone else to cling to. Due to this clinging, this character can be easily manipulated by who or what they are clinging to.

An advanced version of [Clumsy], this character has trouble even handling simple tools because of their poor dexterity.

[Emergency Conscript] [Military Reserve]

If a non-military or military emergency is declared nearby by an authority with jurisdiction over an organization this character belongs to, this character will be notified with a call to serve a duty. They can choose to accept or else they may face consequences for failing to serve. [Emergency Conscript] means the character only can be called for non-military emergencies; [Military Reserve] means the character only serves military emergencies. The range for emergencies the character can be called to depends upon the severity level of the emergency: for instance, a fire may only trigger reserve-conscripts within an hour's travel time; a rare event like a star forecast to go supernova may call upon all conscripts within two warps.

[Deserter] [Chicken]

This character will always try to back down from a fight, though they will still act in self-defense if they don't have a choice. If forced into dangerous situations, they will suffer morale loss, and will be more inclined than most to abandon their crewmates.

[Ambiguous in speech] [Speaks in riddles]

This character speaks in riddles, code, and tends to be extremely hidden about their words. Due to this it’s extremely hard for people around them to understand what they are trying to say. This character might be so dedicated to their riddles that they are willing to endanger others with their unwillingness to stop.
Ex: This character knows about a monster coming up, this character will tell the people who are heading towards the monster a riddle about how there is a monster in the next room without saying directly there is a monster and they need to prepare for it.


This character generally feels down or sad; while this character can definitely have times where they are joyful or feeling well, sometimes tiny things can prompt their mood into a harsh drop.

[Needy] [Reliant]

This character is dependent on a person, object, or action. This character commonly will become distressed if what they are dependent on leaves or stops. This character might become useless and be unwilling to work once they reach this state.

Whether intentionally or not, this character has a habit of breaking whatever they get their hands on. They may be inclined to act out their aggression on inanimate objects and their surroundings.


When given the chance, this character may rebel against anyone who is higher up. They are more likely to lose morale when they do not get what they want or when they feel a higher up is going against them, even if the situation was justified.

[Mistrusting] [Cynical]

This character is slow to trust others and may not understand sincerity or integrity, believing that people must be motivated by self-interest. They may disobey orders or go against their own crew because they believe they are trying to trick them.

[Death Wish] [Series Of Unfortunate Events]

This character is walking hand-in-hand with death wherever they go. Circumstances will twist themselves to ensure that this character will be forced to make a life-and-death roll at least once per planet, regardless of situation or other effects.

[Loses cool fast]

This character is easily agitated and if not given space they can burst into pure anger.

[Easily scared] [Scaredy Cat]

This character is easily scared by various things such as loud noises, bright lights, or even their own thoughts about what might be up ahead. Not only does this character lose morale and sanity faster then most, they’ll likely freeze up when a startling event happens.

[Often Stressed]

This character is easily overworked or overstressed. They can be prone to emotional breakdowns or other events depending on how they cope.


Often going hand in hand with [Narcissist], this character believes that they are so far above everyone else, they would need a periscope just to look them in the eyes. Their treatment towards others reflects this.

This character used to be a con-man, pirate or held another negative job. They likely share heavy regrets about their past actions, or wish to return to their life as a pirate. This character will be more likely to be seen as untrustworthy, and will be more willing to do morally questionable things.

[Extreme Hoarder]

This character is an hoarder to the highest level. They may or may not be aware of how much their hoard has taken over their life and if they do know they simply do not care or feel they have gone too far to go back. This character will become very distressed if any bit of their hoard is taken with or without their permission. While this character will regain both sanity and morale when with their hoard due to it being commonly a safe spot, they will suffer heavy damage to both if anything is taken. They will also likely take up a lot of space with their hoard.


This character will faint during stressful situations, much to their inconvenience.

While this character is normally quite stable, they will lose morale rapidly if their life is on the line. This character gives up on survival very quickly once they risk dying.


This character is scared of whatever X is. This fear may be rational or irrational. Depending on the character their fear may be met with different responses, such as some may become aggressive when one tries to force a fear towards them.

[Beyond Saving] [No Hope]

Ever feel like the whole universe wants you dead? This character does. Advanced form of [Goner]. This character automatically fails any roll that would cause injury or harm to them, and receives no miracle roll. The character receives a single additional green trait.

This character will accidently set objects around them on fire or will summon fire by accident.

This character is always the first character to eat once the table is set, and no one else would dare sit down with them. If anyone attempts to take, touch, or even look at their food they may become very aggressive. If a food aggressive character runs out of food they will do anything to get their next meal, even if it means ripping it off a co-worker. This character will also be unwilling to give food to a starving character to the point where they will put their eating habits over their life.

[Bad Memory]

This character is prone to forgetting. While keeping diaries and logs certainly help, the character may still become lost with them.

This character will fall asleep frequently, and commonly these “naps” are unplanned.

This character's Endurance drops to 1 while this trait is active.
Restrictions: For use with controlling traits like Moodmeter

This character will only seek out relationships with those who have something they want, it could be money, power, anything really. This character will also convince their partner to spend money in excess or give them the things they want. They will commonly lose interest in their relationship the moment the other refuses to give or no longer has the thing they wish for.

[Unmiraculous] [It's My Time]

This character's fate is sealed. They will never receive a miracle roll, and they simply die instead.

This character's love of wealth has a tendency to cloud their judgement. They will often prioritize profits before the well-being of themselves and their crewmates.

[Overly Trusting] [Naive]

This character is commonly unable to tell when an event is fishy and commonly trusts whoever they talk to. Lies are harder to notice for this character and they can be easily tricked or drawn into a trap.

When this character goes to sleep, nothing can wake them up, no exceptions.

[Hot-Headed] [Short Fuse] [Firebrand]

Although a character with this trait might be normally friendly, it does not take much to provoke them. If you prod at or question their beliefs, ideas, or otherwise challenge them, be prepared for them to lash out. A character with this trait can have trouble taking criticism well.


This character will commonly say one thing, then proceed to not hold themselves to their own words. Characters will quickly either feel devalued as people or, become highly agitated everytime a hypocritical statement is made.

This character always provides unasked for help whenever nobody more qualified offers. Rarely they do succeed, but most of the time they just make the problem worse.
Restrictions: Luck must be 4 or lower.

[Rash] [Reckless]

This character makes decisions quickly and often without thinking about the consequences. They are prone to taking actions based on their feelings and failing to see the big picture.

[Easily distracted] [Unfocused] [Short attention span] [Trouble paying attention]

This character has issues keeping their attention on something. They will commonly lose concentration and become unable to get it back.

This character is known and widely hated throughout the universe. They may have to deal with people avoiding, getting mad at, and/or refusing service to them.

[Sick] [Diseased]

This trait is a very general trait relating to any unknown or hidden diseases the character has picked up. When the disease is found out the name of the trait changes into that sickness.


This character is harboring an unknown parasite.

[Heartless] [Uncaring] [Crass] [Disrespectful] [Rude] [Impudent]

This character cares very little about issues relating to anyone but them. They may make very insensitive comments towards people and voice how much they wish other characters would “get over it”.

This character has no sense of personal space and might do rude things like going through people's belongings, touching people and asking personal questions. This can be tiring for their fellow crew and could get them into deep trouble.


This character has next to no redeeming qualities. They either know this and don't care, or they're unable to understand what a horrible person they are no matter how much it is explained to them. They heavily drain the moral and sanity of anyone around them and when it's time to attack everyone is looking to kill this character, or "accidentally" shoot their own teammate.
Restrictions: If this trait is on a character they gain one more positive and neutral trait.


This character is willing to kill in order to solve most problems, and may have absolutely no problems with doing so. This may result in a character threatening to kill people ahead of them in a line without hesitation, and following through if not taken seriously.

[Sticky Fingers] [Kleptomania]

This character compulsively steals items, even if the character does not have a want or use for the items stolen. This character may hide stolen items for them to turn up later, or simply hoard them all in one big secret location.

This character will tell other characters how to do their jobs, even if they don’t know anything about them. This is usually annoying and stressful.

Other traits

This character dislikes working and will never go the extra mile. They also have a lower standard of what is too much work and may endanger themselves and others by cutting corners.

While this character can see, their view is highly limited, commonly having extremely blurry vision.

[A Cheat] [Compulsive Liar] [Faker]

This character will lie whenever they get the chance. Sometimes this character will lie for no reason other than they can. While lying might help them get ahead, if they’re not careful they can become caught in a web of their own lies.


This character suffers from extremely poor eyesight, or total blindness in normal or high light conditions, and may even suffer pain from looking at light.

This trait can be gained by a character who fails to eat the right rations to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for their species. Slightly lowers all stats over time
Restrictions: Only can be gain by not feeding characters, or feeding them incorrect foods. Effects stack until death.

This character will, if given the chance, take advantage of a character for their own gain. This character is likely to tell others to do things that help themselves but not the person being told to do the action. Manipulative highly lowers the morale and may lower the sanity of a character if it happens too much.


This character is a jerk. This character actively dislikes the fact that other sentients continue to exist, or some other thing that makes them inherently behave with intense dislike to other living beings or non-living beings. If they are able to watch someone die without being too negatively affected by that person’s death (ex: ship no longer having a pilot), they will watch. Possibly with popcorn.

[Aquatic] [Xeric]

This character can only live in fairly specific conditions, which might not be suitable for general travel on a space ship. For instance, an [Aquatic] character would need to constantly be in water, while a [Xeric] character would need to be constantly heated and dry.

This character displays an obsessive focus on a single thing or related group of things. It may be difficult to get them to do things unrelated to their obsession, and can be extremely agitated when their obsession isn't "respected".


This character cannot speak. Even if this character is not very affected by this, other characters can have a hard time comprehending what they mean if they’re not good at understanding expressions or hand signals.

This character is mute by their own choice, whatever it may be. This means the character is able to talk if they wanted to but doesn’t want to.

[Self-centered] [Megalomania] [Fits of megalomania] [God Complex]

This character is utterly in love with themselves and will make sure that everyone knows about it. This character will commonly move conversations to be centered around them which can mean that the conversation completely misses its point or everyone else in the conversation become increasingly agitated.

This character has the opposite of animal magnetism; fauna tend to dislike this individual. Wild fauna may be more inclined to attack or more likely to flee on sight. Normally-friendly pets may hiss or bark incessantly at the character. The character may even be more likely to be hit by random "bombings" by aerial fauna. Perhaps the character has done something to warrant the ire of all beastdom, or maybe they've been cursed, are an abomination against the natural order, or perhaps they're just unlucky.

Advanced version of [Shy] and [Cautious]. A character with this may refuse altogether to talk to someone or do something because they are too nervous about it.

This character suffers from extremely poor eyesight in low light conditions, to the point where they need a flashlight to navigate a dimly lit room.

[Misses Often] [Aim isn’t getting better] [Poor Aim]

This character rarely lands hits, whether firing a weapon or throwing a bean bag.

[Doesn’t know when to give up]

This character is too confident in their abilities and is not realistic about how dangerous or challenging something may be. They may take on tasks they cannot do, or put themselves or their team in dangerous situations because they think they can handle it.


This character is likely to overreact to a situation even if the situation is not major. This character likely sees issues as bigger than they are and commonly frightens others.

This character, whether through genetics, overeating, or otherwise, weights a lot more than an individual of their species should be. When doing physical activity, this character will tire much quicker than others. This trait only applies if the character's weight affects them negatively.

Characters with this trait are unlikely to take initiative, and only do things when asked. They may prefer to stay away from action even in lieu of helping their team, and need to be specifically asked to do things that may seem like automatic or obvious responses to some.

This character seems to have no way of keeping diseases out of their body and will spontaneously catch new ailments with various disadvantages.

This character will only eat things from a personal list. Whether it’s all meat has to be seasoned with a specific spice, or they will only eat certain plants when prepared certain ways, this character is willing to starve themselves when they don’t get to eat the way they prefer to.

[Looks for trouble]

This character may not be aggressive themselves, but they will often taunt and provoke other characters. While they may have fun doing so, they’re prone to angering the wrong person and getting into trouble.

This character suffers from stress induced by a tramatic event that happened to them. The event and symptoms widely range person to person, but common symptoms include having issues sleeping, overall stress, emotional detachment, heavy anxiety, and may sometimes also include having flashbacks and hostility.


This character doesn’t have as much money as most people. They start out poor and commonly life will find a way to make this character lose any money they get soon after getting it. When this character is in a crew the crew is likely to lose money faster.

[Marionette] [Easily Controlled]

This character rarely has any thoughts for themselves. They live for others or a master and commonly will do nothing unless directly ordered to. When this character loses their master or puppeteer they may become helpless or cling to the nearest leader.


This character finds it hard to refuse orders or requests from others, and is easily persuaded to perform tasks.

A character with this trait is likely to repeat certain actions and/or phrases a ridiculous amount of times even if it's a bad time to do so.

What does this trait mean again? With forgetfulness and a short attention span all wrapped up into one unfortunate ball, this character’s mind seems all over the place. They’re in the middle of one thing, start another, and by then they’ve completely forgotten about the previous task they were up to. Not a very fun combination for anyone involved, including the character themselves.

This character usually makes choices that will only benefit themselves. While this character may have good morals that could dissuade them from choosing something that would harm others, they will think of their well-being as number one priority over everybody else. Because of this, they are less likely to share their goods or put themselves in harm's way for the sake of others.

[Sound sensitive] [Touch sensitive] [Light sensitive]

This character is prone to burnout through too much sensory input, be it auditory, tactile, or visual. The reactions may be different, however; shut-downs or aggression in response to overload are common.


This character is a carrier of many illnesses even if they themself are not affected by any. Time to time, someone around them might gain a sickness or mutation simply from being close to this character.


This character negatively or positively judges others based on what they were born as and not on the person’s actions. This character will commonly review the social standing of a person by their species and race when they see them. This is different from the classist trait as this character does not judge on the character’s social standing but the social standing of their entire race. It is possible for a speciesist to see all higher races as scum of the earth and lower species as absolutely perfect.

[Missing an eye] [No depth perception] [Lack of depth] [One-eyed]

his character is missing or blind in an eye/multiple eyes which cause them to have no sense of depth. Due to this they are more likely to make mistakes and miss when aiming a weapon.

[Good Samaritan Syndrome] [Hero Complex]

This character is easily moved when they see somebody down on their luck. While this character may end up making some friends this way, they will end up helping others even if they can't afford it. This character suffers severe morale losses when made to be "mean", but doesn't feel any obligation to be nice to villainous people.


This character has perhaps been overindulged by their parents or caregivers and has evolved a special kind of attitude because of it. A character with this trait resorts to very immature and often self-centered endeavors in order to get their way. It’s common for this character to exhibit temper tantrums or even manipulation.

[Headstrong] [Single-minded] [Narrow-minded]

This character is commonly stuck in their ways and is unwilling to change their thoughts on matters. This character is likely to believe what they think is the best option and what everyone else should believe.

This character hates violence and will refuse to even fight for their life. This character will suffer a morale loss if they find out their peers fought for any reason. Extreme version of [Pacifist].

This character is extremely volatile, if they detect an open wound they will enter a bloodfrenzy and attack the individual until either the victim or the character is dead, or the character is forcibly restrained. Outside bloodfrenzy, this character is extremely fond of violence, the more gruesome the better, and constantly seek the smallest bit of justification to attack anything that bleeds or can feel pain.
Restrictions: If matched with [Irredeemable] the character loses all blue and green traits, gains 2 more red traits, but gains 10 stat points. If alone it gets rid of one blue and green trait and gives 4 stat points.

[Blurts words]

This character cannot always control what they say and will sometimes say rude or hurtful things without meaning it. They may also agree to things they do not want to do or deny what they wish to do. This trait can cause distress to the character, people around them or both.

[Extremely Malnourished]

This character, whether through genetics, undereating, or otherwise, weights a lot less than an individual of their species should be. When doing physical activity, this character will tire much quicker than others. This trait only applies if the character's weight affects them negatively.


This character very easily holds a grudge and almost never forgives. If this character feels that they have been wronged, they will seek out revenge. It’s very difficult for others to work with this character once they have a grudge.

[Unsettling] [Chilling] [Scary] [Creepy] [Off]

This character commonly puts anyone around them on edge by presence alone. Everyday they are with someone, the sanity of the person goes slightly down.

This character automatically loses sanity each day and loses sanity and morale more quickly than other characters as well. This character most likely needs therapy to function normally.

[Hunted] [On The Lam]

An individual or organisation are attempting to track this individual down. This might take the form of a single tracker, or a widespread alert to all law enforcement in civilised space. The character may have to disguise themself to avoid constant entanglements either legal or violent.

This character enjoys the company and ownership of a particular fauna very, very much. Now they have too many of them. They likely smell like the fauna, will risk their own well-being to defend any attacked members of that fauna group, and have trouble not taking in any new fauna they see.

Yellow Traits

Yellow traits are abilities a character can do. Most abilities are buffs, or debuffers but some can also be powerful moves or strange abilities.

When activated, pick a stat and a character. All other characters will have this stat lowered to 1, while the character picked gets the total of all those stat points added to them for a short time.
Cooldown: Twice a day.

Whenever this character receives what would be a fatal blow, they gain a +5 to Strength and Endurance, and +3 to luck, and may help defeat the enemy(s) that dealt the blow. When the fight is over, the character dies.
Cooldown: Only activated upon receiving a would-be fatal blow.
Restrictions: Can only be used with characters with 7+ Luck or 7+ Endurance.

While this ability is active, the character using it will lose credits instead of getting hurt. This is very expensive.
Cooldown: Can be used anytime, but the ability won’t work if preventing an injury would leave the character to have a credits total below zero.

This character can automatically dodge things that would potentially cripple or kill them, or otherwise deeply incapacitate them.
Cooldown: Once a day.
Restrictions: This trait may only be on characters with 5+ Agility.

[We meet again] [Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!]

Ability info: When activated, this ability will summon a random character the user has met to the scene. This character needn’t necessarily be able to help and may make matters worse, intentionally or otherwise.
Cooldown: Useable once a day.
Restrictions: A luck stat of 7 or more.

When this character sings, they cause people around them to grow increasingly angry and bloodthirsty. The effect is broken when they stop singing.
Cooldown: Once daily.

[Electromagnetic Pulse]

This character is capable of generating electromagnetic pulses to disable, damage or destroy equipment, robots, or those otherwise susceptible to an electromagnetic pulse. Whether as part of their body or being trained to use these, the character is not susceptible to their own EMPs.
Cooldown: Twice per day.

By some means, whether by speech, yelling, or just about anything else, this character can cause their whole crew’s morale to increase and for a few moments after the ability is activated the whole crew will be able to ignore any negative buffs, injuries, and pain.
Cooldown: Once per day.

A controller trait. This character has two traits, and another character they watch out for. When this quarry is in peril trait 1 will activate until the quarry is safe, when the quarry is badly harmed, saddened or killed trait 2 will activate until the quarry recovers.
Cooldown: Passive.

Whenever this character is injured or gets sick, they will receive treats such as chocolate or honey proportionally to the severity of their injury. This skill does work on paper cuts, but the treats will look gross and taste like cardboard. The character needs an empty inventory slot for this skill to work.
Cooldown: Activates whenever the character acquires health problems. Passive.

For a short duration, this character can set themselves on fire and will only sustain minor burns in the process. Outside sources of heat will not hurt this character while this ability is active.
Cooldown: Can be used anytime, but the character’s burns will get worse with each use.
Restrictions: Any species that is naturally resistant to flames can’t have this ability. If a character obtains an immunity or resistance to fire somehow, they will be unable to use this ability.

When activated, this character can intimidate a target, or everyone around them including crew members. Every character affected will be forced in to a luck roll. Depending on the roll the target(s) will lose sanity and morale.
Cooldown: Twice a day.
Restrictions: Character cannot target themselves without using a mirror.

[Paparazzi'd] [No Privacy]

This character is constantly broadcasting (or others are braodcasting) their whereabouts and happenings to an interested audience. If something newsworthy happens to them (or their output drops without explanation), individuals throughout the universe will instantly know and may take action.
Cooldown: Passive / or activates anytime the character posts anything.
Restrictions: This trait can only be applied to characters who have the Often/Habitually Liveblogs and/or Under Surveillance traits.

Using seemingly correct reasoning, this character can evoke incredible confusion from a character with less intelligence than them, allowing the user to do something the target would otherwise object to. Using a logic bomb hurts the user’s head as well and reduces their intelligence by 3 for that day. This ability will not lower the character’s intelligence below 1.
Cooldown: This ability can be used anytime, though using it successfully at an int of 1 is impossible.

If a roll is made in which the result or outcome would negatively affect the character possessing this trait, Fortuna may reroll and use the higher of the two rolls. This ability will only activate if whatever Fortuna is rolling for will affect the character directly.
Cooldown: Has a 50% activation rate once per roll towards the character, +10% for every 1 point beyond 10 luck.
Restrictions: Any character possessing this trait must have at least 10 luck. If for any reason luck falls below 10, this trait becomes inactive, and reactivates upon regaining the lost luck points.

[Broadway Here I Come]

Anybody with this ability can do a variety of acts with their feet such as spelling out any word with their feet, tap dancing like a pro with their feet, and doing fire poi (with their feet of course). For some reason, this will boost their Charisma by +3 with anybody that witnessed their act.
Cooldown: 2 times per day.
Restrictions: They have to have feet.

While this ability is active, the user’s agility becomes doubled but their sanity quickly drains away.
Cooldown: Can be activated whenever, but the user is unlikely to do anything useful if their sanity goes too low.

[Do you remember me?]

Ability info: A character may wipe the (usually short term) memories of those in the nearby or immediate area. Line of sight may be required.
Cooldown: Once per day.
Restrictions: May only affect organics.

Ability info: At random points each day, the character with this ability will randomly receive an item in their inventory of worth dependant on that character's luck stat. If this trait is on a pet, that item will either be deposited in the owner's inventory, or the pet's inventory if it has an inventory system.
Cooldown: Can be manually activated once per day, or it will randomly activated 2 times a day automatically. It cannot be manually activated if a random activation has already gone off.

When activated, all non party npc's have their luck lowered to match the luck of the user, and one of two effects will activate:
A: All rolls for the duration of the misfortune become luck rolls, including skill checks.
B: The user of misfortune gains the accumulated luck of all characters drained. For the duration of the ability.
Cooldown: Can be activated once a day.


When activated a targeted resource may turn out to be wrongly labelled. A few cans of “Meat” was actually “Plants” all along! A box of “Scrap” was just a box of “Wires”.
Cooldown: Twice per day.
Restrictions: Any item this trait is activated on becomes “Actually X”, and cannot have this trait used on it again. Rarely the item will be of worse quality than expected.

This character has two main moods, mood X and mood Y. Mood X is connected to trait 1 which is a positive trait. Mood Y is connected to trait 2 which is a negative trait. When this character feels X, trait 1 is activated. When this character feels Y, trait 2 is activated. It is possible to have both activated at the same time.
Cooldown: Passive

[Shut up already]

This character is capable of rendering another character unable to speak for a short amount of time.
Cooldown: Can be used thrice a day.
Restrictions: Only allowed on characters with psychic powers. Only works on organics.

A character with this trait can sense meaningful events or people that an object has been through or met. The more sudden the event or familiar the person (to the object), the easier it is to get a clear picture of what happened.
Cooldown: Unlimited.
Restrictions: The object has to be non-living and can fit in a character's inventory.

When activated, pick a stat. This stat will then be distributed evenly between all crew members for a short time.
Cooldown: Twice a day.

Any character that gets within range of this character has all of their psychic powers disabled as long as they are in range. This range is always 5 - 30 feet and can be changed. This character also cannot have any psychic or mind powers used on them.
Cooldown: Passive.
Restrictions: This character cannot have any other sort of psychic / mind power.

With this ability the character can swap the morale of a person or a whole crew of people with their sanity. This does not lower or raise either trait, just swaps them.
Cooldown: Once per day. The swap is permanent until swapped again.
Restrictions: Only allowed on characters with psychic powers or the ability to do so.

This character is rigged to detonate if a specific keyword is said or a certain condition is met. The resulting explosion is powerful, and may prove deadly to anyone caught within the blast radius.
Cooldown: This ability kills the user.
Restrictions: This trait is restricted to robots.

Within a certain radius a character with this ability causes any inside to have their stat effectiveness swapped. A stat of 1 acts like it is a 10, and a stat of 10 acts like it is a 1, any stats above 10 or below 1 will act like a 1 or 10. The effect lasts for only a few moments.
Cooldown: This ability may be used twice per day.

[Adrenaline Junkie]

Activator trait: This character loves danger and has a trait that they gain whenever they are in peril. Every day that this trait goes without activation this character will lose morale.
Cooldown: Activated whenever this character is scared or in danger.

No cause no effect

Veto allows this character to cancel out an action, and the consequences of that action. Example, if [Veto] is used to cancel out someone firing a gun, the gun will have the same amount of rounds as it would have if it wasn't fired, and the target will be unharmed. Keep in mind that nothing stops them from just shooting again though.
Cooldown: Twice daily.

This character is armed to the teeth and as such is never without a weapon. If you don’t equip a weapon to this character and they need to fight, they will pull out a random weapon that they “happened” to have on them that was never mentioned until now. How good the weapon is depends on a roll.
Cooldown: Once per day.

This character's agility is raised by 5 when they are on/in X, where X is a type of terrain. However, their agility is lowered by 5 when they are on land. X can be any kind of terrain except on land. Agility can be raised above 10 with this trait. Landstrider is not a valid type of strider.
Cooldown: Passive.

Purple Traits

Purple traits are strange and unpredictable. Purple traits are very bad or very good, but most of the time they’re both. Purple traits are almost always very vague about what they do. To see spoilers on what the purple traits do see this list.

Well, aren’t you special?

Aim for the heels...

Nobody’s coming.


You're not an X anymore, huh?
Activation: Passive

When a black cat crosses your path...

[Eris] [Infinite Improbability Machine]

You'll never have a normal day ever again!
Activation: Passive

You've found yourself, but not in the way you expected.
Activation: Passive


Now we are cosmic friends forever...and ever...

You can’t fight it...

You’re a little too in character.
Activation: Only active when a cosplay or costume is worn.

Your fingers are like super glue.

Don’t let it go to your head.

Local Florida man gets drunk and jumps in to lake full of alligators. What happens next will surprise you!

[Strongman Requiem]

With power, madness comes together.


This character belongs to an exclusive group of individuals. As other members of the group cease to exist, each surviving individual in the group gains bonuses to their stats. The individual may be compelled to eliminate other members of that group or defend themselves in case of a chance encounter.


Time to hitch another ride.

You got a friend in me...

[Together Forever] [Never Apart]

It's like the whole universe exists just to keep us together.

I’m dying with laughter!!

Not everything that's gold glitters...
Activation: Upon the end of an encounter

You're not from around here, are you?
Activation: Passive
Restrictions: Applies to characters who do not seem to fit in with the rest of the universe on a fundamental level.

No one will ever know the real you. Was the fame, the fortune, the adoration of the masses worth it?
Activation: Passive

Baby’s first trait.

Nobody is perfect.
Activation: Passive
Restrictions: The moment a lot of people figure out the character's flaws, [Perfect] disappears.

Sometimes a smile will go too far.

You got death by your side.

Left, right, left, right.

Even suggesting that this character is an X is preposterous.

It just slices and dices.

Extremely skilled at X, but as for other tasks...

[Literal Speaker]

Do as I say, not as I do.
Activation: Passive

Is a second chance always a good thing?

There’s a storm a-comin.

[Watchful Eye]

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?