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The itemdex is a section where you can see every item that has been added so far and a description of what that item is or does. The itemdex is split in to two sections, major and minor items. Major items are rather special items, while minor items are those that, while can be rare, are just aren't worth deep explanation. As with other sections of the Cosmosdex you can hover over the dividing bars and click on them to close that section to allow you to get to the other sections with ease. If you would like to link to a certain item, click the name of the item to change your url to a link that goes directly to that item.

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Smart Rabbit

Rare | Robot | 1 | 5000p
"Sniff, sniff. Recording is now in progress. Sniff, sniff."
Art by, Artem1s

Description: Coming in many forms, sizes, and colors the smart rabbit is a robot that looks like a rabbit from head to cute witty toes. It hops, runs, and even appears to eat like a rabbit, but this rabbit has a lot more in store than just that. Orginally designed jointly by O-9 and O-11 to be a notail spying robot the designs for the robot were ironically leaked. Now the robot has gone from a highly classified device to one that can be found in the homes of people who want a pet and a security system, and on the ships of those who cannot afford a dedicated scout.

Special: The smart rabbit has many devices in it to assist in spy operations. While household and ship scouts don't have all of the features listed, those that are used in spying have two cameras, a signal jammer, spring loaded feet allowing it to jump 20 feet upwards to scale walls, a smoke screen device, highly sensitive recording ears, and a self destruct feature in case something goes wrong. These bunnies came prepared.


Remote Servant - Queen

Legendary | Robot | 65 | 350,000,000p
"If a civil issue requires a TANK to solve, then you are solving it wrong."

Description: A drone controlled remotely via modules attached to a group of richifes’ core implants, queen-class models are popularly known as heavily armored drones, bristling with armaments, topped with a powerful communications array that can allow for control from across the planet. However, those really are only the military-grade queen drones. In general, queen-class drones specialize in versatility, usually through configurability, granting it the ability to do way more than most other classes of drone.The price for this is that it becomes too complex for richife to control, needing at least two. Which, in order to make such a feat of co-operation worthwhile, leads to them needing to be overkill for most domestic applications, as well as exceeding the legal armament limit, and being excessively expensive. Unlike other remote servants, repairs are a highly complicated matter, require a great deal of resources, and technical expertise. In turn, Queen-class drones are usually heavily reinforced, the added cost being the lesser evil. The number of active queen-class drones has never came close to breaching the double digits.

Special: Almost all queen-class remote servants are military-grade armored war machines. As private ownership and sale is illegal, in addition to sheer expense, it is nigh-impossible to obtain one. Even after that, using one effectively requires sustained cooperation between five or six richife, which might be even harder to pull off. Despite all this, there are plenty of people who try to steal one, and inevitably a handful succeed. The richife government is willing pay somewhat handsomely for the destruction of these units, and significantly more handsomely for their return.

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Green Legate Helmet

One of a Kind | Wearable | 1 | 500,000p
"PSA from Rema Valedictra, Legate of Iron: "It's ours damnit, stop putting it on and give it the hell back before someone gets hurt."

Description: This is a fully-enclosed metima armour helmet, with ornate diamond patterning and two perfect jade stones on either cheek. Unlike the ancestral helmets of the modern legates, this example has a single wide visor, covering all four eyes, made of dark-tinted glass. A centred triangular device above this caps a lighter-coloured stripe leading to a differently-shaped back of the helmet. Below, several attached segments making up a sort of armoured neck-guard can move freely, with attachment points for a bodysuit and presumably the rest of the armour suit it once topped, not present, however.

This piece was the ceremonial headgear for a legate position that no longer exists, having been retired over a thousand years ago at the dawn of the AI Era, for unspecified or unclear reasons. At some point it was stolen from the Legacy archives, and has been swapping hands between rich collectors ever since - frequently via their surprisingly-soon-executed will. Ever since, the Hierarchy and Legacy have been offering competing and ever-escalating rewards for its return whenever it surfaces, but as of yet to no avail.

Special: The outstanding bounty by the Legacy of 2 million points on this famous relic has remained unclaimed for several hundred years, leading to theories that it has either been lost for good or that the current owner is waiting for the posted rewards to go up. There are also rumours drifting around that the helmet somehow bestows great knowledge and wisdom on any who dare risk wearing one of the most valuable antiques in the universe.

Terraforming Device

One of a Kind | Consumable | 5 | 1,000,000p
"A whole new planet for you and me."

Description: The Terraforming device is a circular globe, hovering in mid-air. Tapping it brings up a hologram screen and a keyboard, at which the user can input how they want the planet to be terraformed. It was formerly created by a scientist who wanted to use it to reform an unknown planet with hopes to share it with the rest of the universe. Sadly the plans for the item was scattered among their former crew members, who now fight for the rights to use the item.

Special: The terraforming device, while untested, can completely change the way a planet looks, and is capable of shaping or removing mountains. It's currently lost and left behind in a unknown planet. It's likely that unless the former crew that helped create it shares the location, it will be left there forever.

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