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“It is the duty of us to find things that break a law of science and fix it. We fix it by killing it, or taking it apart 'til we understand it only appeared to be breaking a law. ^u^” — A common notail

Art by, Artem1s

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-8
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-0

Common Jobs: Depends on class

Likes: Experimentation, Beasts, Perfecting genes
Dislikes: The Neo, People who get in the way, Ethics

Attack Method: Rarely attacks unless the other has something they want. Commonly uses beasts to attack for them due to their lack of power.

Homeplanet: Eukaryote
Lifespan: 80 years
Height: 5'7 ft
Diet: Anything edible, Rotten food

Social Class: High Upper Class
Rarity: Slightly Uncommon

Common Traits

[Diligent] Positive trait
This character is commonly hard-working and is unlikely to fail most of their tasks. This character is also careful with their work and makes less mistakes than most.
[Realistic] Neutral trait
This character can look at a situation realistically and decide when to give up or back off. This sometimes causes the character to back away from situations that can possibly won with a bit of effort or luck.
[Sickness Spreader] Negative trait
This character is a carrier of many illnesses even if they themself are not affected by any. Time to time, someone around them might gain a sickness or mutation simply from being close to this character.

Patrons and Gods

The notails hate their god the Neo, and all the other limbo gods with a passion. They have dedicated their lives to figuring out a way to overcome and kill them all.

Patrons: Asclepius, Apollo, Artemis, Nemesis, Nox
Gods: All Limbos, Mainly the Neo
Original Creator: Gimeurcookie
Physical Description

The notails are bipedal and stand upright. They are covered in skin which is commonly a darkish brown to a lightly toasted brown, but they can also come in a more pale or darker tone; however, this is much rarer.

Notails used to come in a large range of shades, but after a while the common mid tan tone most of them are was decided as the best tone to survive in all types of sun conditions. Notails who were made to work on colder planets where there was less sunlight are born paler and notails who were made to work on hotter planets where there is more sunlight will be darker. Due to most planets not having a harsh temperature, notails will most likely be born the common tan.

They have short claws on the tip of their fingers, and sharp teeth. On top of the head of the notail are two bent antennas that they can flatten and hide in the hair upon their head. Notails lack hair anywhere else but on their head.

While notails are mammals there is very little that sets apart the males and females due to notails carefully refining their genes. There are only a few extreme cases where the genes might fail and a notail will develop mammary glands. Due to there being little to no other difference in the sexes, notails tend to not care about what they are called. For example, if you call a male a female or vice versa, most notails will not object as the small difference is not worth correcting. It seems most common to call notails "He".

The most important thing about the notail is their faces. Their faces are commonly a pure white color and made of hardened materials such as a sturdy plastic. This face has a smile, or content expression on it constantly. Expressions of sadness or anger are forbidden. Their “faces” are, of course, masks but notails call their true faces their “mask”. Notails rarely take off their faces and they try their best to not take them off while people are around. If a notail needs to eat they will commonly just pull their face forward and slip the food under it.

Personality & Traits

Alone, a notail is a simple creature. Together, they are the universe’s worst nightmare, and that’s how they want it. The notails can speak to each other non verbally as long as they have their antennas. With enough notails around a higher class notail can create vast networks, able to get a message from one part of the planet to the other side in a half an hour. Lower class notails are weak to the control of higher class notails and instinctively do what they are told. The more notails connected in a “network” the smarter they are, with notails able to do huge projects without ever speaking to one another, like a hive mind.

Notails are very logical and distance themselves from “feelings”. When it comes to any situation they perceive numbers and values instead of “people”. If they had to pick between saving 4 low class notails and 1 high class notail they’d turn the situation into an equation. If the high class notail is worth more than 4 low class notails then they’d save the high class. If not the 4 low class get saved.

To notails though, everything is about the survival of the fittest and smartest. If something or someone they know dies they will rarely be moved or saddened by it; according to the notails, that person should have been stronger, or their genes should have better. Due to notails using machines to make new notails every “batch” of notail comes out the same. If one notail from the same batch cannot perform as well as the rest of them then this is commonly brought up, as notails do not see a reason that one person who is nearly genetically identical to another should fail their task while the other succeeds.

Due to their careful gene selection notails rarely look for mates in their own species as they don’t wish to “ruin the gene pool” and create a child that wouldn’t fit “standards”. If a notail is born out of a relationship between two notails then the child will be classless and can work to figure out what letter class to fit. These natural born notails are commonly not put up to the same standards as non-natural born notails. If this notail fails a job other notails will normally say something along the lines of “It’s ok if you fail, it’s no problem, your genes just aren’t correct.”

Child notails are taken care of by a class of child protector notails who make sure all the children are safe, developing well, and to root out imperfections. Young notails are described as "ducklings" as they become highly imprinted on their current parent at the age of 2. Once a notail is imprinted it is impossible to reprint them, as such notails raised by species that are not notails will act like their imprinted species.They will fully believe they are their imprinted species no matter how much anyone says otherwise.

They will wear masks that look like the other species and do what the other species does, even if it is deadly to them, such as being raised by a robot and refusing to eat. Other, non-imprinted notails do not consider the imprinted one one of them, and completely treat them as if they were of the other species.

When notail children reach the age of 12 they are given an animal companion and tossed out into the wilderness. If they survive a few years out there they are allowed to become adults and enter notail society.

Notails are highly impersonal even when on a crew of other species. They tend to call everyone a “subject” and even give them numbers. They have a knack for wanting to constantly test as they are curious beings. Every notail tends to find their test niche sometime after reaching adulthood. For example, there are notails who enter into relationships with different species just to catalog how said species operates into a relationship and post it on to a site that contains and archives this so that others may have a guide while attempting to court those not of their species. Some might test the effects of mind parasites on different species unknown to the people they are testing on.

Despite their nasty and well deserved reputation, notails almost never toss the first punch unless they want what someone else has badly. When they do fight notails use their smarts and their creatures to fight instead of doing it physically themselves.


An old tale on the notail planet goes like this.

Once there were a delightful group of beings, holy in all ways. They had long graceful tails and faces, pale and hardened. They were known as the tailed. They lived in peace for many ages, unknowing to the idea of harm or pain. Then one day a young tailed noticed a creature passing by their local forest just outside of their town. The young tailed tried to explain what he had seen, and could only explain it as a “no tail”, a creature just like them, with hardened pale faces. Just as humans would call bigfoot, bigfoot for his huge feet, the no tails were called no tails for their lack of graceful tails.

The idea of this no tail was silly they thought, a nightmare the child thought up. A nightmare was right. People would go missing suddenly. More sightings of these no tails would be talked about, but no one would believe them. The town of people became sick with an illness that could not be cured and perished. Word spread to the towns nearby about the sickness, but no one assumed anything about the no tail sightings.

And then it happened again.

And again.

Town after town. These no tails would be spotted and then a few people would go missing. Afterwards, a sickness would tear the town from the inside out.

The last settlement of the tailed stood. They knew what was coming. They knew it would be their end. The no tails were no longer scared to hide behind trees and bushes. In the dead of the night, they walked in the open with no fear into the last town. What the tailed saw horrified them. Upon their faces, the notails wore masks. Masks made from the tailed’s hardened and pale faces.

Notails have built their society on the idea of killing their main god, the Neo, for they feel the Neo is the cause of all pain. They feel like they were betrayed by their god long ago for not giving them the perfect life. Their society became about improving things, streamlining them, trying to advance everything possible until they finally find out how to kill god. As such notails were the first species to reach the space age and start finding new species and planets. Despite this, not much has changed about the notail's society; they continue to march on, barely acknowledging the other species in the universe unless it’s to make them useful or to put them in their place.


Notails lack subspecies but do have classes, which are slightly genetically different from each other. Every notail class has a leader for their whole classing. This leader is like an O-class and thus is able to control other notails with ease, but only for their classing. To see more info about the notails and their class system, go to the notail lore section in the Cosmosdex.


Sickness Spreader: Because of the planet they live on normally being a hellhole, they tend to carry many sicknesses on and in them. Many of these tend to cause some horrible mutations and tend to be able to jump from species to species with ease. Keeping up with the latest vaccinations is very important for many due to this.


• When a notail wishes to show aggression they do a two handed-salute where they hold one arm to the side, and the other one folds before their face. Then they put their face into the crook of their arm. This movement lasts for only a second, two at most, and means "I hope you get sick and die." It is uncommonly used outside of the notail species.

• Notail masks (their "faces") are very important to them. Their masks are almost always a flat, perfect white color, but very rarely they can be flat black, or even decorated; the latter will get one very odd looks from other notails however. Most notails keep the same mask for life, sometimes never even removing it from their faces and causing it to grow into it. Some notails are a little more fickle and will change masks every few months or years, just feeling the need to have a change in viewpoint.

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