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Welcome to the Cosmosdex! The Cosmosdex hosts a fictional space themed encyclopedia by the same name. In it contains pages and pages of lore, aliens, planets, and just about anything you could ever want to know for the fictional universe it takes place in called Fortuna. We also host the webcomic [Fortuna], a fourth wall breaking comic that remembers your name, and the choices you make. It's about a group of aliens planet hopping their way towards the fabled and deadly planet known as Fortuna in hopes of making their wishes come true.

While the Cosmosdex and [Fortuna] are very closely related, there's no need to read one of them to understand the other, both of them are self contained products that are enjoyable on their own. So kick back, do a little reading at the Cosmosdex, and then think about joining a band of aliens on their quest for anwsers at [Fortuna], you won't regret it!

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Feature Dex entry: Ominous Floating

Exactly what the label describes, ominous floating hands are a humanoid-like hand with 4 fingers that ends at the wrist. It is currently unknown how, but floating hands can fly about in almost any environment, seemingly unaffected by the vacuum of space or toxic atmospheres.

Some may wear a glove, all attempts of trying to trace the origin of the gloves recovered from floating hands have come up inconclusive. Ominous floating hands are non-aggressive unless provoked, and their apparent objective is to only poke, pat, or press into at a selected individual and leave.

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