[Cosmosdex] The Fictional Encyclopedia


The legendary dex is the place where you may find characters who show up in every universe. To be a legendary character, they must fit one or more of these rules. Being a major part of a plot, such as being the head of a species goverment, flat out famous, such as being a huge rock star or war hero, or just a plain oddity in the universe.



Alice.exe is a cloudsitter boog, and as such, lives mostly just as data in networks. This means she doesn't have a traditional physical form to describe, but there are visual features she uses to define herself. When using a visual representation, she appears as a three eyed teal silhouette of a head with four simplified tentacles protruding from the top. When inhabiting a robot chassis with a screen this avatar is projected upon it, and in robots with no screen she adjusts lights to be teal, if possible.

Athena v7

V7 appears similar to a v1 Athena unit at first glance, until you notice the minor differences, mainly in the legs, arm, head, and singular wing. V7 has a sleeker and more curved beak than a normal Athena unit, with a more jagged and further back crown, along this crown many scuff marks and deep scratches may be found, as a sign of the many battles v7 has been through. In addition, v7 has only a single wing, and as well as a customized left arm, due to having lost both an arm and a wing in a fight that was in fact in reality a trap. V7 refuses to replace her broken wing, but willingly replaced her arm with a much more dangerous model customized to hold a single ai unit to act as a secondary power source. While v7 wears the typical garb of an Athena unit, she has made one addition: a cloak used to conceal her left arm when not in battle.


When meeting Azathoth for the first time, many people will instantly notice that they felt like they've seen Azathoth before, but have no idea where they met them. If while reading this entry you feel you have met Azathoth before, stop, and inform yourself that you have never met Azathoth, and likely never will.


Records and eyewitness accounts are often inconsistent in the overall description of the creature that is known as "Baby." However, when all information is compiled, a few nevertheless important traits remain the same. Baby is a large, many-legged abomination that vaguely resembles a metaparxi. Baby's fur is light blue in color, with a lighter blue underbelly. Many have reported Baby's skin to be covered in dark purplish bruises, small blemishes or large tumor-like growths. They carry themself low to the ground, and is said to stagger and limp when on the move, but may be incredibly fast when needed. Baby is estimated to be somewhere between ten to fifteen feet long, while the amount of legs could be anywhere between eight to twelve legs in total.

Bela Elzenstein

A regal and dignified vampwelf of fairly average height and build. Bela's fur is a very dark gray, and his exceptionally styled hair is black, with some gray streaks as he eases into his fourth century.

Bela owns to the "New Style" of vampwelf fashion with his finely tailored vest-coat, and dashing mantle. Unlike many other vampwelf who adopt the fashion, Bela rarely wears hats, concerned as he is for his fine grooming, but can on occasion be seen wearing the crown of his house, mostly on official functions but sometimes when he feels like impressing people.

Boris Drakken

A large and imposing figure of a vampwelf, broader and more heavyset than most of his kin, He certainly leaves an impression. Boris' age has done little to dull his intimidating visage, as while his fur might be grayer than black, and his hair reduced to wisps of gray strands framing his face, his deeply furrowed, nearly constant expression of discontent leave no secrets to his continence, and his form, though flabbier and more wrinkled than in his youth, is no less powerful.

He wears clothes befitting a man of his prestige and station, a fine coat of armor, dyed the red color of his house.

Dr. Ivan Cortz

Doctor Ivan Cortz, is a fairly average klannec, aside from the natural white markings that line his skin. His skin is a peachy orange color, with a vibrant red/orange gemstone atop his head. Cortz can typically be seen in his signature yellow lab coat and red shorts. This choice of fashion is widely considered an absolute insult to scientists everywhere who follow proper laboratory attire rules.


E-27, or as they like to be called, Kero, is a rather average notail, of middling height, weight and age. In fact, it would be very hard to remember them, if it wasn't for their atrocious personality. They have the typical brown notail skin tone, and despite their living conditions keep themselves very well groomed, and usually dress in comfortable but not outstanding clothes. Like most E classes, Kero lets their claws grow out.


Towering at an impressive four inches tall, Hawkmoth has an average physique for a fairy, if maybe a little bit more toned, possibly, if you get close enough to look? I wouldn't, personally. She glows a darkish purple color, which can be seen from a great distance, but not enough distance to be adequately prepared. Hawkmoth can be described in a word as 'Aggressive'. At any given moment, she's liable to be looking for a fight, and probably a way to get paid for it.


Hero is a very dark-skinned notail with black, curly hair that stands out almost immediately in a crowd of their species simply by dint of their outfit. Though, much like most other notails, they seem to wear the same type of outfit all the time, theirs is distinct in that it is not a plain grey shirt and pants with their number - part of that being because, of course, that they don’t remember their number at all.


@HootoffDPresses, Hoot for short, is an average-looking tweep, usually spotted interviewing the most interesting-looking person in any given room. His head-mounted phone has a square card labelled "PREZ" sticking clearly out of it, and he'll be taking down notes, digital and handwritten, with any limbs not needed to keep himself upright.

@HootoffDPresses is a journalist with particular interest in criminal organisations. @HootoffDPresses claims to know all there is to know about the criminal mind - in reality, he knows everything about depictions of them in media.

Jark Tinflamor I

King Jark Tinflamor I is easy to tell from any other pyronian. He is slightly short for the species, being a few inches shorter than the average height. His flaming aura is a bright lime green. His symbol is a darker green upside-down trident, and due to this he always uses his specially made green trident in battle. His crown is made of red pyroalloy, and like his trident, is studded with miscolored green gems. He is often wearing a rather small yet elegant cloak covered in green and red patterns and trimmed with bronze. He also wears a tattered and burnt cape. It seems to have some sort of stain on it.

Kyle Continuous

Kyle it must be fundamentally understood is not a wholly physical creature, he's more accurately understood as a curse that overrides people's natural state of being with his, though make no mistake he is the same being regardless of what shape he takes.

Due to his nature, his exact physical appearance varies depending on his current host, but there are some key features which remain consistent regardless.


Leon is a relatively tall example of an oomn, who covers his face with a computer-screen mask. This mask, made of rusted and dirt-covered metal, has two vertical eye-holes underneath a horizontal slash, and a jagged mouth cut out and painted. Leon's skin tone is a dark slate grey, and his unkempt, lank hair is even darker, verging on completely black. He is occasionally identifiable even without the very unique mask due to almost always wearing red and cream floor-length robes, and a dark green-grey scarf around the neck.

Metal objects in the vicinity of him have been observed to rapidly tarnish, leading to his nickname.


It's almost never hard to pick out Majesty from a crowd. Despite their fur being pale like others of their species, they constantly don a paper crown. They're also commonly the only gnosis wearing any clothing at all- constantly switching outfits inspired by their favorite characters. The most common of this being a purple dress, tied with a gold belt. Their wings are also far more elaborate than others', the murals on their wings constantly being scrubbed off in favor of more wide and huge.


Mi11 is taller than the average Artemis and stands on hooves sporting the same foggy shade of blue as her fingers and monitor while the rest of her segmented build is the common silver. Upon her chest are a set of vents with the foggy blue tint glimmering out of them with every puff of hot air. Over all this is a long, brown coat that reaches down to her ankles with a belt holding it to her at the waist, holstering a pistol. Upon her monitor are a set of forest green, floppy "ears" fitted with auditory sensors and brown antlers that branched at the base in two directions, two sections curving up and inward, the ones on the outside being bigger than the other, and a small one pointing out away from her screen, used as weapons if necessary. Steer clear of a charge.


At first glance, it would be easy to assume Nafi is just another one of Ruhi’s vessels. Their skin is deep blue with brighter blue splotches all over their body, and four green tendrils sprout from the typical three tufted crest on their head, all of which is slightly uncommon but not so uncommon as to be notable. The ring of petals around their neck is white and similar to a jasmine flower in appearance, rather average for a ruhi, and they dress quite plainly for a vessel, in contrast to Ruhi’s typical attention to beauty even when impractical.


There are no records on what O-1 looks like. Just about nothing about O-1’s looks can be confirmed other than that O-1 is constantly smiling, day in and day out. With a rather large grin. =)


The shortest member of the O class, O-2 only makes himself smaller by the way he leans in on the spear he carries at all times and slouches on it. The small simple patch on O-2's shirt that denotes him as the fabled step leader of the O classes seems like a joke. O-2 simply does not look like a leader at all, but it's him, O-2 in all of his grace.

O-2 is almost always in tourist gear. Flowers may be wrapped around his neck, and his shirt and pants nearly always showing images of waves or beaches. Those are his favorite, he'll mention.


Large and imposing the beast of the bog known as O-3 can’t help but be the centerpiece of any room. The mask on O-3’s face swirls, as if it was carved out of wood until it forms the face which appears to be a mix of a crocodile and dragon. O-3’s antennas stick up at all times, and his long black untamed mane reaches as far as his chest.

O-3 wears simple grey clothes, commonly damaged and no shoes or accessories. On long trips into the wild it’s said that O-3 doesn’t wear clothes at all.


Princess is a rather pale skinned notail, originally born to be an N-class notail working on a rather cold planet, Princess was born with no antennas and to this day lacks them. Princess commonly has scars from fights on her body and arms, she thinks they're neat and a good conversation starter.

Princess mask is that of a unicorn, the horn of it spiraling into a different color by the time it gets to the tip. Princess' mask is commonly white, but she occasionally changes to a black one to to fit her outfit.


O-5 is a notail who many find certainly off when spotted. He has a mask that resembles a kangaroo or a rat, which isn't odd at all, commonly wears a grey and other bland colored shirts which is of the norm, but O-5 has prosthetic legs made of metal, which to notails is an absolute social crime. Unlike most notails O-5 believes it is fine to replace missing limbs with that of iron and steel. O-5 rather likes his metal lower half which is digitigrade and allows for easy jumping.


The thing that stands out to most people when they see O-6 is the way he holds himself. He stands tall and proud, never a single step out of order. O-6 dresses unlike many other notails. O-6 cannot just have a simple outfit he can easily put on like others, instead he spends up to an hour of his day grooming himself to perfection, polishing his mask of the day, and making sure his suit is flawless. Most notails would never worry about such minor things, but O-6 is obsessed about his look, down to his tie. No one knows what ties are even for, and yet he hangs it around his neck as a symbol of power.


O-7 is a notail of many suits. It seems that O-7 is quite baffled at fashion past notail norms, and yet still attempts his best to come in a suit and tie to the job, even though this is uncommon in notails. O-7 wears a dog mask that appears to be made out of polygons. The mask is a plain white, but a few of the polygons are colored black to form an agape and happily surprised face of ":V".


In the deep dark depths of a notail planet, stands a cruel monster. An upright posture, never wavering, the head of a goat, and a finely trimmed lab coat only marred by one thing, bones ripping through the body of the beast. This beast is known as O-8, O-8 is an abomination, not only physically, but in action.

The head of O-8 is covered in a goat head, one that used to walk and breath like all other things that have lived. The goat head can vary in looks, but generally comes from a breed with medium size horns, dark fur, and golden eyes, though nowadays O-8 replaces these eyes with glass or plastic eyes.


Describing what O-9 looks like is easy when one sees him, but that’s just the issue, spotting O-9, even if he’s in the same room as you, can be quite a challenge. O-9 does not present himself to people he doesn’t actively want to see him. Photos of O-9 are scarce, nearly all of them extremely blurred as if someone was attempting to falsify evidence of O-9’s existence. Thankfully written words and artist depictions cannot run away.

O-9 is an extremely abnormally tall notail, reaching seven feet. O-9’s form is hidden by his long dark colored cloak. Four arms, two too many, are what O-9 possesses.


Despite being a notail, O-X has a rather friendly look to him, one that seems honest, like a person one would meet everyday. O-X stands tall and commonly with his hands at his hip when not in motion to make himself appear bigger. He wears simple dark pants, and a grey tracksuit. Strangely enough O-X tends to wear this tracksuit half opened and with no undershirt under it.


Describing what O-11 looks like is a hard feat. O-11 appears to be notail in shape, but his limbs and even some of his torso are made up of many other species and even a few other notails. Appearing to look like a Frankenstein made monster the only thing that is easy to describe about O-11 is that he wears a bunny like mask.


O-12 looks vary based on the notail(s) that they are at the time. While it used to be tradition for every O-12 to wear a mask of a pig, this is no longer the norm.

Pan v6.66

Pan v6.66 is said to be a black and red Pan unit, taller than most, with overly long horns. His eyes are pitch-black, or bright red if he's angry. Instead of the normal fingers of a Pan unit, he has sharp claws. Pan v6.66 either has no tail, or has one so small it's easy to miss. The rods on his back have been modified into nonfunctional wings. His limbs are long compared to other Pan units, which is the reason for his odd height. Pan v6.66's solar panel belly has been modified for some unknown purpose.


General Strakai looked like your fairly typical Kaikian, minus his exceptional height. He had a dark blue coloration, along with vibrant green eyes. He notably had no bionic limbs of any kind and had an extra finger on his right hand. He wore several necklaces made of the melted down holotags of every soldier that has fallen under his command, though many civilians believed the dog tags to be that of his enemies. He owned a large area in the Tomb of the Fallen on Prokai, Inteliga's only moon, in which he hung the dog tags of all the enemies he had personally slain, so they may be remembered.

Terrence Blowskowl

Terrence is far from the most atypical looking of aftiks. Noted as being fairly handsome and well groomed, but his only actually unusual feature is his above-average height. He's most noted for his sense of fashion. Whichever mood he's in, he'll be wearing rather flamboyant and eye-catching clothing. When pretending to be a kindly, non-murderous aftik, He dresses in a friendly, and endearing fashion, that screams "I am a nice guy, who can be trusted."

The rest of the time, of course, he dresses in a stereotypical 'pirate' fashion, including his dashing coat, trimmed in gold. He's blind in one eye, and thus taken to wearing an eyepatch when in 'pirate' mode.


Testudatlan is the only creature of their kind. They are a several-miles-long tortoise creature whose extremities remain partially submerged beneath the surface of the Real Yermo land. When they move, great canyons and lakebeds are formed. Testudatlan has an extremely hooked bill which swirls over itself hundreds of times into the point of a pin. On their back is an nigh-impenetrable shell made of both the finest and the most commonplace materials blended in a fine tapestry, all of which can chip or flake off selectively by force.

Vivian & Willa

Vivian is a fairly typical looking vespidee, who's most notable features are her rude dudette hairstyle that sweeps to the right, and her sunglasses, which she always wears, even in situations in which it would be impractical or silly, such as an indoors, or at night. Her other notable feature are her big black boots, which she uses to stomp on people after she stabs them.

Willa is a fairly average looking vespidee in most respects. One of her most distinct features is her hairstyle, One of her most distinct features is her hairstyle, an asymmetrical undercut.

Vladok Drakken

Vladok is an exceptional example of a vampwelf, being sturdily built and taller than average. His fur is an exceptionally fine, deep shade of black. His facial fur is styled into a stylish mustache and his dark hair hangs down in a rather wild, yet regnal style, down to his shoulders.

He wears attire befitting his former station; A princely red coat in the typical blood red of hous Von Drakken with a great black cape with red lining, and dark gray mantle. Doffing his head is a regal cap in red and black with typical Von Drakken designs.


Xor is a long, flattened creature, with a smooth, snow-white body and two clawed arms which bend without permanent joints. Xor has a white, animal-like head with a flat face with a circle on it. This circle is dented inwards and the inside is dark red. It also has a stripe of the same shade all the way down its back, and its long sharp claws are also that same shade of red. The exact shape of Xor's head is symbolic, but it is similar to some feline and canine notail masks, a comparison which it claims to be thoroughly unflattering, as if anyone cared about accidentally insulting it.