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Rabbit / The Melancholy

“You could never know what I've been through. Stop trying to sympathize with me. You're only doing it to make yourself feel better because I'm not feeling better about this!

Don't touch me. I said DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME! OwO” — O-11

Art by, Skelefrog

Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Obedaiya
  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-10

Age: Unknown
Height: 5'10 ft
Species: Notail

Job: Notail Leader of the P-class and K-class
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Everything
Notable contributions: O-11 is amazing at discovering where new anomalies in the universe are without even trying. O-11 is also extremely fast and does most of the classified filing work for the O-classes. O-11 is the leader of the P-rogrammer and K-nowledge class notails and other than O-1, is the oldest O-class.

[Sensory Overload] Negative trait
This character is prone to burnout through too much sensory input, be it auditory, tactile, or visual. The reactions may be different, however; shut-downs or aggression in response to overload are common.
[Unforgiving] Negative trait
This character very easily holds a grudge and almost never forgives. If this character feels that they have been wronged, they will seek out revenge. It’s very difficult for others to work with this character once they have a grudge.
[Fatalistic] Negative trait
While this character is normally quite stable, they will lose morale rapidly if their life is on the line. This character gives up on survival very quickly once they risk dying.
[Chaos] Purple trait
You'll never have a normal day ever again!
[Visions] Purple trait
There’s a storm a-comin.
[Florida Man] Purple trait
Local Florida man gets drunk and jumps in to lake full of alligators. What happens next will surprise you!
[Augmented] Purple trait
You're not an X anymore, huh?
[Black Cat] Purple trait
When a black cat crosses your path...

Original Creator: Gimeurcookie

Physical Description

Describing what O-11 looks like is a hard feat. O-11 appears to be notail in shape, but his limbs and even some of his torso are made up of many other species and even a few other notails. Appearing to look like a Frankenstein made monster the only thing that is easy to describe about O-11 is that he wears a rabbit like mask, and has a collar around his neck that says "O-11" on it.

Personality & Traits

O-11 stays home most of the time due to being highly affected by loud sounds, strange smells, or even someone giving him a pat on the back. O-11 is the only one of the O-class which isn't required to come to any meetings but he always asks for a transcript of the meeting to be sent to him along with any assignments he has to do. He is normally given large loads of paper work, and always submits them on time as doing paperwork is not only his talent, but highly relaxing to him.

O-11 only ventures outside of his home when he absolutely feels ok to do so, or he is forced to leave for a mission. The former is extremely rare, and normally after an hour or two he remembers why he stays home all the time due to suddenly being overwhelmed by basic things such as people chattering or a sudden and unexpected event occurring. O-11 is plagued by strange events happening around him all the time.

O-11 is always close to tears, generally unhappy with his life, and always remembering the good old days before his curse and wishing for the return of those. Hanging around O-11 can be fairly draining and dangerous due to the strange and sudden events that surround him. When threatened O-11 will stand his ground and run away from any attack possible. Normally once he spots a way to cause the attacker some bad luck he will set the plan in to motion. Many attackers of O-11 generally do not even get that far, as ill events befall them when they get close to O-11.

Even though O-11 is one of the hardest O-classes to catch even a glance at, he still has an important role in controlling the branch of notails that are always on the look out for anomalies in the universe. O-11 is amazing at guessing where anomalies may be, guessing what reports are just a drunk fool believing they saw something that could not be explained, and which are actual reports.

O-11 is the second longest lived O-class member, just after O-1. When O-11 first starts out, he is much like a normal notail, though he always had fairly extreme sensory issues. Over the many years O-11 will get injuries, losing a few fingers, a leg or two, and even organ failures, yet for whatever reason O-11 will just barely survive it due to pure luck. Afterwards these parts will have to be replaced, as such as the years go on O-11 becomes more and more of a stitched up freak.

O-11's life has remained unchanged for many years, and is unlikely to ever change.


O-11 was born before the ages of the memory machine, but after the start of, but not the popularization of, cloning. A rather strange K-nowledge class, O-11 had always felt he was born into the wrong caste. O-11 instead preferred the idea of being in a class type that was less active due to his sensory issues. Unable, and honestly unwilling due to the lack of energy, O-11 decided to not fight the issue and just attempted his best to cope with what was given to him.

O-11 had luck his way into a position that allowed him to just stay in one area at work and check objects that were considered "Neo blessed objects", now known as anomalies. Nearly every "anomaly" that was brought in was just an object someone considered to be blessed but was perfectly normal. When an actual anomaly did actually get turned in, O-11 was nearly able to tell that the object was an anomaly right away. He took pride in this skill and filing away the anomalies.

O-11 did his job so well that when the O-11 died at the time, a time where O-classes had to be replaced by living people, not clones, O-11 had interviewed for the position and got it. Everything in O-11 life was perfect, until one day he was handling an anomaly. Nothing seemed to have gone wrong, O-11 numbered and locked it up. But the moment O-11 went outside after work O-11 got hit by a car. Twice. He also wasn't near the road. O-11 was rushed to a hospital and just for a few moments, he was dead. He was brought back by the doctors, but what O-11 had seen in death had changed him forever.

O-11 refused to die ever again. O-11 had seen death, and it was the most terrifying place he has ever been.

People tried to tell O-11 that this "death" he saw was just a dream in a way, but O-11 despite all scientific reasoning refused to believe them. Countless more times he would come close to death, sometimes even being considered dead for a few seconds due to highly improbable accidents. O-11 would get many of his body parts replaced when they were damaged beyond repair, keeping him alive longer than most notails.

O-11 had seen the place he knew as death many times over. He spent the rest of his life making a machine that changed how the O-class operated forever. This machine copied memories and allowed it to be inserted into another body. The person who got the new memories would have all of their past memories deleted and from their point of view, they have never died, no matter how many times their actual self had been killed in the past. After all, the memory machine could only take memories from living people.

O-11's machine caused the O-class to operate the way it does now, with every O-class having their memory saved a few times every year, and clones being made so their memory could be placed back in. O-11 fully believes that that machine links to the soul so that when you die, the machine will pull your soul out of death and place you back in your body.

Not many people believe that souls even exist, much less that a simple machine can pull a soul out of death, but only the cruelest of notails would tell O-11 this. The man has seen and felt too much pain they think. Life is suffering for him, due to some unremovable curse, he doesn't need to worry himself over death.

Like all O-class members, O-11 is constantly cloned and replaced after death, and every O-11 carries the memories of every O-11 before him.


Luck Blackhole: It seems that being around O-11 zaps one's luck to nearly 0 no matter how high it was before.


• O-11 only drinks using a straw unless he is in dire need of liquids. He gets extremely angry if there are no straws and pitches a fit about it.

• O-11 takes great joy in collecting knickknacks that he finds or people give him. His living space is filled with strange objects that are hard to explain, but he will give his best shot at explaining them anyway.

• One should take care to not believe that O-11 is weak just because he is physically weaker than most notails. What O-11 lacks in power O-11 makes up in luck and speed.

• O-11 refuses to tell people what he saw when he died anymore, and all statements about what he saw are now gone. Asking him about what he saw is the easiest way to cause him to cry.

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