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Hephaestus v1

[A small light flickers in the distance, as they get closer and closer the two figures making the light become clear. A large robot riding a donkey like robot were taking a leisurely ride through the basement. The robot nods and waves at the group.]
I hope you all are enjoying your trip through the house this evening! Make sure to keep tabs on which rooms you have traveled!
[The robot continues a slow ride through the basement.]

Co-Player! We should attack this robot!

How come? He seems nice enough.

We need a reason to attack people now? You NEARLY CAUSED A FULL PARTY WIPE WHEN YOU ATTACKED BEFORE!!!! What's one more fight to sharpen our skills?

But he talked to us super casually, It would be rude at this point.

He has a free robot donkey! What a nice thing worth stealing! It doesn't matter if he seems nice! He has something we need!

Actually how about we don't kill him Athena?

Where was this comment when the player attacked a docile yet huge dungeon master Helios?

I just supposed that the peon was going to activate the trap anyway. Not attacking the dungeon master wouldn't have activated the boss of this building but mistakes are allowed to be made.


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