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[Blue Trait] Neutral trait
Blue traits are neutral traits. This means the trait is not good or bad / is only slightly good or bad / is only slightly both. Blue traits mostly affect what type of person the character is.
[Red Trait] Negative trait
Red traits are mostly negative traits. This means that the trait is mostly used in a negative matter, affects the character negatively OR is harmful to people around said character.
[Green Trait] Positive trait
Green traits are simply mostly positive traits. This means that the traits are mostly used in a greatly positive fashion. This does not mean that the green trait has to be always positive, it just is mostly positive.
[Purple Trait] Purple trait
Purple traits are strange and unpredictable. Purple traits are very bad or very good, but most of the time they’re both. Purple traits are almost always very vague about what they do.
[Yellow Trait] Ability trait
Yellow traits are abilities a character can do. Most abilities are buffs, or debuffers but some can also be powerful moves or strange abilities.


Strength- 1
Intelligence- 1
Charisma- 1
Endurance- 1
Agility- 1
Luck- 0


Suddenly the game pops up with an aftik. You remember how Apollo said he picked this species just for you. Without Apollo here you wonder how the game picked the aftik.

It dawns upon you that this means that Apollo lied about having control over the tutorial. He never had any type of control over it.

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