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Ship: Hermes
Crew: 3/6
Crew Health: Excellent


Power: Excellent
Water: Excellent
Oxygen: Excellent
Food: 20 Rations

Hey there Player! Down here! Check me out this wise guy in his box now, really going up in the world here! This area right here is a patron section where your patrons talk if they feel like talking to you. What's a patron you ask Player? Don't worry about it! I doubt you'll be able to impress anyone but the loneliest of people to be your patron. Anyway, onwards with the tutorial!

Here we have the ship status area, you'll see this screen everytime you launch off a planet, or when you land on one! It gives you a quick run down on how supplies are doing on the ship as well as if your crew is in good shape. As you can see your captain Rodney Ootkins is being joined by two other losers on this ship, while having space for 3 more!

You'll want to keep an eye on your power, water, oxygen, and food. It's unlikely you'll have to worry about power, water, and oxygen unless your ship gets hit in a bad place or you end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. Do keep an eye out for food though, you don't know how many idiots forget they have to actually feed their crew. Also, do note that crew health is rounded. If you have five crewmembers doing amazingly, and one of them is getting ripped apart by a bear, then it'll still be listed as "Crew Health: Excellent."

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