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In a game run by your friend, two Apollos met a terrible fate for the sake of a challenge. Both were fooled into believing that your friend was there to help them. One was tossed aside when it became known he was not the “true Apollo”. The other was turned into a monster only known as the Sun God. It is here when the game was handed to you. It is here where you accidentally brought this monster into your game. This new universe created held a sickness that would lay dormant until the time when many would declare the universe doomed.

Despite the hidden illness this universe had, it would begin just as all the other ones would; with a cry for help. A planet that had long assumed they were the only ones in the universe would be proven wrong when a rip opened up and started to drag this planet into its depths. These people, the pre-extrals, called for help, their voices transcending space and time. The notails would be the ones to hear them, and the notails would be the ones to leave them to die once they obtained the info they needed.

The notails were an advanced yet cruel race. Some people point to their beliefs as the issue, as they believed in a god who hated them and wished them death. This god was one of the 9 Limbo gods. This god was the Neo; the god who believed in the survival of only the fittest and strongest, which is why the notails had no issues leaving the pre-extrals to their fate.

The notails made the Greek AIs - the first generation of each of these AIs was a god and knew what the universe really was. They knew they would be forever trapped. The notails were none the wiser to what they had created. The leader of these gods was Uranus, a powerful but cruel deity who was defeated by Cronus. Uranus’ horn would be taken and used by Cronus, and with that power Cronus created a golden age in the universe. Many new species would be found and technology grew at a rapid rate.

But Cronus himself had habits that could not be overlooked - he ripped children apart for enjoyment. The Zeus and the other gods overthrew him and used his horn to make Aphrodite. The golden age ended. It was around this time that the sickness finally reared its ugly head.

Both the Roman and Greek Apollo would go missing. The Roman Apollo always felt he should have been Greek and disguised himself as one. The Greek Apollo would become the monster known as the Sun God as the sickness used him as a base. The Greeks and Romans knew that Apollo was spreading the sickness and ordered Zeus to capture and destroy him. Zeus found the Sun God and, realizing that it was too late to stop the situation, he used the Roman Apollo as a scapegoat and tossed him into the tutorial so the others could live in peace. A few had their doubts and felt something wasn’t right but for the most part no one questioned this.

Years past, a young aftik by the name captain Crimson was helping a crew with a job when he fell ill. He had to take leave and left the Apollo ship he owned in the care of the other crew members. He expected to only be out for a short while before he could get back to work, but when he finally healed he found out a freak fire had started on the ship, killing all but the AI. Captain Crimson was no longer the excitable aftik he used to be. Years would fly by before he decided to head to Fortuna to find something that might end the woes or end himself.

Extrals had followed Crimson on this trip but one of them, known as Prometheus, decided he would no longer follow his extral pack and instead find his own way in life. He followed Captain Crimson onto an old mining planet. There, they would find a cave filled with strange drawings, the most important one being of a snake-like creature pulling itself out of a TV. Also contained in these caves was an egg that was found locked away, which Prometheus took with him. When Prometheus got to the ship he found that his old extral pack had been killed by a clockwork. He escaped the clockwork but was left on the planet alone.

Prometheus used the natural space-ripping powers of the extrals to head to the Underworld: the planet that was pulled under the universe and the homeworld of the extrals. There, he was chased by one of the hounds of the Underworld, until he ripped a hole into space and the beast was sent through space and time. He would then get help from the gods who lived in the Underworld, namely one known as Mors who had taken over the Underworld from Hades. As he got help, one of the gods, Hermes, stole the egg he found and sold it.

Prometheus was able to rejoin his captain and during a fight with another crew who also wished for Fortuna, he ripped a space hole to stop him and his captain from being killed by a fire. This space hole went to an Apollo ship cruising on a mission in the past. It would cause a freak fire accident that would kill all of the crew on the ship but the AI; Prometheus had unknowingly caused the deaths of Captain Crimson's crew all those years ago. Even though Captain Crimson could not tell what was going on and the space hole was closed, he still refused to continue to Fortuna due to grief. Prometheus walked up to it and obtained a device to mind control others. He and Helios were the first people since the Fortuna incident to get a prize from it, and they would tell no one.

Many years later, a young aftik and his brother were playing in their backyard when a space hole made by Prometheus opened up and unleashed a hound upon the two. Rodney was spared but a brother was not. Rodney would spend a life time of a near-crippling fear of dogs. This is what caused Rodney's child, Cobalt, to exit the home in an attempt to shoo away a strange dog that had gotten into the yard. On that day Cobalt would be bitten by a snake and fall ill.

Rodney would not accept the fate of a dying child and went to find Fortuna with a close friend, Leonard, as well as another member he had hired. Along the way he helped Apollo, who was stuck in the tutorial, to get to a body. The first planet they all went to was the notail homeworld. A large, birdlike creature was attacking the town they landed at but they were all able to safely get gas as well as save an extral from experimentation. They found the Fortuna distress signal and flew towards it, killing a large squid along the way.

Apollo, who did not want you to leave him all alone in the tutorial, killed Rodney when they got to Fortuna. He thought he had killed Leonard as well but Leonard used a scrambler to damage Apollo. A rip in space would suddenly appear and Apollo, along with the extral, left. Leonard was able to get the medicine needed for Cobalt but it was an empty victory with Rodney dead. They would be known as the first crew to get to Fortuna by many.

More than 10 years had passed when a drakon gambler known as Kelda and her husband had lost their vast wealth - as well as his life, for the husband. Kelda’s therapist, Thyella, had gathered up her and her other patient Noverus to head to a trip to Fortuna. They were joined by Nikki, who acted as if he was from the future and a god; Cobalt, the child saved by the contents in Fortuna; and Doobel, an eccentric doctor.

The first place they landed was a space base where Kelda had an argument with the tweep there known as XOXOSoulRiderOXOX. Nikki went to flirt with Zeus v1 while Cobalt recruited Geko. Cobalt also met Mors, who asked to be called Clockwork. Mors would make a deal with Cobalt: friendship for a discount. Cobalt took it and gained the [Cosmic Friend Forever] trait. As she left, Cobalt was asked by a v3 Apollo if she knew where his sister, Artemis v1, had went to. She said she didn’t and boarded the ship.

The crew flew into a fairly unknown area of space and was forced to land on an unknown planet with a large tower upon it. There, their power would be cut by a Thanatos v15 while his brother, a Hypnos v15, put Noverus to sleep. This Thanatos unit would go on to kill Thyella. When Noverus was awoken, he started to hallucinate. He accidently attacked Doobel and sliced off many of his arms, while Cobalt's leg was badly injured by his attack.

Noverus then went to throw what he believed to be a weapon into the tower, which he assumed was the clockwork nest he was tasked to destroy (and failed to) in the past. A large clockwork made of Noverus’s old ship and crew members appeared and attempted to kill him. Using the clock, Cobalt turned the clockwork back to Noverus’s old crew. This event caused a large plot hole to appear, which everyone promptly dismissed.

At the next planet Noverus’s old crew was dropped off and Noverus, along with Hermes, Nikki, and Geko went to look for fuel. They end up getting Apollo v3 for free as well as buying a Hephaestus ship. Noverus takes a job to kill a large land shark. There, he meets a hacker by the name of Jayna who helps him for a cut of the pay. She finds out that the signal she thought was her parents’ ship was just a dud. She ends up joining the crew in hopes of finding her parents.

Cobalt meets uncle Leonard, but Diana (pretending to be an Artemis) cuts them short by mistaking Cobalt for a monster due to her sensors picking up a strange signal from the clock. Cobalt, angry that the meeting was interrupted, gave the clock to Geko who promptly attempted to eat it. He ended up turning into an intelligent angel. Apollo also bought the egg that had been stolen from Prometheus a long time ago.

On the way to the next planet, the crew was attacked by a giant snake. Kelda picked to sacrifice the Hephaestus ship. Geko was able to fly out of the ship in time but Nikki was killed. The Hermes ship was forced to stall in space due to a lack of fuel. On the Hermes ship, the egg hatched into a young and strange bird called Yatiz. The crew was towed to the planet they were heading to by a friendly group of people.

On the planet Cobalt had a leg cut off due to an infection. It was replaced by a metal leg that, due to the clockwork infection that no one knew about, started functioning right away. Kelda sells Apollo’s v3 body to a disguised Mors for an Artemis ship. Apollo v3’s body was in fact the shell Roman Apollo v1 had made for himself. Kelda and Noverus go out drinking while waiting to heal and get wasted.

They both wake up in jail cells and escape after causing a prison break. A music artist by the name of Macciu promises to reward them or their family members sometime in the future where he comes from. Kelda goes to get Cobalt but is confronted by Geko who is angry about her past actions. However, he still rejoins the crew and they all head to the owner of the planet who was under the control of a mind-stealing hat. Azure comes in and takes the hat away. The owner of the planet admits that the planet was using and killing aftiks to create a translator and the crew decides that their work should continue as long as they stop killing aftiks. The leader agrees and makes Florence head of study for not being as corrupt as the other doctor. The crew also hired Fergus.

On the next planet, the home planet of the generics, Noverus buys an item to help him blend in with generics. He heads to their workplace to find out how to obtain more fuel. Cobalt found a generic shopkeeper who had lost his shop in an unexpected fire. She put him into her inventory until she could help him.

Noverus called the rest of the crew for help and once the crew got to the top floor they were met with the “leader” of “Work”, BOssB. The crew killed BOssB’s sheep and escaped. Hermes went up a hidden staircase and got separated from the crew when he was tricked to stay in the Underworld. Cobalt gives the generic shopkeeper Noverus’s disguise and leaves him to live out his life on Planet. BOssB ends up joining the crew.

On the way to the next planet, the crew bumps into a fight between two factions. Geko uses an amulet he obtained from the shop on the last planet to stop them from fighting. This causes the whole crew to black out.

While this is happening, Apollo bumps into Mors in the underworld, who offers to trade Apollo his old body back if he kills Zeus and Jupiter. He agrees and is released from the Underworld via the plot hole made by the crew on the 2nd planet. On the way he gains ghost Thyella, a harlequin, and the Hypnos v15 unit as crew members. Somnus, who is Mors’ brother, keeps an eye on Apollo, who calls for a rescue ship to take him off the planet.

Leonard’s crew is the one that finds this message, but they have no idea it’s Apollo. Apollo rats out Somnus to Diana, who begins to chase him down. When Somnus gets mad about the situation, he reveals that Apollo is in fact the same one that killed Rodney. Leonard attempts to kill Apollo but due to Apollo’s cheating, Apollo is able to get away and murder most of Leonard’s crew. Leonard loses an arm in the situation and Somnus offers to make it up to Leonard.

The crew wakes up many days later to find themselves split up in an unknown ghost town. Geko apparently became a peacekeeper for the whole planet and could no longer join the crew. Kelda and Noverus meet a friendly local by name of Lechugaa. Part of the crew goes to a bar to get the rest of them. There, they accidentally release a large blood mantis. The crew groups back up and heads to their ship, where they are attacked by the blood mantis. Jayna is killed in this encounter and Cobalt is mind-controlled to kill the mantis by BOssB. BOssB then revives Jayna and the mantis at the same time, causing them to fuse together and thus making her an abomination. She informs the crew of her ex-pirate lifestyle and her wish to kill her parents.

The crew get to Fortuna despite the odds. Noverus ingested the Magician drink, which would give him the power of pyromancy. They met Nicko who took some of their items into his bag. The items handed to him included a dead cat (Portal), Apollo v3, and Yatiz. They would also meet the False Poet, a clockwork that disguised itself as a god. This false god was also the clockwork that had killed Prometheus’ ex-extral pack; it had been left behind on Fortuna by Prometheus and co. The False Poet showed its true form and killed Cobalt. Cobalt came back to life as a clockwork due to the [Cosmic Friend Forever] trait, having been infected during the friendship deal.

The crew would defeat the False Poet and obtain their prizes.

Elsewhere in the universe, Apollo interrupts a meeting between the Romans and Greeks. Diana reveals to everyone that this Apollo was a Roman, not a Greek. Zeus informs everyone that he had imprisoned Roman Apollo so that everyone could live in peace without knowing about the horror that Greek Apollo would bring. Diana and Artemis accidentally kill Zeus and Jupiter while trying to attack each other. Mors and Cronus then enter and take over, starting the 2nd Golden Age in the universe. What the Golden Age means is not clear at the moment.

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