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Gooeys / Mimics

“The Goop will never Droop.” — Goopson, Real Generic

Art by, Hichico

  • Strength-9
  • Intelligence-5
  • Charisma-2
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-6

Common Jobs: Depends on mask.

Likes: Acting
Dislikes: People who ruin their acts, Other goopmicks

Attack Method: Goopmicks will usually just try getting close and attacking with their claws. They may also shoot some of their goop to slow down or in some cases paralyze their victims.

Homeplanet: None/Unknown
Lifespan: 80 years
Height: 6 ft
Diet: Anything

Social Class: Lowest Class
Rarity: Common

Common Traits

[Detrivore] Positive trait
This character takes no penalties from eating rotten or rancid rations. In fact, it’s good for them.
[Clumsy] Neutral trait
This character is more likely to drop objects or make small mistakes. Sometimes their mistakes end up being for the better, but most of the time the mistake are small.
[BO] Negative trait
This character’s Charisma score is lowered to 1 for all who can smell the repulsive odor wafting from their various, unwashed pores. Gross.

Patrons and Gods

Depends on mask.

Patrons: Eris, Saturn, Trivia
Original Creator: Bo
Physical Description

Goopmicks are huge blobs of black goop with long, thin arms and sharp claws. They are always found wearing masks of a randomly chosen species, which always seem to be poorly made. It is said that the only thing under its mask is a hole.

Personality & Traits

Goopmicks will always try to act like the species their mask resembles. If found out, they will instantly attack the person who found out their real identity and anyone who they think heard about it, there are no recorded exceptions to this.


Not important / Unknown.




Absoption: After defeating its victim, goopmicks will try to absorb the body of the person that they've defeated. This will make them increase in size and make them feel a random emotion, but at the same time, will also make them feel rather idiotic. Its been recorded that the "random emotion" the goopmicks feel after asborbing someone depended on what the person who was asborbed was good at, an example being: a goopmick asborbs a strong person, the goopmick would feel stronger. They may also have a low chance to gain one of the talents or disablities the asborbed person had.


• Goopmicks have been known to actually be edible and go great in smoothies, however, most people wouldn't like drinking one either way.

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