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A herd of loveable friends......

The petdex contains a list of all currently found pets from capture creature events. Using this section you may check out pets or using advanced search, build your team for an expedition.


Uncommon Diabolical Anomalous Mallon
[Dirty]This fella isn't scared to get a little dirty! Whenever given the chance this pet will always pick the option that will end up in the biggest mess.
[Undead]Something is horribly wrong with this pet. It died, but was brought back to life. Necromancy is wrong. Very wrong.
[Rabid]This creature will attack everyone and anyone at random points for no reason.
[Disloyal]Sadly it looks like this creature just isn't willing to trust you. -3 to all rolls.
[Debby Downer]This pet makes everyone around it feel horrible all the time.
This mallon loved to play by the beachside. One day it didn't come back home. You went out and found it.

What kind of monster would kill a poor innocent mallon?
And what kind of monster are you to have brought her back?