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Friends forever.




Mythical Friendly Tallgoat
Born: 2023-02-15
Artist: Atomic
Anomalous Trait: Mythical only trait. This pet fuses to its owner, gives them +3 to all rolls, +2 to hit points, and gives them all of its traits except for [codependency]. If the owner fuses with this pet three times, it consumes the owner and gains a new trait. If this pet has the max amount of traits it will randomly remove one of its last 4 traits to make room.

It's a toxic relationship, I guess? (Everyone already knows this.) Me and it- (The correct way to say it is "it and me.") -don't always get along- (What an understatement.) -but I think we help each other, even if it seems.... (Weird? Abnormal? Absolutely stupid to the highest degree?) -odd. It helps me with all of my problems- (You do have a lot of that.) -and in return..... (You give?) .......I....I don't know why it sticks around me.... (Oh you'll find out.) ....I just seem like a burden to it.