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A herd of loveable friends......

The petdex contains a list of all currently found pets from capture creature events. Using this section you may check out pets or using advanced search, build your team for an expedition.


Legendary Aggressive Meg
[Hypnotizing]This pet is too pretty to get hurt! When attacked roll a 3 sided die, if 3 is rolled the attack is failed. If used during hunts, fauna become slightly easier to catch.
[Pretty]This creature is really darn pretty. People like to look and talk about it anytime they get the moment to do so.
[Fat]This creature is heavier than normal.
This is the perfect pet. Really. Sorry, everybody else who ordered pets, but this is just about as good as it's gonna get! Look at how healthy and shiny this meg's scales are. It's soooo awesome, and all the fruit it makes is delicious and made of stardust. You should DEFINITELY give this meg all your food, and lots of pets, it's just that darn good.