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A herd of loveable friends......

The petdex contains a list of all currently found pets from capture creature events. Using this section you may check out pets or using advanced search, build your team for an expedition.


Mythical Diabolical Glunk
[Homicide]Mythical only trait. Every 3rd turn, this pet automatically kills an enemy and regains all of its health. This trait cannot be circumvented, removed, transferred, or copied to another creature.
[Sleeping]This pet is currently in a deep sleep. It can't do anything until it's attacked.
[Sturdy]Instant kill/knockout attacks or events doesn't take this creature out.
[Swift]This pet always moves first. If another pet has a move first trait that isn't [Swift] that pet moves first.
[Extremist]All 9, 10, and 11 rolls are rerolled for everyone.
When the world is a pile of rubble and life can only cling on, there will only be two things that you can expect to be around.

Death and taxes.
Mythical Shy Seizing Bird
[Fanfiction]Mythical only trait. On activation roll five randomized traits. Pick two trait to add to someone on your team. Then pick one to add to someone on the enemy team. The other two traits are randomly applied.
An undiscovered mythical creature of the Poetnix. The sight of it has been barely recorded.
Mythical Friendly Tallgoat
[Codependency]Mythical only trait. This pet fuses to its owner, gives them +3 to all rolls, +2 to hit points, and gives them all of its traits except for [codependency]. If the owner fuses with this pet three times, it consumes the owner and gains a new trait. If this pet has the max amount of traits it will randomly remove one of its last 4 traits to make room.
It's a toxic relationship, I guess? (Everyone already knows this.) Me and it- (The correct way to say it is "it and me.") -don't always get along- (What an understatement.) -but I think we help each other, even if it seems.... (Weird? Abnormal? Absolutely stupid to the highest degree?) -odd. It helps me with all of my problems- (You do have a lot of that.) -and in return..... (You give?) .......I....I don't know why it sticks around me.... (Oh you'll find out.) ....I just seem like a burden to it.
Mythical Crybaby Anomalous Unicorn
[Follower]This pet loves to follow you no matter what! Every expedition you go on has a 1 in 4 chance of having this pet tag along without taking up a slot.
[Pet Summoner]Mythical only trait. When this pet comes on an expedition another catchable pet is summoned. Unfortunately it also raises the danger levels and activates the chance for permanent damage to the people around it.
[Cry For Help]When in distress, this creature will begin to cry. These cries will attract another creature to the area. The temperament of the creature will depend on a roll.
[Don't Leave]Something bad may happen if you trade away this pet.
[Disappointing Failure]I'm tired of you. Whenever this pet fails two rolls in a row the trainer of the pet will attack it for +15.
You love grain your beloved mythical unicorn so much. When he cries you just hold him tight, and tighter, and tighter. He starts to cry even louder but it's ok you have him. You're protecting him. You going to hold him, you're going squeeze him until he can't cry anymore...........

Oh gods, what's wrong with you? You get so tired of the crying sometimes. You love baby Grain ever so much....but gods...oh gods...sometimes you just want to kill him.
Undiscovered Chilled ????
An undiscovered mythical creature of the Sleeper. The sight of it has been barely recorded.
Mythical Strange Abomination
[Eat The Weak]Mythical only trait. When the enemy has a status effect, double all rolls aimed towards it. If anyone on its team gains a status effect, it attacks that pet instead.
[Poisoning]This creature may attempt to poison others. At the end of every turn except for the turn this trait is used, deal one damage, then roll a 3 sided die. If 3 is rolled, remove the status. This trait can be used twice.
[Smoke Screen]This creature is able to shoot out smoke.
[Grande Finale]One-time ability to add +20 to a single action. The creature flees after the turn is over.
[Not My Problem]This creature loves you, and it loves itself so very much. If it fails a roll it will impact another teammate instead of you or it, unless with/it are the final ones.
Why don't pets last? Why must they die before us? The gods above are cruel, for when their pets die they stitch them up, good as new. I've decided I won't let another of my beloveds suffer this fate ever again.

Tonight, I shall become god.
Undiscovered Strange ????
An undiscovered mythical creature of the Creator. The sight of it has been barely recorded.
Undiscovered Generic ????
An undiscovered mythical creature of the Mirage. The sight of it has been barely recorded.
Undiscovered Adventurous ????
An undiscovered mythical creature of the Divided. The sight of it has been barely recorded.
Undiscovered Crybaby ????
An undiscovered mythical creature of otherworldly powers. The sight of it has been barely recorded.
Rare Adventurous Thornhead
[Praiser]This creature's basic existence makes the owner feel way more powerful! +3 to any rolls the trainer does.
[Extreme Disloyalty]Jeez, this creature just doesn't seem to care about you! -10 to all rolls.
Heyyy king I saw your tweet about how notails are trash and I just wanted to let you know that I agree. although I myself am a notail, (I know, ugh) I am on your side."one of the good ones" as some may say. btw I never even noticed how shiny your spikes were till now but they're awesome.
Common Selfish Thornhead
[Speedy]This is one quick fella! +3 to all speed based rolls.
[Loyalty]This creature is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
Abandoned by its old owner, this thornhead is house broken and lonely.
Classic Friendly Thornhead
[Misses You]This pet misses you! Did something happen to you? Maybe it was traded away and returned back home? Either way it's happy to be back, please don't leave it alone ever again.....
For sale: thornhead, never ridden.
Classic Chilled Thornhead
[Well Trained]This creature knows all the tricks! +3 to all rolls.
He reminds you of your old thornhead, and he's an amazing shot! O-6 wouldn't take him after he saw that his "hide had been tarnished with a gun wound."
Classic Strange Anomalous Thornhead
[Jump Man]Big leaps going on! +5 to any roll that involves jumping.
This thornhead came out of one of your digital devices. It usually lives inside of it, but comes out whenever you need it! Taking care of it in the game affects it!
Classic Generic Thornhead
[Instant Kill]You're a monster, aren't you......+20 to first attack roll. -10 to all attack rolls afterwards.
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."
Classic Adventurous Thornhead
[Speedy]This is one quick fella! +3 to all speed based rolls.
This thornhead loves to run like the wind. Every time there is a breeze it follows it! This is awesome when you need help finding which way the wind is blowing....not so good when you're trying to make sure he doesn't escape his pen.
Classic Diabolical Thornhead
[Secret Finder]Will always investigate a single secret if one exists.
[Disloyal]Sadly it looks like this creature just isn't willing to trust you. -3 to all rolls.
You don't know where this thornhead came from, but it has refused to leave. It keeps trying to get into your neighbor's shed for some reason. Strange fella. What could it possibly think is in there? Not that you know either.....
Classic Generic Thornhead
[Loyalty]This creature is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
........I miss you pal......
Classic Diabolical Thornhead
[First Dodge]This creature always dodges the first attacked aimed at them.
The guy who sold you this thornhead said that it came from a hidden dimension that no one could're pretty sure he was high.