Heaven Station


Hark my call, sailor and whale alike!




Common Aggressive Eyegret
Born: 2023-02-15
Owner: Chikaoofka
Artist: wildfire
Positive Trait: This fella can fly! Not only that, but it can carry you with it.

"Believe me boy, I've circled 'round the sun a thousand times! I know nigh-infinitely more than you, aye? There's a bloody reason why I'm the captain, y'hear! Now-- now just go cower in the corner or something, stay out of my way!" --You spat amongst the storms, amongst the gore and boat-scraps already floating about in the water.

And I could only watch as she-- that whale-thing-- smashed the whaleboats to pieces, men alive within! This ship I sat atop was too cumbersome to escape in one piece; the wind wasn't helping. Us men who endured, well... We had to run, if we had any will to live remaining!
On a lifeboat, that's what it was now, my intuition were right! The ship fell much like the others, and I could only watch, certain of one thing in my mind: you, dear captain, are the most foolish person I've ever seen, sending all of your men to die! But-- well-- maybe that's not my place to speak.