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Puffballs / Puffcots

“*Transforms in to helicopter looking fuzz ball to inform everyone to get to the choppa.*” — Armote Schwarzenegger

Art by, SirBlizz98

  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-9
  • Charisma-6
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-2
  • Luck-7

Common Jobs: Pets, Mascots, Scientist, The Backup, Professors

Likes: Almost everything (very optimistic!), Shapeshifting, Telling jokes, Pulling pranks
Dislikes: Debbie Downers, Negative Nancies, Pessimistic Patties

Attack Method: Normally, most mites will not fight due to their pacifistic nature. However, if it ever comes to it, a mite will strike back, almost going completely feral and using any technique they can to bring their enemy down.

Homeplanet: None / Unknown
Lifespan: 40 years
Height: 1'5 ft
Diet: Meat, Plant, Insects, Fish

Social Class: Low Class
Rarity: Common

Common Traits

[Optimistic] Positive trait
This character doesn’t lose morale as fast and can never hit negative morale. No matter what the situation, this character will keep their head up high and may raise the morale of others. The optimistic trait may drain sanity if the character is in a bad situation for a long amount of time.
[Reflexive] Neutral trait
Characters with this trait will sometimes perform things on reflex without conscious thought. Depending on the character it can range from things like covering their head when they see a bird to hitting someone who comes up from behind.
[Forgetful] Negative trait
This character is prone to forgetting. While keeping diaries and logs certainly help, the character may still become lost with them.

Patrons and Gods

No one is fully sure if mites have any kind of god.

Patrons: Morpheus
Gods: Unknown
Original Creator: Bakumaster
Physical Description

Mites look like small, fuzzy balls 1 to 2 feet tall with decent sized black eyes. Mites lack mouths, but make up for this in that they have no real bones, and can communicate by a limited form of shape-shifting. They can only change their body shape and nothing else such as mass. They can also open up a hole in their body, which is what they use to eat.

Mites can come in many different colors, but are in most cases very pale shades. Examples include sky blue, candy pink, and light green.

Personality & Traits

Mites are rather intelligent creatures, but they don't show it. Most mites are very cheerful and upbeat, and would love to join a space crew, not opting for any job in particular. Despite their cheery appearance, Mites can and will be very serious, given proper incentive.

They are usually the first crew member to act in any sort of emergency, and are very proactive. Given this, mites are very weak, and often need help doing tasks trivial to other species.


Mites were found when exploring a deserted arm of the spiral galaxy AR-52-1S4. They were almost to the Space Age when found, but further investigation showed that they had resided on the planet for more than 3 times the average time for progression to Space Age. The Mites were not quick to be adopted onto any crews, as at first as they were thought to not have any useful talents. However, after much observation, some crews realized that they weren't just little cutesy widdle fwuffy balls, and that they had their uses. They were then added onto ships, where the Mites were actually rather useful to have on hand in case of any sort of emergency. Mites required a little extra care when on board, but in many cases it was worth it.

Other than this, Mites have little to no recorded history, possibly due to the complete and utter near-barrenness of their home planet.






• As a result of their small stature, they do not have large brains, and since most of their brain capacity holds on to intelligent facts and procedures, they do not have long memory spans.

• Due to their constant weakness of being squished by something, mites have evolved an insanely fast reaction time.

• Mites have access to limited shapeshifting. They cannot turn into wolves, dragons or anything complex, but they can contort and squish their bodies to fit into small spaces that normally they wouldn't be able to fit in. As a result, hide-and-seek matches between mites can last for days on end.

• Mites can also use their bodies to communicate without speaking. They call this sign language-esque language Mootspeak.

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