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Grimbobs resemble helmet sized skulls with six tendril legs equidistant from eachother. Each leg is tipped several barbs. The inside of the grimbob is covered in incredibly fine and small tendrils resembling hair. The outside of the grimbob appears to be perfectly smooth, but is in fact covered in thousands of miniature eyes. If damaged, the eyes will regenerate in two to three weeks.


These nocturnal predators are known for their cries like distorted train horns, which ring eerily through the night. Beneath the skin of their faces lie bioluminescent bacteria which they use to blind their prey in the dark. As a result they have poor night vision. They stalk through the night on long legs that end in feet resembling gloved hands with three long fingers apiece. From the end of their bodies extend a long tail. Their flat faces resemble torches, with an additional, smaller light on a bobble rather like an angler fish’s extending from the top of their heads.


The frighteningly sapient-seeming face of the shrakka grins from behind a bulbous black nose, in the midst of thin white stripes that course down its back to the tip of its long body. Six legs with the classic bulbous Didni Wurl feet support its length and enable it to skitter quickly along. Tunnellers earn their non-frescari name due to their spade-like foreclaws, which enable them to dig rapidly through the earth. They are tailless, and thus unsteady when they rise up on their hind legs to peer around on the odd occasion they surface. Typically their teeth are bared in a grin, though they will scowl when aggravated.


Chittakri bear a passing resemblance to sea angels and manta rays with their flat bodies, broad wings and long tails tipped by a rudder. Their white underbellies make them nearly invisible from below against the white Didni Wurl sky. Commonly populations on other planets will adapt over time to match the sky colour there as well. From their undersides dangle two long legs, each equipped with three long talons. Their forward-facing eyes protrude upward from the front of the body. Between these spreads a grinning mouth. Hanglider children are nearly impossible to recognise as being from the same species. They are hardly a millimetre long and diamond-shaped with one large eye on top and one on the bottom, much like miniaturised flounder.


Every frescari miner’s worst nightmare is a grinning face twice their size emerging from the darkness of the tunnel ahead. The goliath is a towering monstrosity consisting of a head with a long nose frozen in a permanent wide-eyed grin, surrounded by a cascading thicket of arms, legs and tendons. Some of their legs stick up in the air, some of their hands touch the ground, but rarely will any of these stay in the same place long. They move by pinwheeling their dozens of arms and legs, hurtling down tunnels like ferris wheels of body horror in the middle of which sit the chekkaton’s perfectly stationary grinning face. The only way to tell one is coming is the rumbling of the cavern around them and their deafening chuckles bouncing off the rock.


The tailmic is a large centipede-like insect that has half its body on the ground, and the rest of it in the air if it's not trying to escape quickly by using all its legs. The tailmic is completely black with only the top of its head a bleak white, or more rarely it is utterly white with a deep black head top. The top of its head will have a "face" in the opposite color of its top. This face is always of a very specific type of smile "=)", but some are born with a slightly different face, are accidentally born with no face, or a messed up face. Other than the eyes on its face, the tailmic has 4 more eyes on its body, but the eyes are simple and small, only capturing the basics, as such these eyes can be confused for little black bumps on the body if they can be seen at all. The tailmic lastly has two long sturdy cretin tails coming out of it that make it look like both ends are the head by mimicking the antennas on the actual head. The antennas on the actual head come in many different shapes and forms just like notail antennas. As most people are unable to view the tailmic as anything but a normal notail the above info is mostly useless. Instead if one wants to find a tailmic, they must look for a notail with slightly odd behaviors and mannerisms. If one thinks they found a tailmic, a quick grab and pull at the antennas will disrupt the disguise. Don't be surprised if the tailmic bites the puller in the neck or the notail confused for a bug punches said puller in the face though.