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Lucigres are large cats, normally around four to five feet at the shoulder when fully grown, with the females normally slightly larger than the males. They are normally a dull, yellowy color to blend in with their natural environment, most any grasslands. However, Lucigres can be found anywhere someone rich and snobby enough to want to flaunt a semi-dangerous animal is, which is how they expanded from whatever their home planet was to now be found in many places around the universe, especially around cities.


The agrivyrn are large, plant covered reptiles: they have scales, long tails, and are incapable of producing their own body heat. Their hides come in various shades of brown, and most agrivyrn have a seedlike marking on their forehead. Agrivyrn are most known for their ability to be used as living planters, wherein they can support and grow vast amounts of plants upon their backs. Agrivyrn have two solid black eyes, a large pair of mostly vestigial wings, two hind legs, and a tail. They have no mouth, and wild or uncared for agrivyrn commonly bear masses of hanging moss and clovers on their backs. Agrivyrn are silent beasts, and are in fact incapable of making vocalizations.


Essentially a bat around the size of a large bear, with a large batty face and big bat ears, the Nichtendrakk is a large powerful beast around 8 feet tall, and 12 feet long from nose to rear. Much of it's body is covered in hardy scales, with the main exception of it's underbelly and parts of it's face. These scales are generally a dull dark gray, but some have shinier scales. Most the skin that isn't covered in scales i covered in short rough fur, with patches of longer fur in places, this fur is generally dark gray or dark brown, though they come in a variety of natural colors and shades. They have a collar of fluffy fur around their neck, which is generally either gray or brown. Nichtendrakk have large pale eyes, and rather poor eyesight, relying on their finely honed other senses, in particular their acute hearing, to navigate. They have wide ravenous mouths filled with pointed teeth, a few of which are particularly prominent and utilized in feeding on creature's blood.


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Giant Spacewha

A Giant Spacewhale explains itself in namesake. A Giant Spacewhale is a gigantic, if not downright colossal creature most easily likened to a whale in shape and features although they share far more traits with orca. Due to its massive size it lumbers through space, but has incredibly strength and hardiness.


Debates about whether an intelligent designer exists have wracked the universe for as long as people have been around to argue about them, but anyone who has seen a coleomyr can agree that if such a being exists they must really, really hate anything living on the ground. When the coleomyr surfaces it looks like a great yellow-brown mountain. Four layers of plated carapace arc up in huge spikes to the crest of its back, down which runs a trail of spines. In the midst of its massive girth sits a (comparatively) small head, which boasts a pair of horns as well as a set of spikes on each cheek. Its main eyes sit beneath heavy armoured brows, with three small eyes huddling between them and another pair off to either side. Its enormous nostrils, gushing hot breath that makes dust devils of the sand around it, are the last part of its face visible above the surface. The rest of its bulk lies beneath, except on the rare occasion it rears. For ease of burrowing through the earth its limbs are four mighty shovels tipped with many brutal claws, the forelimbs larger than the back. The typical coleomyr possesses an overbite and a chin that juts out to help keep dirt from hitting its face. Its body ends in a small, stubby tail.