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Blue Traits

Tweaker, twiddler, experimenter

This character likes to open things up and see how they work, and try to make them work better. They have no respect for "do not open" and "No user-servicable parts inside" notices, and enjoy making little trinkets and gizmos of little use, just to see the mechanisms go


Characters with this trait have a tendency of very frequently picking up just about anything from the speech and actions of people around them, as well as media they consume.

[Groundhog Day] [Endless 8] [Broken Record]

This character ends up in the same situation often. This is not a time loop but just an odd event.

[Playing Dead]

This character tends to fake their death when under attack.

This character emits light naturally.


This character cannot bring themselves to mislead others, and will try not to keep secrets from fellow crew. Most will appreciate their honesty, but it can anger others or even land them in trouble if they aren't careful.

[Jokester] [Prankster]

A character with this trait likes to fool around with others for their own amusement. In most cases their japes are harmless and may even raise spirits, though they can wear heavily on the patience of others.

[Has a Distaste For X]

This character dislikes X, but can tolerate being around it for a little while.

[Furry] [Feathery] [Bushy]

This character has a very large, unkempt amount of fur/hair/feather, more than what is normal for their species.


This character may enjoy complements, but they tend to make themselves out to not deserving as much credit. Unconsciously or not, this character might let someone else take credit for their work. This trait also makes sure they are never to boastful or proud.

This character is covered in protective spines/needles that result in damage to those touch them without proper precaution, whether it’s someone who wants to hurt the character or hug them. If this trait is removed, whether from overuse resulting in loss of protecting spines, or deliberate removal, the character’s endurance stat is reduced by half until the spines grow back.
Restrictions: Endurance must be at least 4 to have this trait. Endurance penalty overrides [Durable].

In the wings

This character will choose someone else to follow around and support. This is often done through pointing out chances for one-liners, giving them needed backup in a performance, or otherwise performing as an understudy.

[Lighthearted] [Comical]

This character has a humorous personality and likes to joke and play around with others. In most cases their japes are harmless, though they are not necessarily funny and can really try the patience of those less easily amused.

Fast Talker

This character speaks very quickly. This makes other crewmembers sometimes mishear them.

This character has an extra amount of fingers and/or toes.

This character has a sad look about them much of the time regardless of how they're actually feeling, and most would compare them to a kicked puppy in how they carry themself. Many people have the urge to protect this character, while many others are annoyed by how weak they appear.


This character tends to enjoy pulling pranks on others and enjoys messing around. Although this can raise moral, it may make others very angry at this character.


This character loves to read and sometimes it prefers being between paper and hologram than with people. Characters with this trait won't lose much sanity if alone as long as there are books nearby.

[Shark and Remora]

This character likes to stick with people in power and flatter them, or agree with everything they say.

This character can throw their voice. Others will hear the voice come from the direction of the speaker's choosing.
Restrictions: The character must be capable of speaking or imitating some sort of noise.

Green Traits

[Bird Magnet] [Hatoful Boyfriend]

This character attracts a lot of birds to them of various shapes, sizes, and sentience levels. This character is really for the birds!

[Memory Leak] [Mental Destroyers] [Mind Wiper]

This character has the power to either wipe, edit, or add memories to others. If the person notices that their memory has been changed they will go into great distress.
Restrictions: This trait can only be applied to species that have mental powers which allow mind editing. These powers are considered illegal.

[Wheelmaster] [Cavalry]

This character is instinctively adept at the control of any vehicle or ridden creature they attempt to pilot or command, able to make maneuvers even when in stressfull situations.


This character ignores agility checks on their target when using ranged weapons. They will always get the first move, regardless of how fast their opponents are.

[X Hunter] [X Killer]

This character is experienced in combat with X type of opponent and gains an attack bonus against them. The more specific the typing, the greater the bonus.


Characters with this trait tend to be wealthy and successful. They are good with money and will often find ways to make themselves and their allies richer.

[Bendy] [Ultimate Acrobat]

This character can fit themselves into small spaces and are quick on their feet. This character's agility stat goes beyond the 10 rule.

[Good Dodger]

This character is a good dodger, and they will have a better chance of avoiding attacks.


This character is resistant to influences of the mental variety, even those that are psychic in nature. They have a strong sense of self-control, and are more capable of fighting back if someone tries to invade their mind or otherwise manipulate them.


This character is a natural-born leader. Crewmates and strangers alike will feel compelled to follow their command, even if they are otherwise unwilling to work together.

This character can hear the thoughts of others. Thus they are able to perceive what someone is really thinking at any given moment, regardless of what they may say or do. This is sometimes helpful in predicting an enemy's next move.
Restrictions: This trait is limited to members of species with some degree of telepathy.

This character is able to tell when people are lying to them much easier than others. They are more honed into visual and auditory mistakes or tics.

This character can control the worthless paper money from the speddaris' homeworld. They do not have control over any other kind of currency.
Restrictions: This trait is restricted to speddaris, no other species can have this trait.

[Good Feeling About This]

When this trait is active, this character's luck becomes 10.
Restrictions: This trait can only be used with an activator trait, such as [Moodmeter].

[Elephant Memory]

This character has been remembering everything since the very start of their memories. They can recall incredibly fine details from things that happened years ago and they can almost instantly memorize anything they see or witness.

Quills, Shocking, Too Hot to Handle, Do Not Touch

This character has some sort of natural or built-in protective feature such as quills, spikes, exposed electricity, etc. that result in damage to those who touch that part of them without proper precaution. This feature can be temporarily (or permanently) lost based on overuse or deliberate removal.

[Trail Guide] [Local Expert]

This character is resourceful with foraging, hunting, and trading in many sectors, and are likely to share their expertise with crew members.


This character is supposedly up to speed with all relevant slang that the kids these days use, they will often sprinkle such slang or other hip, pop culture references into their speech, although some of their references may at times be slightly outdated.


While this trait is active, Strength is always 10.
Restrictions: This trait can only be used with controlling traits like Moodmeter.

Red Traits

[Over-defensive] [Touchy]

This character may get very upset or angry if they are challenged in some way, typically when their competence at certain tasks is called into question.


This character actively attempts to do dangerous stunts. When they see a fire, they run into it to try and save people, even though they are totally untrained. They weighed the pros and cons, and are FULLY aware of the danger they're putting themselves through. This puts them in the line of danger far more often.

[Storm Chaser] [Cat Killer]

This character sees danger or drama and tends to runs towards it to watch it. They weighed the pros and cons, and are FULLY aware of the danger they're putting themselves through. This puts them in the line of danger far more often.

[Alpha Male] [Alpha Female] [Alpha] [Power Move] [Giant Baby Man]

This character feels they are the "Head of the pack" so to speak, even if they aren't. This character feels the need to dominant everyone around them. They may do "Power moves" to show and scare other people around them into submitting. While this gains them power, everyone around them will quickly be drained emotionally and sometimes physically. Characters may avoid them, leaving them no one left on their side.

[Total Blindness] [Blackout]

This character is completely blind, and unable to see at all. The screen will be blacked out when playing as this character unless they have other sensory options.

A more extreme version of [Pragmatic]. Where a pragmatic person would save 100 lives over one loved one, having done the math and weighed the odds, the ruthless person would be willing to sacrifice 100 lives to get rid of one person.


This character has lost most of or all memories of who they were.
Restrictions: [Reprogrammed] applies to AIs only. [Amnesia] can be removed if this character rediscovers themselves, or, in a robot's case, is dropped back into their default programming.


This character is constantly negative, and will brood if bored. They can lower a group's morale really quickly, and are rather pessimistic.

[Kiss-up] [Yandere]

This character is unnaturally loyal to the captain. They are at hand and foot for the captain, following without question, willingly putting their lives at risk, even if the captain is capable enough to take care of it, and they suffer a significant sanity and morale loss if the captain is hurt, killed, or disappointed/angry at them. As for other characters, they are more likely to be disobedient to them, berate them, and believe they are untrustworthy scum unless said otherwise by the captain. Characters with this trait sometimes are romantically interested in the captain and will try anything to impress them, even going as far as killing others (friends and foes alike) who have the same intention or the rivals of the captain to ensure they will be together, but only in extreme cases.

[Fashionably Late] [Chronologically Challenged]

This character can never make it on time, whether it is for work, to battle, or even the birth of their child, this character can never come on time. Most people won't trust this character with time related tasks or will supervise them so they hurry.

[Dishonorable] [Underhanded]

This character doesn't believe in playing fair. If they see an opportunity to rig the odds in their favor, they will take advantage of it. This can land them in deep trouble if they get caught.

[Dissociative Amnesia] [Memory Loss]

This character is prone to losing chunks of time and has no memories of anything that happened during certain periods of their life. At the start of every day, a d20 will roll to see if they will be able to recall any events that occurred that day. Sanity will affect the roll.


This character is used to getting their way by any means necessary, even if it means having to pressure or manhandle others into doing what they want.

[Guilty Conscious]

This person just cannot tell a lie, and if not stopped, will confess things they feel people need to know, especially if it's a bad deed. It is hard to stick around this character without having to listen to them go on about something they feel bad about doing or witnessing, which has a tendency to get other crew mates, friends and foes alike into trouble.
Restrictions: Charisma must be below 4.

[In Pain] [Chronic Pain]

This character will always feel physical pain, either in genaral or in just certain areas of their body. This constant pain could have been cased by an event or accident, but also could have been caused by illness.

Laugh of Tidus, An embarassment

This character has an offputting mannerism like an odd laugh or smile that causes their charisma to drop to 1 when interacting with anyone who experienced it unexpectedly. Lasts anywhere from a turn after the last point of experience up to a day, depending on how well the other person handles it.

[Malice] [Spiteful]

This character is extremely angry and will do many things out of spite. Some with this trait will try to hide their malice, but it is still there and effective.

[Broken Watch]

This character will often lose track of time, whether saying they'll be five minutes when they actually mean an hour, underestimating how long projects take, or scheduling more than they can handle. Sometimes they may hyper focus on a task and forget other obligations as time rolls by.

[Honest to a Fault]

This character just can not tell a lie, even if it's a white lie, or would be detrimental to tell the truth. If they are ever forced to lie against their will, they will take a large sanity hit, and may continue to worry about it until the truth comes out.

This character will ALWAYS do things last minute. Whenever they are asked to do something, they will either forget about it, do something else or they will do absolutely nothing. When called out for procrastination, they will suffer a small morale penalty, but will most likely go back to doing nothing.


An advanced form of [Speaks with an Accent]. This particular accent is strong enough to make understanding or translating difficult. For every person who has not known this character long enough to get used to their accent, every time this character talks, a roll is made to determine whether the listener understood what this character said.

[Motion Sickness] [Ship Sickness]

This character will fair well on a steady spaceship, but during takeoff, rapid vehicle rides, or bumpy ship conditions they may not be able to hold in their stomach contents or concentrate on their job.

[Self-Loathing] [Self-Flagellation] [Hair Shirt]

This character hates themselves. Why they hate themselves could be for many reasons, but it doesn't matter, they don't matter, and they might assume that others hate them as much as they do. Even if no one hates them, and in fact they support this character, it won't change much. They're still horrible and everyone should stay away.

[Shrinking Violet]

When active, this trait causes this character's charisma to drop to 1.
Restrictions: For use with controller traits such as [Moodmeter].

This character has trouble with processing, reacting to or controlling their emotions in ways other characters might typically expect. The character's hypersensitivity or hyperreactivity to emotional situations may result in their avoidance of such situations or relationships. Likewise, other characters may be put off by how "intense" or "unpredictable" they find the character.

[Difficulty Sleeping] [Sheepless]

This character has intense difficulty falling asleep. They may lay awake for hours or skip sleep altogether, leaving them exhausted in the morning. Though this means they can keep watch for others, they aren’t likely to be alert and may miss obvious details.

[Naughty] [Prankster]

A character with this trait likes to fool around with others for their own amusement, usually at the other person's expense. Their not-so-funny attempts at humor can lead to grief, inconvenience, and even bodily harm.

If this character is put under stressful situations they may break down crying and become useless for the duration of their panicking.


This character moves very slowly and takes their sweet time getting anywhere.
Restrictions: Agility cannot go above 3 points.

[What was that?]

This character's senses are particularly dull and they often miss small details or else need things repeated for them. Their senses may not be bad to the level of deafness, blindness, etc, but they could certainly be a lot better.

Another word for Distrusting.

Yellow Traits

[Solar Flare]

This character can create an unbearably bright light that will blind any who see it and has the chance to cause permanent blindness, this includes any crew members, enemies, or locals.
Cooldown: Twice a day.
Restrictions: Only works on organics or species with eyes.


This character has something they transform into. Either this character is a robot with that function, or a certain event has given this character a transformation. This character can either transform just once, or back and forth between two forms, possibly with major sanity or physical damage.
Cooldown: Depends on the type of transformation, can be daily or even monthly.
Restrictions: Characters are unable to start with this trait unless they're a robot, and trait randomizers cannot roll this trait.

[Improv] [Good Liar]

This character can bluff about anything and tells a convincing lie. Automatically pass one intelligence or charisma check.
Cooldown: One day.
Restrictions: Must have an intelligence and charisma of at least 5.

The user can summon one (1) raw, unwashed potato and take a bite out of it to intimidate someone. The potato does not provide any actual nourishment.
Cooldown: Can be used once a day.
Restrictions: Could only be used by a species that has a mouth and can digest plant matter.


Look here! When activated this character causes everyone not on their team to look at them, and if attacking they will aim their next attacks towards this person. This trait may even affect non-violent situations, such as attracting the attention of everyone as a distraction or grabbing the attention of people in an argument.
Cooldown: Three times a day.

Purple Traits

[Groundhog Day] [Endless 8] [Broken Record]

Why do I feel like this has happened before? ( Character ends up in the same sort of situation often. This is not actually a time loop. )
Activation: Passive

[Moodswing] [Swinger]

My mood swings with that devil's song.
Activation: Passive
Restrictions: Every day this character has a three sided die roll. If one, this character will have 10 morale for the whole day, if two, this character will have 50 morale, and if three, this character will have 90 morale for the day. No matter what morale boosts or reductions this character gets, their morale will change to one of these three numbers at the start of a new day. This character might even have a faster version of this trait, where they roll every half a day.

Is that who you truly are? (This character has a fake personality and will hide their true personality at all costs.)
Activation: Passive
Restrictions: If this character's true personality is discovered, this trait disappears

[All or None]

Their is no in between.
Activation: Passive.

[All or None]

If a character has this trait, it will be asked which side will be Surplus and which will be Bust. Whenever this character will be given/will receive an something, a coin is flipped (since there is no two sided die). If it lands on Surplus, this character will be showered in this something and if it hits Bust, by some horrible turn of luck, the something will be destroyed or rendered useless and worthless or fail to be given. This something can apply to anything and everything.
Activation: Passive

[Who are you again?] [Do I know you?]

Not everybody's special. (This character is unremarkable in every way, be it their personality that's unremarkable, their appearance, or even both. People will forget about them almost immediatly after meeting them. They will forget any grudges held, or anything this character may have done. They will also forget any positive things this character has done)
Activation: Passive

This character cannot interact with (X) because their personal realities are non-ntersectional. For instance, if X were Nikes, a character with this trait would not have any knowledge of or ability to perceive Nikes, while Nikes would likewise be unable to interact with this character.
Activation: Passive.

[1-UP] [Second Wind] [Try Again]

That's not my name! / When this character dies, the nearest crew member's mind will be replaced with theirs. All non-physical stats and traits are carried over, but physical stats and traits remain the same.
Activation: Activates upon death.

See me once, see me everywhere. / This character is a very hard person to forget. Once someone has met, or sometimes even seen this character, they will always be bumping into each other in the future. Other characters affected by this will begin to hear about this character more and more, and certain things related to this character will begin showing up around those affected.
Activation: Passive.

[This trait is named after the phrase that is linked to this character.]

Hey, did you hear that? / Whenever this character says or hears a certain phrase, an event will occur to this character in relation to the phrase spoken. There is no limit to what could happen, asides from the given phrase.
Activation: Activates every time this character says or hears the given phrase.


Don't mind if I do!
Activation: When a enemy using a gun is killed, they will always drop their gun, and the character with this trait MUST switch their gun to that gun, even if it is a downgrade. The character may keep the other guns elsewhere, but cannot use them unless their current gun is unavailable or lost.

You just have to pull the trigger. The character is able to temporally materialize a gun that will harm and probably kill the target. It has a 20% chance to backfire, and no luck traits can change the odds.
Activation: Direct threat to the life of the character or a loved one.
Restrictions: The gun is metaphysical and can only be use once per summon. It will disappear when used.